Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka? 37

Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka?

I just found out that Raising The Dead is pick this series up again…
Well, it’s fine, their translations are better anyway…
So, if they do it regularly, I’ll stop translating it and doing something else…
It’s fun translating this series. So here, (may be) the last from me, chapter 37…

Inside The Town

I look round the inside of the town, and remembering the earth … well, at least it was not in Japan, I realized it once again.

The creation of the whole town is completely different.

First, the wall of the building is not concrete, it’s a flesh-colored wall.

The roof is varied as red and blue, it’s different size give a strange feeling.

“What to say, it’s a strange city.”

“Is that so?”

Lilia does not understand, well, it’s fine.

“Inn isn’t it. Which one is it?”

“It’s said that most inn are at the side of the entrance gate or facing the main street at the center of the town.”

When seeing there, there is no buildings like inn on the side of the gate

“Well, at the center of the town then. Let’s go.”

“Yeah, let’s go♪”

We started to walking towards the center of town

As I head towards the town center, I look closely at shops in the town

A restaurant to eat and something like a food stand for light meals,

There are many shops that serving some mysterious dish.

“I am hungry, should we have dinner after finding inn?♪”

“Yeah, let’s do that♪”

I’m hungry. Today I did not eat anything other than the rice which I ate in the morning and I felt hungry because I fought to help the horse carriage.

Walk while looking at the store on the side

“Found it, that’s looks like an inn.”

“Really? Which one?”

Looking at the direction that Lilia points, there was a building that was one size larger than the surrounding buildings.

“Well then, shall we go?”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

We walk towards the inn

Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka?

6 thoughts on “Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka? 37

  1. Aw, don’t let them dissuade you from this. Their translations for series like this are VERY infrequent. They’ve been making a bad habit of re-translating other people’s chapters for some reason and refuse to work on new ones. Kinda wish they’d put that energy into translating their dead series.

  2. as much as I like the bunch over at raising the dead they are notorious for picking up and redropping series like barkon said, so I say stick with it.~
    Also you said you were doing this to learn better translating I believe, so it’s not like it’ll hurt to continue~
    thank you for the chapter~~

  3. Thats why its named rising the dead, its meant to rising the dead series, i think, its only opinion from me, and i prefer to stick with old translation

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