The Adventure of Miko 01 – Prologue

The Adventure of Miko

Another yuri (harem) story here…

Chapter 1


“Stand, bow, thank you very much.”

After finishing after school gratitude, one by one students left classroom. They left with spirit for after school part time job or going to do club activities. Among them, there was a single girl – Sousuke Miko – who leaving classroom since her preparation was done. She left classroom and changed her shoes in front of shoe locker. In 20 meters gap between entrance and school gate, there were a lot of students. When Miko walked half way to school gate, one student boy called her.

“Oi Sousuke, I have something to talk to you, is it ok?”
“…nnn, what is it, Yamada-kun?”

That boy is Miko’s classmate Yamada Akihiko. In class, Akihiko is belonged to stand out group, since Miko didn’t really want to involve herself, she gave a suspicious look. Akihiko continued his word since it was his request.

“…Sorry but, it’s hard to talk here. Will you come to behind school building?”

Miko thought for a while. Among the boys, Yamada Akihiko had large build. Even though classmate, there is  resistance to not getting close that much. But there are some people who walks behind school building, and since there is classroom nearby, it should be safe.

“It’s fine.”

Two of them slipped through students who going home or going to club and move towards behind school building. As expected it was not many, but there was some people. It seem there was teachers inside students guidance room.

“And so, what you want talk about?”

Miko cut it short. But somehow Akihiko was reluctant.

“If you don’t have anything to say, I want to go home.”

Akihiko was, taking deep breath multiple time and seemed to decided.

“Sousuke Miko-san, I like you. Please go out with me…”

Akihiko confessed to Miko, and when look at her face, Miko gave a troubled face while frozen.

“…Etto, Why? Akihiko is Akiho’s boyfriend right? How about Akiho?”
“… I broke up with her. Franky, she is too extreme, somehow she’s scary.”
“And then, why me?”

Miko had little doubt. She didn’t have much interaction with Yoshiko. She just a plain girl, she didn’t talk to the boys much, in class she only stay on her desk while reading books. Beside, Akiho had better looks and style. Honestly, she didn’t understand why she was chosen.

“Everyday Sousuke-san change the flowers’ water right? There is a time I accidentally saw you. That time, somehow my heart was calmed by your face. Knowing that you are a gentle person is…”

Miko was surprised. She alway change the flowers’ water because she like it. It’s not like she didn’t like to be praised. It’s unexpected that there was someone who observing such small thing.

“…I’m happy that you confessed to me, Yamada-kun, but I can’t accept that. I’m sorry.”

Miko rejected his confession.

“…It’s okay to hear the reason?”
“I’m sorry, but this is my own problem. If I can’t resolved it by myself, I feel I can’t moving forward. Therefore, when I have resolve it, that time, if you still have heart for me, that time maybe I will you an answer.”

Miko after answered Akihiko left behind school building while giving a smile.


On the night after that, Miko saw a dream.

That was her worst nightmare.

In front of her eyes, there is one middle aged man who abused and harassed a single woman.

“Please stop it father! Don’t hurt mother anymore!”

Yes, the two of them are her parents. The father ignore Miko’s words and keep hitting the mother, kick, abuse, and looked down at the mother who suffered in pain with a face that full of madness smile.

“Please top it!”

A father who never heard no matter how many times he was asked. A mother who did her best to bear pain, the daughter who can only watch. This is the distorted shape of this family.

The mother finally fainted after being abused for a while.

“Cih! It’s not fun if you not resisted… well that’s fine, I still have one more toy.”

The father moved his sight from no longer moving mother, this time, he moved towards Miko. Miko could not move, only trembled on the spot. When the father raised his and, her vision was getting narrower, and gone.

“…ko, Miko? Are you fine? You seemed to had nightmare.”

There is a figure of mother who appeared in her dream.  Looked at her with worried face. Seeing such face, tears began to flow from Miko’s eyes. It made her spirit broke down and started to cry loudly.

