Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 05

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Chapter 5
Declaration To Get Closer With More Girls


“You seemed to be having fun yesterday,”

When heard such words while eating, I and Ruina simultaneously spout out our breakfast.

“Wow, dirty, please wipe it properly”

The voice that we heard was come from Noire-san, a beautiful woman with cat ears who is also the master of “House of Cat Ears”.

I heard she is in her thirties but no matter how you see, she looks like in her twenties.

Also her tits are also big.

“Ano, how do you know that, Noire-san?”

I remembered last night and unexpectedly got red.

Yesterday’s Ruina was really cute ….

Reina hit her own palm as noticing something.

“Oh, I forgot, that’s right, Noire-san was an ex-rank A adventurer who excelled at intelligence gathering. I should have make soundproof magic more firmly.”

That is why Noir-san asked us a lot about our last night.

“There is no one that can hide something from me at this inn, of course I will respect the minimum privacy,”

Would not you leave us alone then.

“That’s impossible. Because that [Omnipotent Witch] (TN: idk which is better, omnipotent, all-purpose, or 10000 skills) was doing this and that with a cute girl that she just met. There is no way that I couldn’t eavesdrop.”

Omnipotent witch? Who the hell are you talking about?

“Oh, did not you know you? Ruina is an S rank  adventurer with the title [Omnipotent Witch], a 18 years old genius wizard who uses all kind magic that climbed to S rank. There is no one in this country that does not know that name. “


You’re kidding, right! What? Ruina is an S rank adventurer? S is definitely the highest rank right?

If that case, it was make sense that how gatekeeper change his attitude yesterday, or guild people not pick a fight and easily pull out huge amount of money.

Ruina was actually amazing….

And she was older than me. I was surprised because I thought she was younger. On our first met I was told that I was about the same age so I never realized it.

Should I call Ruina Nee-chan next time?

“Nagi-chan, I want you to stop that it if you can…”

Ruina told me that was not good. It can’t be helped, let’s use that when we do a sister play.

“Stop it …”


After we ate breakfast we were headed to adventurer guild.

“Why we going to the adventurer guild again?”
“I think I will take a quest after a long time. I won’t let my Nagi-chan works as customer service and being stared by people other than me. So, I will earn for both of us.

That’s different from what have you said yesterday, well let’s put that aside.

My Nagi-chan, huh? Something that makes me happy has been said.

Hmm? When I thinking carefully I too dependent on Ruina.

Besides, there is one worrisome thing.

It is certainly a pleasure to say that Ruina works for me. I’m happy but ….

“Hey, Ruina, won’t you stop?”
“Why am I having no problem with it.”

“Even those who rank S is definitely dangerous when doing quest, I can not let my Ruina do such a danger.”

No matter how much real ability of rank S Ruina, this is different thing.

I can’t let my precious Ruina got even single scar.

“Thank you for your concern. If Nagi-chan says so, I will stop doing it. But if I do that, how can we life after this~. So I think I will have hold for few months for savings.”

Well. That’s certainly a problem.

When two people live together (this is definite matter) it costs more money for that. Living expenses such as food and lodging for two people. It will not be possible to not do anything forever.

We are thinking.

Time passes just like that.

And after a long time passed — I suddenly remembered my skills.

“That’s right! We have that method!”
“Wow, I was surprised … Nagi-chan, did you come up with something?”
“Ruina, I decided, I will try to get closer with more girls!”

“What’s the matter with you suddenly? … So, is it okay to think that is a cheating declaration?”

Ruina holds a cane while releasing a black aura.

Oh no, my words were not clear enough.

I need to hurry explain it.

“Ruina, my unique skill <Harem Queen> Do you remember? The more I get along with more girls I get stronger. The more I get stronger I can stay close with Ruina. “

“That reminds me, you got such a skill. So, when you become stronger, what will you do?”

“If I can shoulder to shoulder with Ruina is strength, we could protect one each other. So I think we could receive quest without worry.”

“… In other words, Nagi-chan wants to get stronger and support me?”

“Yeah, something like that. If I get strong enough to protect Ruina, I will be able to accept quest with Ruina. I absolutely don’t want to only wait Ruina come home alone in loneliness.”

After Ruina heard my explanation, she hold back her black aura and drop her cane.

“I am the opposite”


“As Nagi-chan thinks so, I do not want you to get hurt, because I do not want Nagi-chan to get a quest. In addition ….”

“in addition?”

“You don’t need to stick with strength. You could start with skill that could be shared like business trade skill.”

Oh, there was such method.

“At that time I’ll stop being adventurer and help Nagi-chan. Honestly I feel jealous when heard about Nagi-chan getting along with other girls. But since it’s nice that more girls will notice Nagi-chan’s appeal, so I will support you there!”

“… … Thank you, Ruina”

After seeing Ruina black aura before, I have doubt that I should obediently accept that words or not.

Well, Ruina is a girl who love me. She wouldn’t do anything that hurt other girls.

…I believe in you? My honey.

In the end, it was settled that I will getting closer with some girls for business skill or something like that to be shared at first.


Some people may forget, so supplementary.

Unique skill name: <Harlem The queen Queen >

  • Becoming stronger as more intimacy with women rises
  • It becomes possible to share skills with women who have gained familiarity above a certain level
  • Appeal for women increases by 50% appeal for men is reduced by half
  • (You can not learn skills by yourself)

Effect in () is hidden, so Nagi do not know at this time.

In addition to that, the skill in this world is everything.

For example, if you do not have the skill of cooking, the dish will be devastating and you will not be able to do business unless you have business skills.

With that, at the moment Nagi only have <Language Translation> and <Harem Queen > can not do anything else, and become useless girl?

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! I kinda want to refute the author’s note. XD
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  2. In a better-designed world, “language translation” would be good enough skill to earn money. She can speak any language on the map, and probably a bunch of languages that aren’t. That’s worth a lot to the right person.

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