Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 26

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World


Chapter 26.
Hey, Am I not Thieving Cat For You? -What The Three Girls of Student Council Really Think-


— Morning of second day of training camp

At the breakfast table.

“Nagi-chan, what happen? Your face is red.”
“I-it’s nothing!”

I continued my breakfast to hide my embarrassment.

Ah~ it’s no good.

Yesterday’s thing won’t leave my head.

Last night I was attacked by Elenoa’s surprise kiss (very good kiss).

Well, Elenoa is beautiful so I didn’t really mind it, but I was troubled so much that I was badly shaken.

I never thought just being kissed could make me to lose composure.

Yesterday I kept wary of Elenoa and could hardly sleep.

But in the end there was nothing more than that.

I was weak when condemned.

“Aah… please don’t mind about yesterday, I think it would be better if you thought that was just accident. Yeah, accident. Accident, accident, accident, huhuhuhuhuhu…”

Muttered like that I could feel bloodcurdling thing on Ruina’s expression.

Will I be killed by Ruina who changed into yandere someday?

“Yo, Nagi, Ruina, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?”

By the way, yesterday Ruina request to change the way she wall called, from using sensei honorific to the casual way.

It seems Ruina want to be in equal position with her rival in love, and Elenoa gladly agreed.

With that circumstance, I really want to think that the sparks which flying from those two were just my imagination.

When I remembered about last night, Elenoa sat down beside me as if it was a usual thing.

After that she glued her body to me.

Ah, so soft. And also smell nice…

“Hey, Nagi, it’s fine if I come there too right?”

Said that Ruina move beside me and glued her body to me.

Happiness sensation transmitter from both of my arms.

Huh? Am I in the heaven now?

“Good morning senpai. Nagi-senpai with flower in each hand huh. Can I join too?”
“Morning. Elenoa please have some moderation. I’ll give my drop kick again if you don’t.”
“… (nod)”

When I was ascending with excessing good feeling, the three student council girls who late woke up came.

They sat across us and started to eat their breakfast.

Huh, somehow their reaction is weak…?

“Morning. Hey, seeing my current condition, are you not angry?”
“Because you three love Elenoa right? And now it’s like I’ve snatched Elenoa from you…”
“Ah, it’s because we have trust on Elenoa. Elenoa is not someone who will throw us away just because she found another girl she like. Furthermore…”
“We are thankful to Nagi-senpai. Thanks to Nagi-senpai we knew Elenoa-senpai real thought. That’s why, we won’t complain if just something like that. I said like that but that’s not for Nagi-senpai but for Elenoa-senpai.”
“…(nod nod)”

The three girls of student council were good girls after all.

“Hey, Elenoa. After all, please give me these girls to me. I’ll cherish them.”
“That’s, I refuse even though that was Nagi request. It will be different if Nagi join my harem.”
“Then regrettably I’ll give up.”

Our relation was deepened than last night.

I felt like it wasn’t exaggerating even if I said that we are best friend.

Ah, I’m in happiness now.

I had beautiful girlfriend and also important friends.

I would be glad if this happy days continued, that time, that was what I thought…


“… hey, Nagi-chan? What was that disturbing narration about?”
“Sorry, sorry. That, when happiness like this continue, some anxiety will come right?  Like, this is the preface of something sorrowful, or something like that.”
“You just thinking too much. Well, I understand what you feel though.”
“Fufufu, Nagi is such worrywart huh. If you worried so much, then how about we sleep together tonight? With my technique, such worry will blown away in an instant. Don’t worry, the pain is only at first…”
““Don’t be carried away!””

Elenoa who received double tsukkomi (gender equality puch + shank kick) from Ruina and Run-chan faint in agony for a while.

And, I don’t care but (No, I that’s not good), the beauty was ruined.

Yeah, let’s call Elenoa poor beauty from no on.



Bonus: Misfortuned Red Haired Girl


Ruina : “Hey, everyone. By the way, how about Linde?”
Student council members: “““““Ah!”””””
Li : “Everyone so cruel! Ignoring me not only yesterday but today too…”
Na: “So-sorry. (I can’t say that the kiss from Eleona shocked me so much make me forget Linde)”
El : “Fufufu, that’s right. Linde, lend me your ear for a moment.”
Koshakoshsakoshakosha (Elenoa whispering to Linde).
Linde’s face turned red and fell on her back.
Na : “What the hell are you said!?”

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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