Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower – 003

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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“Make me say 「I’m happy」 in two weeks”,
so the Villainess Said

Unedited Version

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation

In the carriage, Miyako couldn’t help herself but leaking humming from her mouth.

What a wonderful birthday she had.
Clear and bright sky.
Gentle and feels good wind.
A slightly swaying carriage.

And also, the villainess that she had been longing for a long time, Fuuka was sitting beside her.


“Nee, Fuuka-sama”

“Such Fuuka-sama, please stop with such barefaced way of calling.”

“Eh, so aggressive!?”

“What are you saying? You took my fiance from me, and now you kidnap me. How can you use such honorific on me?”

“Ee… umm… then… Fuuka-chan?”


“Fufufu, just want to call.”

“I’m gonna smack you down.”


Miyako hold her mouth as she was being stared at with widely opened eyes.
Ah, so cute!
So, what’s the cute part? More than how she look at Miyako, the why she didn’t take her hands back from Miyako’s grip is cuter. Miyako tightly grasp Fuuka’s cool hand.


“What are you doing?”

“Well, how should I say it. I’m happy.”

“Are bugs crawling in your head?”


Ah, her sharp retort also lovely! But because Miyako didn’t want to make her more angry, she holds back her tongue. Inside the carriage went silent for a while.





Miyako answer with glittering eyes when Fuuka call her. No doubt if Miyako has tail it would be swaying left and right. Even though she didn’t go too far like having heavy breath, but to be that happy just by her name being called was also some kind of talent.

— as an aside, the result of animal divination that she did in her former world is “dog”.


“What do you mean by that?”

“Eh? That?”

“So, that, what was that about?”

“I don’t understand what do you mean with that~”

“Aah, jeez! That you said you’re longing for me or something!”


Aah! Miyako raised her voice.


“That’s my confession!”

“You… there is something definitely wrong with your head. Should I introduce you to the doctor?”

“Because when I know more about Fuuka-chan… the more I like her.”

“About me?”



Miyako nodded.

When she took regular route of the otome game, in the end Fuuka will walk down the life of defeated villainess. But after looking at Fuuka’s setting materials, she falls in love with her.


“Something like has strong sense of responsibility”

“Hard worker.”

“Even though weak in the morning but keep wake early in the morning to study.”

“Good at white magic.”

“Pretending to know nothing in front of Clause but the truth is has huge knowledge.”


Even in the otome game she used all of those to insinuate the heroine though.


“Doing her best to make her father to turn his face to her again.”

“Wait, wait a moment!”


“You, how come you know so far?”

When she realized, Fuuka was completely drawing away from her… she was looking at Miyako as if looking at stalker.


“I… I feel being tricked to come with you…”

“Haa!? Wait, it’s not like that!”


Oops, I talk too much.

Miyako shut his mouth in a hurry. That information should be not known in this world.

She messed up. If like this, there is no other way than to tell Fuuka about her “secret”.


“Umm, the truth is… I have 「clairvoyance」skill.”

“Clairvoyance? Isn’t that special skill that can see past and future?”


Special skill.

In a rare case, inhabitant of this world has unusual power so called natural gift. Since Miyako played the game, of course she knew the future. May be because of that, she had skill to know an event in advance through a dream. Even though it just fragmentary, but she can also see event that not in the game scenario.

So to speak, precognitive dream.


“I know about Fuuka-chan from that power.”

“… How much have you seen?”



The thing that she was severely abused in her home after her engagement is broken. The thing that her respected father give up on her. The thing that she didn’t stop doing her best. Those are all she knew from “clairvoyance” since she came to this world.


“Then why you still took my fiance from me?”


That’s also something she knew from “Clairvoyance”.
If Miyako didn’t engage to Clause, in other words, Fuuka’s engagement didn’t broke off, Fuuka will die in an unforeseen accident.
Also, if Miyako stayed like that and continue with Clause… at the night of the wedding ceremony, Fuuka will lamenting her misfortune and choose to die.
What should I do? Even though she thought like that, but no matter how many times she watch the dream, the result is always the same.

The other things she knew from “Clairvoyance” was Fuuka’s lifestyle after having her engagement broke off.
And the result was that she thought that nobody can stop her love for Fuuka.
She swore to herself, absolutely, she will absolutely make Fuuka happy.

By the way, she also used her “ Clairvoyance” to break her engagement with Clause. She needed to do various means to get the result, but the story is for another time.


“I can’t forgive the man who absurdly throw away or the family who abandon Fuuka-chan like that, whatever their reason is.”

“Don’t talk badly about Clause-sama or Father. Everything is because of my lack of power.”

“It’s not your fault!… I’m sorry, but that’s my true feeling.”


Miyako took Fuuka’s hand again. Took out a small bouquet of roses she hid, and then gave it to Fuuka. Actually, white lily flower will be more suitable to Fuuka’s glossy black hair, but it still seems impossible to cultivate lily flower in this world.

Miyako looked at that beautiful and dignified face with her glittering green tea colored eyes..


“I, Miyako Florence, swear with all my body and soul, also with this “Clairvoyance”  that I will make Fuuka-chan happy.”


When Fuuka heard that declaration, she went pale and opened her black eyes wide. Immediately in seconds her cheek dyed red and it seems the sound of steam blew from her head could be heard. Well, it was her first time in her life that somebody said something like that to her. Furthermore, the other party is same sex, further further more, she was the one who took everything from her.

Fuuka bewildered.
And yet, and yet she excited, why is my heart throbbing?



“Yeah, let’s be happy.”

“So… someone like me…”


For her whose engagement broken off and can’t be useful for the family, she has no right tobr hsppy. When she felt her black eyes getting wet, she hugged the small bouquet. Make the scent of rose tickling her nose.

And then —, and the Fuuka shake her head sideways.


“No, I can’t. I’m the oldest daughter of Hamilton family. I can’t throw away my family like that…”

“But, but! Will Fuuka-chan be happy with Hamilton family?”



She recalled the days when she was neglected. In that house, Fuuka is just a tool for political marriage. Even so —


“Two weeks.”


“I’m sure in two weeks pursuer from Hamilton family will found me. Until then… try to make me say “I’m happy”.”


Miyako’s green tea colored eyes opened in surprise.
Two weeks.
That was the time limit to make Fuuka happy.


“…~ of course!!”


Miyako shouted.
That’s mean, Fuuka won’t reject Miyako for two weeks.

Uwaa, what was that!!
Don’t tell me, is there really any hope?




In a fresh morning,
In the swaying carriage,
Miyako’s cry of great joys resounded to the sky.


*    *     *


“Come to think of it, this carriage, where it will go?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, Fuuka-chan. I forget to tell you the destination.”


While looking at the moving away scenery from the carriage window, Miyako answered.


“We are heading to my home.”


“In other words, the Atika region.”



Fuuka spontaneously stood up. Talking about Atika region, it was a region that far away from capital Orde… so to speak, remote region.


“As I thought I was tricked — !!!!”


In a fresh morning,
In the swaying carriage,
Fuuka’s scream resounded to the sky.


— in addition, Atika region is famous for its rice production.

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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