The Adventure of Miko 02 – The World After Death

The Adventure of Miko

It’s short!

Chapter 2
The World After Death


“…Haa… Where is this?”

Miko woke up in a place that she didn’t know. In that place there is only whiteness as far as can be seen.

“Certainly, I’ve stabbed by Akiho and should be dead right?”

Miko checked her abdomen to confirm, but there is no trace of being stabbed. When she looked at her surrounding, in front of her, appeared a person whom hidden by dazzling light.

“The soul of the dead is confirmed. With this, movement procedure will be started.”

Suddenly that person started to one-side talk with electric-like voice.

“Soul optimization, body optimization, mind transformation, memory inheritance, complete. Cut off original fate. Everything necessary, complete.”
“Wait wait, I don’t understand what you mean. Explain it please!”

Miko cut off electronic-like voice’s one-side talking, she demand explanation.

“Roger that. The dead’s demand is confirmed. Here is explanation of what and what will happen. You are stabbed by your friend and killed. This is after death world, a place where you will be guided to the next world. As for now, your soul, body, mind, memory, fate, is being optimized. After optimization is finished, you will be transferred into next world. After transfer it will become “stride”, in the world that filled with magic and swords. Optimization is needed in order to make you able to live in this world.”
“What will I become after this optimization?”
“You will still be you. Optimization is only to make you able to stride and able to easily adapting new environment. Since there won’t be any change to your body, you will able to live in this world with same sense as before.”
“What should I do in that word?”
“You can live as free as you want. Explanation about stride will be given later. How about hear that first and think later? Optimization will finished before long. Finished. Here is explanation about your mind and body.”

After optimization is finished, that person is gone in a blink of eye.

“No, don’t suddenly disappear when you said you want to explain! The one who responsible please come out!”

Miko’s voice is resounded in that pure white world. After that, a girls is appeared out of nowhere.

“Please be quiet. We also need to have preparation here.”

No, there is no world could described her appearance. What was there was peerless beautiful girl. Beautiful girl that will make anyone speechless. Miko who saw such figure was stiffen.

“?, What’s wrong? Why you became stiffen? Oi, are you fine?”
“…So cuteee!! What is this cute creature? Goddess? Angel? I want this girl!!”

Miko was running wildly.

Because she had androphobia and because of that trauma, piled up years by years, she became to like women. That also one of reason why she can not overcome her androphobia. Miko hugged the girl who just appear and rub her cheek with hers.

“Wait, stop it. Don’t you know who am I? I’m the Goddess you now! Let me go!”

That beautiful girl called herself the Goddess. But that words gave more fuel to Miko’s rampage.

“What is this girl? It’s too much, too much cuteness!? Arrgh… it’s fine to bring you home like this right?”

Miko’s rampage was unstoppable. The Goddess who no longer could stand it, hit Miko with a cane that she held.

“I’m the Goddess. If you don’t release me, I’ll hit you!”
“…But you already hit me.”

Miko who back to herself after being hit give a small retort. She reap what she sow…

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The Adventure of Miko

3 thoughts on “The Adventure of Miko 02 – The World After Death

  1. A world filled with magic and swords? So, what, are there only swords and magic in that world? No cities, houses, countries, forests, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, oceans, monsters, people, other animals, air, light, heat, planets, stars, galaxies, etc.?

    1. Yeah, there were only two real things, magic and sword. If there was something, that thing if not magic then sword, vice versa… both of them can form any shape though.

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