Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower – 002

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana


Villainess: Fuuka

Unedited Version

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation


Fuuka Hamilton always drink black tea in the morning.
Black tea…
The color that fill the cup remind her of the tea-colored hair woman who take everything from her.

Until three years ago, everything should be sailing smoothly. Blessed with good family background, she got herself a fiance. Even though it was political marriage to get profit for both families, their age almost the same, and her fiance appearance also good.
— even though it was said by herself, her life is sailing smoothly. Just by looking at that, how much effort she had done could be seen.

But everything changed when that woman — Miyako Florence came.

Miyako had a healthy beauty, a beauty that shining from the inside.  Directly speaking, she was wise.

Fuuka herself know better than anyone else that Miyako Florence is attractive.

「Fuuka. I’m going take Miyako as my bride. Our engagement is break off.」

When her former fiance, Clause Rainhalt, tell her that too, only one thing she thought,

— 「Ah, so it’s really like that…」

But even so, she didn’t just stand and watch. Fuuka’s family, the house of earl Hamilton absolutely won’t let engagement with marquis, a higher noble position, break off just like that.

Rainhalt who fascinated by Miyako must be taken back by all means. She even use black hand to meet her family’s expectations.

And yet.

When she was selfishly told that he broke his engagement, there was the thing that she felt  more than regret or sad — she acknowledge it. For some reason, she always felt that she will become like this since long time. Yeah, as if it was predetermined destiny.

“It’s no good, what am I thinking about.”

Fiuh, she sighed and put the cup on the saucer.

“All right, there are a lot of things to do! I have to make father turn his face to me again… at least for one more time.”

Her father who was the head of Halminton house was very disappointed with her engagement broken off. Now he completely ignored Fuuka, and submerging himself in search of fiance for Fuuka’s sisters. Even so, Fuuka who just like no longer exist in there keep doing her best.

Foreign language.
White magic.

She greedily learning what she needs to live. Even if her father didn’t look at her right now, even if she was “damaged goods” daughter whose engagement broken off, but her life didn’t change, she still blessed with good family just like always.

“Now, let’s read that famous book from other country in its original language.”

That’s why.

That’s why something like that.


Yeah, somewhere.

“I want to run away.”

Something like run away.
Something like Prince Charming appears and take her to somewhere far far away.
She shouldn’t be thinking something like that.



“Eh? Who?? What’s wrong!?”


At that time the door strongly opened. Wind blew from the window fluttering Fuuka’s black hair and skirt.


“Please, go together with me!”


Who stood there was — Miyako Florence. The woman who took everything from her. That’s why Fuuka was taken aback.

Go together? What are you saying?

From afar the servant’s panic scream could be heard yelling to the (extremely rude) guest. As proud daughter of Hamilton house, she should give a strict warning to the guest who came without common sense. And also the woman glittering eyes in front of her should be her hateful rival in love.

That’s why…
To extend that hand is…
To take this hand is…
Should be impossible.

With morning wind fluttering that woman’s tea-colored hair, she, as if Prince Charming, kneel down and take Fuuka’s hand. Didn’t care that her skirt stuck on the floor, she kneeled down. She who once was rival looking up at Fuuka.


“Fuuka-sama… I have always been longing for you.”



For a proud earl daughter like her,
To take that hand is…
Should be impossible.


Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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  1. What, no mention of her liking the guy or being angry at the loss of her engagement? Disappointing. Author set up this scenario on Easy mode when it could have been an interesting uphill battle.

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