The Adventure of Miko 15 – Slave Purchase 1

The Adventure of Miko

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Slave Purchase 1

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“By the way, It’s fine to appoint Aria as your exclusive receptionist, but what will you do from now on? You won’t say that you will leave this town in few days will you?”

Even though Ayano gave permission, because it was special permission, the effect is gone when Miko left the city.

Otherwise it would be waste of time.

“Well, for the time being, I’m planning to work in this town. Since I just came here, I’d like to broaden my view.”

After talking about what she will do after this and have small chat, they left Branch Master’s room.

“Oh yeah. Miko, if you have any troubles, ask me everything. You can come even if Aria not here.”

“Thank you very much. Branch Manager.”

On their way to downstairs, Aria started to talk.

“So, what will you do today?”

“That’s right, I will go to slave store once again.

Yesterday, I just heard the story lightly.

I also don’t know how much gold coin will be needed.”

“I understand.

But, please take mission tomorrow.

Eventually, there is penalty for someone who registered but not take any mission.”

After warned by Aria and acknowledge it, Miko went to slave store “Slave” behind clan building.

“Excuse me. I’m who came yesterday.”

When she called from entrance, the man who take care of her yesterday came out from inside.

“Welcome, how may I help you today?”

“Yes, I want to ask about detail of slave purchasing. If it fits my hand, then I think I will buy it.”

“I understand. Then let’s have the talk in other room. Here please.”

The man guide Miko to the other room.

“Excuse me. Please not only we two in that room. And if possible could you also bring woman too?”

“Why is that?”

The man gave puzzled face. Of course he was. It’s like being told that I don’t believe you frankly.

“If I make you feel bad, I’m sorry. I have trauma of the past. I’ve treated badly by my father. And since that time, I have difficulty to deal with men”

She made apologetic face.

“That’s I’m sorry to make you remember something bad. I understand. Let’s have one of the slaves of this store attended too. Customer please wait in this room.”

As he said, Miko entered the room, and the man went to the another room, and come back in short time. There was a beautiful woman followed behind him.

“Thank you for waiting. This is good of this store, so don’t worry.  Then, assuming the customer will buy, what kind of slave do you wish to take?”

“Right. I think it would be better if someone who can take explorer mission together. And again, since I just came here recently, someone who know common sense would be good.”

Miko said the requirement. The truth is, she want to said everything, but since she didn’t have much money, and she understand that she can’t handle many people with her power right now, she didn’t say it.

“Hm, I understand. About the budget, how much is it? Also, is there any requirement for the race?”

The man tried to narrowed down the Miko’s requirement. He must be merchant who considered for customer to have better shopping experience.

“There is no requirement for the race. There is no problem as long as we can understand each other. Ah, female one please. The budget is about two gold coin.”

Miko answered the man’s question. And after the man thinking for a while,

“Perhaps, there is slave that match with customer’s requirement. She’s unusual race but, is it fine to bring her out?”

“Yes please.”

Heard Miko’s answer, the man left the room and after 20 minutes, he same back. Again, there was a woman following behind. No, rather than woman, she had the height of girl.

“This one is recommended for customer. Get in, Yuuna.”

When she saw the girl who brought by the man, Miko tried her best to not run rampage. Because the girl over there look like 14 years old with peerless beauty.

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The Adventure of Miko

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