“I’m scared. Hiks… In my dream that person is… huuee… father is appeared… hiks… hitting mother… huaa….!!”

Miko, she continued her cry on her mother’s chest until she fall asleep.


Next day, she come to school with cleared eyes. But her step is unsteady. That because her lack of sleep.

(It has been a while since I had such dream. It must be because he confessed to me.)

Without realized it himself,  Akihiko favorability rating was getting down.

Morning lesson has ended, and now is lunch break. While everyone were eating together with their close friend, Miko was eating on the table by herself. It not that she didn’t have any close friend, but most of her friends were joining boys’ table when eating. She felt she could not overcome her  androphobia yet.

(Come to think of it, is Yamada-kun not coming today? I think I will give him a word or two when I meet him.)

When Miko finished her meal and thinking about the source of her nightmare last night and want to meet Akihiko for something, she heard a voice.

“Sousuke-san, will you come with me for a while?”

The source of that voice is Yasaki Akiho, Akihiko’s ex-girlfriend.

“Hn, okay.”

Miko immediately reply and followed her, she was brought until roof.

“…Hei, Sousuke-san, you know why I brought you here right?”
“Well, I understand somehow. Because yesterday, Yamada-kun broke up with you, and confessed to me right?”

On the roof, heavy air that couldn’t be described began to drift.

“That’s right, why you? I’m more attractive than you, I also give him better love.”
“I also said that. Right now I don’t want to date with anyone. So I reject him.”
“Yes, I reject him. I don’t want to date with anyone right now. Then. I’m sorry. Could we end this talk now?”

After said that Miko started to leave roof. But “slab”, with  such onomatopoeic, she felt unbelievable pain at her flank and turned around. There is appearance of Akiho with bloodshot eyes and thrust a knife to Miko’s abdomen.

“Who the hell are you doing such thing!? Rejected his confession. Got confessed by him?  Don’t got carried away please.”
“Since you reject him, and broke up with me, that’s mean I’m inferior to you right? If so, then honestly say it.”

Akiho screamed in madness, pull out knife and stabbed Miko again.

“That’s wro… I don’t think like that.”
“Don’t lie! There is no other reason. The reason he broke me up is you! You! It’s your fault! You’ve seduced him!”
“Hei, tell me one thing, What happen with Yoshida-kun? He seems to absent today.”

Miko have one unpleasant feeling, so she asked Akiho. But she could only became speechless when she heard the answer.

“Of course I’ve killed him. Broke me up and came to you, it’s his fault. But don’t worry, I keep his body inside my room. After this, I will always be with him.”

Akiho continued to stab Miko’s body while talking in madness. At last, heart, neck, and every vital part of Miko’s body was stabbed. Miko was no longer had power to talking nor supporting her body, her body lying cold on school roof. Akiho was riding Miko’s body and keep stabbing.

“Ahahahaha, if you are gone, then he will be mine alone!! If you are gone, it will be my happiness with him!! Nuisance must die!! Ahahaha”

Finally, Akiho was broke and laugh while continued stabbing Miko’s body. When hearing such laugh Miko’s consciousness is getting thinner.

(Ah, mother, I’m sorry. I think, I’m going to go ahead. What a bad daughter I am.)

What she showed on her face when she realized that she will die earlier than her mother was not regret, but self-mocking smile.

(My life, wasn’t decent life at all.)

That was Miko’s last thought before her consciousness completely gone.


And even after that, Akiho who brokenly laugh, keep stabbing Miko’s body which no longer move.

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The Adventure of Miko

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  1. wow, broken!! that girl is broken!!! the heck…!
    This reminds me of my question why there are some people that are so concerned and place so much importance in their love life, they are making the wrong order of importance ~_~. Would have been alright if the relationship is really great but if not then why foolishly continue or make it so important ~_~

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

  2. Ugh. The scariest stalker with way too much yan and possessiveness. *Shivers* I feel sorry for Miko. Terrible thing to get in the middle of. >_<
    Thanks for the new series!

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