Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 09

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Chapter 9
Duel part 1


“Fire Ball”

When I said so, fireball broke out from my palm.

“Nagi-chan amazing! You already master it so far!”

Fufufu… this is my true strength.

Ruina give me a thumb up.

ーーーOne week before duel.

I decided to study grimoire and have magical training with Ruina.

Skill in this world is like talent in my former world.

Only have it is not enough, you have to work hard to be able to use it.

So, once I have Ruina’s magic skills, all I need is to practice like this.

And the magic that I remembered in less than one week is only elementary level.

Ruina said that rather than remembering half-baked advance magic, to be able perfectly use elementary magic is better.

So, even though I actually want to win brilliantly by using advance magic, I must endure it.

My duel opponent is a student of first rate magic school.

No matter how high my MP (Magic Power) and INT (Intellectual Power), I can’t let my guard down.

I can’t let myself lose and bring shame to Ruina here.

Like this, even when I sleep, I still devoted myself to training magic.


ーーーAnd the day of battle

We have arrived in front of Akade Academy.

As expected of first rate magical school, the size is very big.

When we looking at the school, there is a beautiful onee-san came to us.

“Welcome to Akade Academy. Nagi-san and Irene-san right? We have been waiting for you.”
“You are?”
“Sorry for late introduction. I am teaching staff of this Akade Academy, my name is Phil”

When I saw her properly, Phil-san have pointed ears.

Perhaps she is an elf?

“I often said teacher…”

Ruina in Irene form murmur something quietly and I couldn’t heard the content.

“Oh, yes, I was told that Linde challenged you to a duel. Then, please follow me.”

That red haired girl, her name is Linde.


At Akade Academy training field which will be used as stage for duel, there are a lot students gathered.

“That Linde, out of all things, she challenged a normal person duel.”
“What is she thinking?”
“I don’t know. Her head is filled nothing but magic there must be about stupid magic.”

I hear such words from audience seat.

It seems that Linde not to be considered so well by the students of this school.

I feel somewhat disgusting about that.

…Ah, that’s right. There was one thing I was curious about.

I can not concentrate on the battle without knowing this.

“Hey, Phil-san”
“What the matter?”
“I have been curious since a while ago, but is this school only a female student?”

As far as I see only girls are in the audience seats.

There are no men.

“You did not know? In this country, it is shameful for men to be wizard. Because of that, it’s only woman who entering magic school.”

I see.

“Is there any inconvenient?”
“No, it’s convenient for me, because I dislike men.”
“Well, that’s right …”

I’m sorry, I won’t let men see me on fight.

I would like to show my coolest part to a cute girl.

And I want to be cheered with kyaa kyaa.

When I considered such a thing, I saw a red-haired girl walking towards me.


ーーーIt’s Linde.

“For coming and not escape, I praise you there.”

She is really high-ranking girl.

Will I submit to such child from now?

I am excited.

Seems to feel my unresting air, Linde raised a voice while pulling back a little.

“I will give you a piece of advice, I am proud of having the top class skills at this school, so if you want to surrender, now is the time”

When I glance at Phil-san to confirm it, she nodded with blushed face.

Apparently what she says is true.

“No, why I should run away?”

Though Ruina in Irene form said something, it slide through.

“…It seems you won’t surrender. I understood. I’ll say this, I will not hold back.”
“Do as you like. And make sure you won’t regret it.”
“I’m looking forward for how long you could act calm like that. Ah, I did not mention it yet. My name is Linde Olstein.”
“I am Nagi. Make sure you remember my name.”
“To remember name of the one I defeat, I don’t have such free time.”

After exchanging such abusive words, we went up to the stage of the battle.

The training ground is wrapped in silence.

“Let’s confirm the rules. There is no time limit, you win if you can make your opponent surrender or make her can’t fight anymore. This time special barrier will be used to automatically transfer one of you to outside barrier if received damage above certain level. With that case, damage above certain level will be nullified, so please fight with confident.”

ーーーAnd the duel between Linde and me started.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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