Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 15

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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Chapter  15
Ruina’s First Teaching

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

After I and Linde became friend, we went out to play in town.

Since my date with Ruina was ended prematurely because Linde challenged to duel, we intended to continue it.

And because Linde also there, it was not date two people date, but it was three people date, it was very romantic.

We also drank couple juice with three people in Cranberry.

The shop’s clerk was watching us with a strange look, but i ignore it.

The situation of drinking juice with two beautiful girls in single glass was the best.

The cute figures of Ruina and Linde with their shyness was already stored inside my brain’s folder.

Permanent preservation.

We also went to shopping somewhere, and it was so fun.

Linde also shedding tears of happiness and seemed to enjoy the date.

The next day, Linde was practiced alone since she wanted to regain her sense as a magician.

Ruina and I are doing this and that (moderate expression) in a room at “House of Cat Ears” a whole day.

It has been a while because of a lot things, so I very fired up.

Maybe I will do three people play with Linde someday.

That was how I spent my day off with satisfaction.


ーーーAkade Akcademyーーー

“Good morning everyone of Akade Academy. Have you enjoyed your day off?”

The voice of Phil headmaster was resounded from stage.

Because there was an important announcement today, whole school assembly was being held first thing in the morning.

Well, the content of important announcement probably is…

“Today, I gathered you all for nothing but to give announcement. From today, there is a famous wizard who will become temporary teacher in this academy for three months.”

“Temporary teacher? Who is she?”
“Famous? It must be amazing person right?”
“You don’t say, it’s not Ruina-san right?”
“She is busy with her job as adventurer right? That’s impossible.”

At that moment, the students started to became noisy.

“Silence! …Then, I will introduce her. The one who will become temporary teacher for this school starting today is…”
“Ruina deーーーsu!”


At same time with that voice, a beautiful blond girl who look like wizard suddenly appeared beside Phil headmaster.

Everyone looked blank but actually she was already there from the start…

Looking at the students, it seems only several people including me and Linde who realized it.

“There is only several people who can see through my low level visibility magic (Invisible) huh…  The first and second year, aren’t you got slacken just by enrolled at Akade Academy!? The most important thing is after you enrolled! Also third year students, you will graduate this year, if you unable see through this thing, you can’t do anything later.”

The students hang their head when heard Ruina’s strict words.

“… but it’s fine. Even though it will be reckless, I will try to make everyone capable to do such thing in this three months!   If you could do that, at least you will be first class wizard candidate. I guarantee that. That’s why everyone, let’s do our best in this three month! I hope your cooperation.”

Saying that, Ruina give a wink to students. (TN: if Nagi did this, there will be sea of blood)

“““““Kyaaaaa!!! Ruina-saaaaaaannn!!!!”””””

Standing ovation happened immediately.

Ruina seemed to succeeded in grasping student’s heart.

Well, Ruina is someone who this school’s student admired, something like this was natural result.


“Then, everyone, It’s nice to meet you.”
“““““Yes Ruina-sensei!! It was pleasure to meet you.”””””

Today, Ruina was in charge of class 2-A practical training.

I’m looking forward how is Ruina’s teaching.

“Oh, before we start lesson, I want to measure everyone power first… so, let’s have mock battle.”
“If it’s mock battle then is it fine to do it with usual partner?”

The one who asked is class 2-A representative, Glasses-chan

Ruina’s answer was unexpectedly surprising.

“Hnn… if that case I’ll be bored, so let’s do something else named ‘Class 2-A vs Me’.  So, everyone can freely attack me altogether.”

There were at least 40 people in class 2-A.

In other words, this mock battle will be Ruina alone vs 40 people.

“Umm, excuse me, but won’t it too hard for Ruina-sensei?”
“Fufufu, it’s troublesome to be underestimated~. Even though like this, I’m an active S rank adventurer you know? I already accustomed to battle with many opponents. Oh, yeah. Since Nagi-chan and Linde-chan can’t involve in this, you two will be my opponent later.”
“Just now Ruina-sensei called transfer student and Linde with chan…”
“Guh… I’m jealous of those two… I also want to be called with chan by Ruina-sensei.”
“Ruina-sensei is mine! I won’t give her to the others!”

Ano, Ruina-san, somehow because of your speech some sparks were flying to here.

And you the last one! Ruina is mine!


The result of mock battle was as expected, Ruina was overwhelming all the time.

She defended every magic that shot toward her by avoiding it one by one with relaxed expression and sometimes defend it with magic… that just like a dance performance.

I and Linde who watch the battle from distance were fascinated by Ruina’s elegance movement.

“As expected of Ruina-sa… Ruina. Compared to her, I understand that my magic is a mere child’s play.”
“Yeah. That make me realize again, Ruina is amazing.”

The girl whom I liked is outrageous.

At first I never thought she was this amazing.

I thought I’m proud of her, but at the same time, I feel lonely.

I still don’t know anything about Ruina.

“Nagi, somehow I know what you feel. Because I always trying to reach her too. The more I know about her, the thing that I don’t know about her is increased. And that make me want to know more about her. That feeling was became stronger when we became friend. I also want to know more about Ruina.”

The more you know, the less you understand, huh?

Will the day when I truly understand Ruina come?

Linde grasped my hands tightly and staring right at me.

“Nagi, You are the one who saved me, I don’t want you to have such face. I want you to smile! I’m sure Ruina also think so. Furthermore… I don’t know how long it was, but you have been with her this far, at least compared to me you should know her a lot more. I’m the one who want to cry. That’s why don’t show such sad face!”
“That’s right. Certainly it’s like what Linde said… thanks Linde.”
“As friend, this is nothing.”

Why you threw away your face? Are you embarrassed?

Her cheeks were reddened.

When I met her for first time, I thought that she was high class girl with high pride. But when we had conversation like this, I understood that Linde is actually a good girl.

Ah~ As I thought, I also want Linde.

“When I did my best, you two, what・are・you・do・ing~?”

When we timidly turned our head, in there, there was a demon (Ruina).

“Ruina… how about mock battle?”
“Well, it’s already over. Next is your turn (smile).”

Scary!! I never see Ruina angry like this before!

Trembled by fear, we were hugging each other.

“Yosh, let’s do it now! Since you two were relaxedly flirting, then it was fine to a bit strict right?”

Like that, we were badly beaten by angry Ruina.

Although I said I want to know more about Ruina, but this new side of her, I don’t want to know about it… ahaha.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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