Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 08

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Chapter 8
Idle Talk: A Certain Girl’s Worry

A story of red haired girl who challenge Nagi and Ruina to duel.

My name is Linde Olstein. 17 years old.

Akade Academy 2nd year.

I have worry that I couldn’t talk to others.

That I couldn’t make any friend.

One year already passed since I enrolled at Akade Academy.

However, I always alone since then. There is no friend to play together.

At first I didn’t really minded it.

Because with that, I can focus myself on studying magic.

I entered Akade Academy because there is someone I admired.

That person at age of 12, entered the best magical school that is Akade Academy, and only need 1 year to skip grade and graduated as top student.

And then somehow she became adventurer and climbed into S rank in merely 5 years.

Truly genius among the genius.

Being able to use any kind of magic at any level, she got title “Omnipotent Witch”.

I desperately studied magic in order to catch up with her.

I tried so hard practicing magic to the point I think I would ooze blood.

With that great effort, I could successfully became number one of this academy.

That time I was really happy.

With this, I was one step closer towards her.

In that brief moment of happiness, I realized something.

That is, since when there is no one at my surrounding?

When still a student “Omnipotent Witch” has cheerful personality and not being avoided by her surrounding people.

If like this, I can’t say that I was getting closer to her.

Thinking like that, I tried to make some friends.

…but it was pointless.

My classmate who able to entered Akade Academy surely have talent, but when compared to “Omnipotent Witch”, they still far behind.

For me who aimed at her my surroundings level were too low.

I guess such thought became my attitude.

There is no one who come close to me.

Everyone alway escape when I tried to talk to them.

There is also unofficial ranking of the one that you don’t want to be friend with. I’m No. 1.

When I know about it, that was first time I cried in this Academy.


A certain day.

I was taking stroll in Lirus town after so long.

Usually of course I will train my magic even in day off, but on that day somehow I suddenly want to walk leisurely.

Well, it’s nice chance to have refreshment.

While walking, I found a fancy shop.

Oh, If I’m not mistaken this Cranberry shop, their pancakes were famous for its deliciousness right?

By the way, I don’t really have interest in sweet things.

That’s why I was is lost whether I should enter that shop or not.


Argh… I getting irritated.

My high tension to eat delicious pancake was dropped.

There are two girls seated beside me.

One girl is about same age as me, unbelievably beautiful girl with black hair.

Another one is a girls that seemed like a child, also with black hair.

Girl with black hair is very rare around here.

Because of that, my eyes were naturally drawn towards them…

“Hai, aaa…”

That two girls were very very intimate.

Frankly speaking, they were flirting.

Isn’t that insult to me who don’t have friends?

I desperately endure urge to shout.

No good. As student of Akade Academy I can’t make uproar in place like this.

So I told myself to bear it.

ーーーBut, when that two girls started to drink so called couple juice with two straws is single glass, I can’t hold it anymore.

“Wait, what are you showing to public eyes from then! Shame on you! Have shame!”

That was my fated encounter with two girlsーーーNagi and Ruina.



At that time, Ruina was change her appearance with black hair to match Nagi and also not wearing her trademark as wizard.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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    1. Magic. She is an S-rank wizard, so changing her appearance is easy to her.
      It was said that Nagi talked Ruina into changing her appearance so that they will not stand out so much and people will not disturb them. Or maybe to preserce Ruina’s reputation – I don’t remember.

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