The Adventure of Miko 25 – Trampling Down

The Adventure of Miko

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Chapter 25
Trampling Down

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko stood up before the goblins with two daggers, red copper and black silver in her hands. Released bloodlust. There were some goblins which feared her bloodlust quiver. However, the hobgoblin wasn’t scared, tightened its fist again, and like using thrusting technique, the hobgoblin thrust it fist.


When the hobgoblin thrust its fist, terrible shock wave strike Miko. Saw nothing, Miko blown 3 meters away.

“I see, this is pulse wave skill which blow Yuuna away huh. Skill activation requirements is to thrust attack with empty hand huh. If it’s like that, I wonder if there is some way.”

When miko saw hobgoblin likely to use its thrusting skill again, she attract it until ht limit. At the time hobgoblin release it thrust, Miko jump sideways and evaded the pulse wave. Then sprinting and went to defeat the goblins at hobgoblin’s surrounding. The goblins also fighting back. Punching, stone throwing, throwing its own body, but no attack hit on Miko. She parried or evade every attack and defeat the goblin with one hit.

“It’s only you that remain at the end. What will you do?”

Even though she didn’t think that hobgoblin will understand human words, she asked with fearless smile. But that hobgoblin also gave same smile. Then make loud howl.

“… what was that?”

When hobgoblin stopped howling, there were presences getting closer from surrounding. When she looked toward the presences she could see goblin and hobgoblin getting closed in groups.

“! the ones who went for scout return huh? This will be hard.”

Miko showed impatience appearance a little and hobgoblin began to prepared its thrusting technique. When hobgoblin about to release its pulse wave technique,

“Dark mist!!”

The goblins’ surrounding wrappen on black mist. Since hobgoblin also wrapped, it pulse wave skill activation cancelled.

“Yuna-chan! Are you fine?”

When Miko looked at the source if the voice, there was Yuuna sit up. Her expression still showed pain.

“Yes, master. I’m sorry.”

“No problem. It was my mistake, more importantly, are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. Leave that aside, just now,  my magic blinding the goblins’ sight. I use all of my power, so it would be hold for 5 minutes, please, somehow, defeat them all at once.”

After said that, Yuuna lied down again. She seemed to be conscious but her breath wa rough.

“I understand. For the rest, please leave it to your master.”

From there, it was one sided annihilation by Miko. The goblins which the sight blinded couldn’t respond Miko’s attack. They were defeated one by one. Some of them could sensed Miko and gave counter attack, but Miko dealt with it lightly and defeated them.

“Fiuh~ with this, finished. Yuuna-chan, are you fine?”

Miko rushed back Yuuna after she defeated all of goblins. It seemed Yuuna’s strength already returned, she recovered to the point where she somehow could stand.

“Yeah, I’ve recovered for a little. I’m sorry. Because of my blunder, Master must go through danger…”

“Don’t make such face, in the end everything is fine right? Next time let’s be careful. To begin with, it was good to know skill like impulse wave on first mission.”

“Impulse wave? Did that hobgoblin had skill?”

“Yeah it did. Why are you so surprised?”

Miko was surprised by Yuuna who surprised.

“Ah no, there was monster which have skill. However, that’s for monster with level 15 or higher. That’s why I was surprised that we were defeated it.”

“Ah~ so it was like that huh, certainly that hobgoblin is level 15. Well, since we defeated it, the it’s fine right? More importantly, we should collect the goblins. Oh right, Yuuna-chan, magic stone is taken from monster right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Then, teach me where is magic stone of goblin.”

Miko asked Yuuna and took out two knives from copper card.

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The Adventure of Miko

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