Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka? 36

Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka?

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Arrive in town

The wolves that attacked decreased, most of the soldiers in the town who watching in faraway seems to have noticed abnormality and came to help.

“Are you fine? Did you hurt? “

“Do not worry! Let’s do our best!”

We head for town while checking the wolves

When I got close to town, I saw the wolf take U turn and leaving, I can quite relax.

“It seems to be fine now, let’s go to town quickly.”

“Well, let’s go.”

The man who jumped from the carriage approached and spoke to me.

“I was really saved, you have my gratitude.”

“It’s fine, we are mutual when meet trouble.”

“No, no, I have to show my gratitude properly… even tough like this, I have a shop that running properly.”

While saying that, he pick out something like a business card from his pocket.

“Lysine Chris, merchant, It’s nice to meet you.”

“I am Haruna, nice to meet you too.”

I receive his business card and shake hands.

“This, please accept this for now. I only have small amount of money with me right now, only this much…”

“Aha, thank you.”

I received a small drawstring bag and and told to come to his shop at least once! After that, he back to his carriage and go to the town.

“Did you get something, Haruna-san?”

“Yeah, I received some gratitude from the people whom I helped.”

I hand over a small drawstring bag to Lilia

Lilia opens the bag and take out things inside

And the this came out is,

“This is money.”

“Hey, it’s not paper …”

10 coins with the profile of a woman like a game center coin were drawn out

“It’s silver, so this is a silver coin.”

“Silver coins ….”

Although Haruna has some silver accessories, it is the first time for her to see silver coins

I took it from Lilia and took it in my hand, it felt a little bit heavy.

So I returned the money to Lilia,

“Well, even though a lot of thing happened, finally we arrived in town.”

“Well, first, let’s find an inn.”

Sky already turned into a night and it was getting dark, so I decided to search for an inn.

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Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka?

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