Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 29

Yuri Necromancer


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Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation


One ship was harbored on the port of the town.

A merchant ship which used by merchant who was a resident of the town for trade. It was so big since the capacity is the main purpose of this ship, but the stability was not really good.

By the way, the price also not really high. Because the merchant family saved from the curse, they happily hand over the ship.

“Well then Nene-sama, have a nice trip.”

“Have a nice trip!!”

When our ship departed, the mayor and Junior (real) saw us off from the quay. I wonder when the mayor start using -sama on me.

Also the citizen who also on the quay(include some of them who became monster for a while), started to fluttering handkerchief and throwing something like a long ribbon.

I didn’t understand what’s going on but it’s festival mode.

“Everyone, do they happy that I leave? Somehow it’s annoying, let’s erase the whole town!”

“Don’t do that please! Everyone is giving their gratitude to Nene-sama!!”

Flan immediately stop me when I raised my skull staff.

“If they give their gratitude then they should money instead of ribbon right?”

“That’s too explicit!”

“It’s fine to be explicit, because we need war fund.”

While saying something and others, Flan pulled up the anchor. Now, departed!

With the sail fully blown by the wind, we quickly got a distance from the port.

Flan doing the work for ten people by her alone, running here and there operating the ship.

“To get a private ship this easily, as expected of Nene-sama.”

“Right!? As expected of me right? With this we can finally start our trade!”

“Trading!? Not saving the world?”

“Well, trading is troublesome so I won’t do it! More importantly, we have to get next ship as fast as possible.”

“Next… ship? We just got this ship right…?”

“This is trading ship, it has no maneuverability nor durability, sailing on rough sea will be heard with this ship. I mean, when it become naval battle, this ship will sink first.”

“Will it be naval battle…?”

“We never know right? Like maybe when we run away from some country’s navy or something like that.”

“Nene-sama, what in the world are you going to do…?”

Even though Flan had her own doubt but necessary things were necessary.


I didn’t forget about the first playthrough. The brave is so stingy so we had to use shabby ship. Because of that we were chased by a group of fish-man.

At that time, they threw me off to the sea as a decoy and become the bait for the fish-man. In the end they were swallowed by a whale though! This time I absolutely didn’t want to have watery grave!


About the same time when Nene and Flan depart from the port.


Bruges the brave, Sara the war priestess, and Bahamunk the armored warrior stole a ship and started to row towards open water.

Ship they said, but actually it was just a boat. It was so small that incomparable to Nene’s ship, and worn out. Bahamunk alone was doing his best to pull the oars with his muscle strength.

At the bow, the brave stood up proud, putting both hands on his side and laughing out loud.

“Hahaha!! On your face you low lives!! This is what will happen if you don’t provide the brave with a ship! This is requisition!”

“Requisition is nice, but I wonder if there is no other better ship?”

Sara fearfully looking at the water surface which was very close to the gunwale. It would be nice if it was a date on the lake, but on the small boat like this at the sea was scary.

“Don’t say such things! Because we don’t have any money to rent carriage, there is nothing else we can do except to use a boat for better move…”

When the brave about to finish his words, Nene’s merchant ship crash into the brave’s boat.

The boat destroyed, and sank.


The brave struggling.

“Why something like this!!!”

Sara selflessly swimming.


Bahamunk sinking with his heavy armor.

On the other hand, Nene and Flan didn’t realize the existence of the boat because the difference in size.

“Eh? Did we hit something?”

Nene asked in surprise.

“May be just Nene-sama imagination. More importantly, we got some sandwich bento from the citizen, let’s eat it.”

“Uwaa! It looks delicious!”

With the gentle sea wave and a warm sunshine caressing the skin,

It was a calm and peaceful cruise.

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. Did Nene mean that in “first playthrough” they were chased by fish-man monsters or human fishermen?
    Thanks for the chapter

    1. I checked the raws, and the word used is 半魚人 (hangyojin, literally half fish person) so the author was definitely referring to some kind of merfolk, not fishermen.

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