Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 06

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Chapter 6
First date with Ruina


Since we no longer need to go to the adventurer guild so I decided to have a date with Ruena.

The town that we are in now, Lirs (TN: should I use Lirus?) , is quite popular town.

Many shops are lining up and crowded with many people.

“Lirs is also famous as a tourist destination.”
“Hee is that so? do you have any recommended shops?”
“Then I recommend Cranberries shop on this street, their pancakes are exquisite. Go there?”
“Pancake huh, that’s nice. Yosh, let’s go there.

I am walking with arms with Ruina while having conversation.

It is unusual to have arms between girls after all. I feel a gaze from people around me.

But I won’t care something like that.

I would like to enjoy the feel of Ruina’s tits hitting my arm than minding people’s gaze.

By the way, Ruina is a rank S adventurer, so it’s possible that we will make a big uproar if we walk as we are. To make Ruina identity won’t be found out, she use concealment magic and make herself look like another person. I also use Irene as pseudonym to call Ruina.

“We arrived at Cranberries!”
“Oh, so this is shop that have delicious pancake.”
“There is no doubt that your cheeks will fly away when you eat.”

I am scared that my cheeks will fly away! I think that my cheeks will fall is the right thing to say.

Oh well such a mistake is trivial before Ruina’s cuteness though.




“Hnn ~ ~, delicious !!”

The cranberry pancakes were super delicious.

And by eating with Ruina its taste has increased by 100 times.

I thought that my cheeks would rally fly away.

When I was very impressed by its taste, Ruina presented a pancake stabbed in the fork.

“Nagi-chan, hai, aah”

Electricity running through my whole body.

…Is this the legend “hai, ah”?


I eat what she had offered.

“How? Delicious?”
“Yeah, it’s super… deli… cious…”
“Eh… why are you crying !?”

Being fed by the girls you love and absurdly delicious pancake combo.

How could I not cry with this?

There is no more single regret in my life …! !

When I being deeply moved, the waitress-san (with animal ears) brought juice.

It is a so-called couple juice with two straws in one glass.

When I was in Japan, there is time when I thought how was it feels to drink same juice in one glass with a guy, but now I understand.

This is not for men and women to drink together.

This is for women and women to drink together.

“Nagi-chan, this is indeed embarrassing, everyone is watching~”

Ruina has dyed her face red because of embarrassment.

“Ruina, don’t be shy, this is a ritual.”
“Yes, a ritual to ascertain our love.When we drink this, our love for one each other finally will be recognized.”
“is that so…”

I’m getting embarrassed to say something like that myself, but let’s push it here.

“Okay, I will drink it”
“Wow, wait a second”

We put straw in our mouth about the same time.


Me and Ruina staring each other at close range.

Ruina’s redden cute face is exactly in front of me.

I want to let the straw go from my mouth and kiss her

Even though I have such impulse, I will endure it and continue drinking juice.

This supreme bliss feels like an eternity.

“Wait, what are you showing to public eyes from then! Shame on you! Have shame!”

The blissful time ended abruptly due to such shouting voice.

Who? Who dare to disturb my bliss time?

When I raise my grumpy face there was a girl with red hair. Age is about the same as me.

“… … !!”

The moment she saw my eyes, she gasped her breath and immediately looked away. And point a finger towards Ruina.

“I will never forgive you for showing such shameless act in public presence!  I will fix that character of you!”

Inside the store start to being noisy.

This is problem.

Well certainly it’s also our fault for flirting in public place like this, and her threatening attitude is alo considerable. What makes this girl doing so far?

“To flirting in a palace like this, that make me jealou… no, I also want to do… no, anyhow, you there, have duel with me!”

The red-haired girl took out glove from her pocket and threw it towards Ruina.

“This crest …… Akade Academy student? I do not want to fight since it will be troublesome.”

Ruina murmuring lazily.

“Oh, you realized you were scared? You can give it up.”

A red-haired girl looking down Ruina.

That eyes showed color of despising the other.

The eyes that I hate most.

I was holding back since she was cute, but now I already at my limit.

“Rui… no, Irene, that fight I will do it.”

I get rid the gloves from Ruina.

“Wait, Nagi-chan! That child is the student at the Akade Academy which is first rate magical school in this country! Nagi-chan absolutely can’t win.”
“Even so, I will accept it. I can’t keep silent  about Rui… Irene being ridiculed this far. And the one who caused this situation is me. I will burn this kid up.”
“Try it if you can. Okay, You are my opponent in this duel. The place will be Akade Academy’s training field. The time is next week at 11 in morning, is that fine for you?”
“That’s fine, prepare to be defeated”
“Do not regret it, then, have a good day”

While saying that, the girl with red hair left the store.

With this,  it’s decided that I will have duel with a student of Akade Academy.

Extra:  Nagi’s cloth

Ruina: “Hei, Nagi-chan. I was curious when I saw you for the first time but what’s that clothes that you wear? I’ve never seen something like that before.”

Nagi: “Ah, finally you asked it. This is sailor uniform. How should I explain it… well, it’s my life.”

Ruina: “Life!? Then if you take your clothes off, you will die?”

Nagi: “Nope, I won’t die… that was a joke.”

Ruina: “Nagi-chan lied to me again! This time I won’t forgive you!”

Nagi: “I’m sorry, how can I be forgiven?”

Ruina: “That’s right… if you pat my head like before…”

Nagi: “yoshi yoshi…”

Ruina: “Hauu… this feeling won’t stop…”


~Since two of them started to flirt, I will omitting the rest.~

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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