The Adventure of Miko 26 – Goblin Collection and Magic Card Refinery

The Adventure of Miko

Forget to release this…

Chapter 26
Goblin Collection and Magic Card Refinery

Translated By Yuriko Aya []

Received knife from Miko, Yuuna went to goblin near her.

“The location of magic stone is different depending on that monster. Basically, it’s in the core of that monster, in other word, in about the heart part.”

Said that, Yuuna thrusted her knife to the goblin chest. Gachin, there was such metallic sound when she do that. Yuuna put her hand into goblin chest and took out marble-sized purple crystal.

“This is magic stone. I think it will sold for 50 luks for this size.”

Miko received the magic stone which Yuuna gave to her.

“For now, we won’t sell that. Let me use a skill for a moment…. Magic card refinery!”

When miko activated skill, magic skill in her hand was glowing and its shape changed. And then became purple plastic like card. When miko use appraisal, what showed was,


Magic Card (0/20)
Sealing card created from refining magic stone.


“This is magic card. Amazing, this alone have the same storage amount with copper card. Can you take out magic stone from goblins? I can use that to make something storage-like with my skill. I’ll take magic stone from hobgoblin.”

“I understand. What should I do with the goblin it self?”

“Hnn~ if you can, it would be nice if you gathered them together, for now, it’s fine if you just leave them like that. I’ll seal them when I finish create card.”

Miko thrust her knife to hobgoblin chest after said that and took magic stone. She repeatedly did that. After she done processing all of hobgoblin, she went to process normal goblin. She also processed goblin which she defeated before met goblin stampede.

“Fiuh~, finally over~. Yuuna-chan how about you?”

“I also finished. There were countless magic stone.”

Yuuna gave magic stone she gathered to Miko.

“Then, card sealing!”

Miko sealed  magic stone inside golden card, but there is about 10 big and small magic stone left.

“Leftover small magic stones will be used as magic card. The big magic stones will be stored in magic card. We will use golden and magic card to store goblin corpse, and magic card for hobgoblin.”

When miko activated her skill, magic stone that collected by Miko and Yuuna, also goblin and hobgoblin in radius of 1 meter from them were stored.

“As I thought, it’s impossible to store all of them at once. Hah, trouble some.”

“Well, well, let’s gather them together, master.”

They walk around the battlefield and collected goblins corpse. The result was,

Goblin corpses x110

Goblin magic stone x100

Hobgoblin corpses x20

Hobgoblin magic stone x20

“Uuh~ the card is increased a lot.”

“Can’t you seal card in card, master?”

“Hn, if I could do that it would be too convenient. After we come back to Latia we must buy some bags.”

From silver card, miko took two bottle of rank 1 potion and gave one to Yuuna.


“Drink it, since we must return now.”

Miko drank the potion, followed by Yuuna.

“Let’s go back to the town, we also have to report about goblin stampede.”

“Your right, master.”

The two of them return back to Latia town.

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The Adventure of Miko

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