The Adventure of Miko 03 – Explanation About The World

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 3
Explanation About The World


“Have you calmed down?”

Goddess-sama keeping her eyes on Miko.  Well, that was normal reaction after saw Miko’s behavior.

“…I’m very sorry. I’ve showed my unsightly side.”

Miko was having seiza in front of Goddess-sama meanwhile Goddess-sama was seating on her throne.

“Well, it’s fine, I’ll forgive you. I already know your characteristic of your previous life, it’s my mistake to appear with this appearance. Instead of that, let’s explain about stride I mentioned before.

First, you don’t have any mission, as I said before, you can life as free as you like. That world is a world that you called fantasy world. In that world, there are towers that created by seven Gods, ‘Antique Tower’. That tower is created from magical power that spread through the world and giving birth monster. To subjugate that towers is an explorer job. The towers bring useful things for daily life, so it has become relationship that can’t be stamped.”

“In short, if I became explorer, I could easily life  in that world?”

“Yes. There are a lot of explorer who don’t have clear background. And it’s possible to get large sum of earning by doing towers. But, if towers are left alone, monsters will overflow from towers. And if tower is growing, and the top floor is getting higher, there are some defect.”

“I understand the danger of overflowing monster, but if top floor of towers getting higher, what is the danger in that?”

“The appearance of monster inside towers is completely random. And each hierarchy have specific monsters. Because of that, monster that will overflow also random. For example, if one more hierarchy is increased, and dragon outbreak happen in that hierarchy. The dragon will overflow to outside tower. For normal people, even if only 1 dragon overflowed, that would be hopeless. That’s why increasing hierarchy is not a good thing. It’s different story if there are explorers who hunt high ranking monster or knight in tower’s vicinity.”

“That world, in the end, everything depends on skill right? Seems to be a fun world.”

Miko seemed to had fun. Her expression showed such thing. That was not expression that normal high school girl showed in this situation.

“Well, it’s something like that.”

Goddess-sama didn’t questioned why Miko gave such expression even though she thought that was weird. But she added more thing,

“This time, you are here because your former life is really awful. If you have normal life, this conversation will never happened and you will immediately transferred to the next world. I have seen your former life, and it was very cruel. I have this conversation with you to make sure you won’t have a cruel life like before in next world. In short, you maybe won’t come here again if you die next time. While striding, there are much more natural danger than in your  former world. Please take care of your life.”

Goddess-sama said that with slightly blushed face and small voice. Saw Goddess-sama behavior, Miko’s soul is getting stronger.

“Goddess-sama is worried about me right??!”

Miko hugged Goddess-sama

“I already said it, don’t hug me! Let me go!”

Goddess-sama and hit with cane were became one set.

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The Adventure of Miko

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