Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 28

Yuri Necromancer


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Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation


We immediately found Junior when we went to the cave. There were a lot of vengeful spirits from humans who were killed by the monster. It was quick because we asked them.

“Big Sis, thank you! I’m very scared here, I thought it was the end of me….”

Junior said his thanks while trembling. I did a quick examine though, unlike the fake one, this one had zero ill will. Just a regular human child.

“It’s good right, Nene-sama! Now, let’s bring him back to the mayor.” Flan said while smiling.

“Hn…? Ah, wait. If we take this child as hostage, we could get more reward than usual right…?”

“His family would be sad!”

“But you know, we already went this far…”

“Hey, just go home like this, or become our hostage, which one do you want?” I asked Junior about my intention.

“E…? Hostage…? Is that fun…?”

Junior asked back in confusion. It seemed he didn’t understand what hostage is.

“Yeah, it’s fun for me!”

“Then, I’ll become hostage!”

“Nice answer! I will squeeze your papa out.”

“Yeah! I will squeeze papa!”

“You can’t!! Nene-sama, you joke is too much!”

It was not a joke though. Well, that’s fine.


In the end, we return to the town just like that while collecting remnants of vengeful spirits and cleaning the after effect of the battle. The citizen also will start to move in after a short time.

And so, we were in the mayor’s mansion.

After had his reunion with Junior (the real on), the mayor was shocked when he heard our explanation.

“Do you mean that kind Junior who give me shoulder massage si a fake…?”

“Yep, something like that.”

“Do you mean that kind Junior who catch a mouse on the floor, tear it up and share it with me is a fake!?”

“You should realize it!! That’s obviously weird!!”

“The first present from my son, slaughtered raw meat, when I was in lost whether should I eat it or refuse it and then…. Ate it.”

“You eat it!?”

Love is blind, was it something like that? I myself didn’t really understand what love is like.

Putting both of my hands together behind my lower back, I nimbly jumped and looked up to the mayor.

“So because it was like that, you will give us a lot of rewards right?”

“Of course! Say the price! How much do you want?”

The mayor said so and hit his reliable stomach.

“How generous! Then, then, this mansion and all the houses in the town, all the budget of the town! One hundred years worth!”

“Tha, that’s obviously too heavy…”

“Even though you told me to say the price?”

“Well… that’s… please spare me.” The mayor became teary eyes.

“Hn… then, give me a ship!”

I presented my hand with a smile.

Yuri Necromancer

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    1. no, He gonna get hinself instead….what i can see if that he go to the mayor and try to kill the real junior.

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