Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 07

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Hah… I’m back from hell….

Chapter 7
What!? My Status Become Weird!


“Hey, Nagi-chan, why you accepted to have duel?”

As soon as we left Cranberry, Ruina forced me to do dogeza.

“That, because I don’t like how that girls saw us and I don’t like that Ruina is being ridiculed…”

I answer her with confusion.

“I am happy that Nagi-chan  got angry for me, but duel, especially when the reason is personal it’s fine to refuse.”

Eehh, is that so? I thought that I must definitely respond if I challenged to get a duel.

“Oh well, you won’t be able to withdraw anymore. Since you already declared to accept that duel in front of such many people.”

Ruina staring at me.

Yeah, I like this kind of situation too.

“Hey, Nagi-chan, are you listening seriously?”
“I’m listening.”
“Really~? You said you will burn up that girl, but is there any chance of winning? As I said before, that girl is student of first rank magic school in this country. It’s clearly that Nagi-chan doesn’t have any chance to win.”

She says it clearly.

Surely, if it’s me who just came here, then there is no way I could win.

But I have this.

“Ruina, have you already forgotten my skill?”
“Nagi-chan’s skill? … No way”

As Ruina noticed something, she gave a sigh.

“Yes, as Ruina thinks, my skill, “Harem Queen” can share skill with girl with a certain degree of intimacy. And, if I with Ruina who is wizard with great ability bearing title “Omnipotent Witch”…”
“I see, if that’s case, you maybe could win.”

There is no doubt that we are loving each other.

So it will definitely meet the skill sharing requirements.

If I can use Ruina’s magic, there will be enough chance to win.”

That’s because my wife is the best wizard.

“Using Ruina’s magic, I will absolutely make sure that girl will regret to have ridiculed my precious girl!”
“Nagi-chan …”

It seems like a nice atmosphere at first sight, but to think that I still in seiza position is…

Well, that’s fine?




We were in the adventurer guild.

“Oh, Nagi-sama and Ruina-sama. What kind of business do you have today?”
“Hello Nadia-san, we came to update Nagi-chan’s guild card today.”
“Eeh, it’s just issued yesterday right?”

Receptionist-san is the same person as yesterday.

I heard that the name is Nadia just now. Let’s remember that.

“…Oh, I see. You two already have such relationship huh.”

It seems that our situation is already seen.

“I understand, Please come here.”




We finish updating the guild card in the same procedure as yesterday.

The content of the guild card was as follows.



Name: Nagi (16)
Race: Human
Rank: F
HP: 300
MP: 2500
ATK: 200
DEF: 200
SPD: 250
INT: 3500

Magical skill: <All Magic> <No Chant>
Defense skill: <Magic Resistance> <Abnormal Status Resistance>
Unique skill: <Language Translation> <Harem Queen >
Title: None



Isn’t my MP (Magical Power) and INT (Intellectual Power) weird!?

It was about 50 until yesterday ….


The others are not as high as those two, but they have risen considerably.

It seems that Ruina and Nadia are speechless.

“Well~ I never know it will be this far. I start to feel sorry for that girl…”
“This, it’s because “Harem Queen” right? I thought you were getting pretty close to each other compared to yesterday…What have happened between you two?”

Can’t say. I just met Ruina, but we already have crossed the line.

Ruina also remembered last night, her face become red.

“… Well let’s not ask in detail”

Ho, that was good.

“By the way, Ruina-sama said that you are sorry for that girl …”

Oh, I did not talked about that yet.

I told Nadia-san that a girl from Akade Academy was challenged us for a duel.

“Akade Academy is it… there are many people with high pride there, so be careful.”

Surely that girl seemed to have high pride.

…Anyway <Harlem Queen > huh?

It was a tremendous skill than I expected.

Just deepening relationship with one girl, and my status raised this far.

I wonder what will happen to me when I create a harem like this?

Bonus: About the wolf Nagi first met

Nagi: “Hey, Ruina. What was that thing who attacked me before?”

Ruuna: “That is a great wolf and an intermediate-class monster”

Nagi: “Intermediate-class monster huh? I suddenly came across that kind of thing. By the way, Ruina burned them that time, didn’t you have to take the material?”

Ruuna: “Because Nagi’s life is much more important than such a thing! Because I was full with the feeling that I had to help, I could not afford to worry about the material.”

Nagi: “Oh, Ruuna, I say it over and over, but thank you so much for helping me at that time. ”

Ruuna: “Nagi-chan…”

~Since the two began flirting, I will omit the rest~

Spolier: If just with Ruina alone Nagi’s stats became like that. What would she became if she had affair with goddess and her angel?

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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