Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower – 004

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

Day 1 (Morning)
Beginning of the Slow Life

Unedited version


Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation


The villainess pov

A distance voice could be heard.


The wake up time —




— was informed by ridiculously loud voice.


“Uwaa, you’re so cute today! To be able to greet Fuuka-chan in the morning, I’m so happy.”


The ridiculously loud voice said something that could be misunderstood by any other listener in excited state.

Ah, that’s right. This hard bed. Here is not the usual mansion.




There was someone with tea colored hair smiling in front of her.
And after Fuuka looked at her surroundings while rubbing her sleepy eyes,

Ah, right, I remember.


“You really kidnap me from my mansion?”

“Yeah. Tt was a long trip. Thanks for your hard work, Fuuka-chan.”

“And to bring me to Atika region is…”


On the warm and cozy bed, Fuuka made her biggest sigh.


*     *    *


Approximately a whole day and night journey. Last night, they arrived late in an isolated house at Atika region, way north of the capital. It was the house belong to Myako’s family.

Dining room with fireplace, a modest kitchen, a food preservation room, and then, only one bedroom.

Fuuka who born and live luxury house was about to faint.

If there was only one bedroom, then how will Miyako sleep? The night will be cold at this time, of course it would be awkward if she sleeps outdoors.


“Eh? Fuuka-chan not naturally drive me out!? I’m shocked!”


Even though it was just one bedroom, there was two bed place left and right along side the wall. After took off the dress from her tired body, she fell into the bed. The clean and prepared bed, even though it was a lot harder than her feather duvet in her house, it didn’t have the smell of mold.

She didn’t remember exactly she fell asleep. At anyhow, her body was tired, and her heart was tensed. As soon as the string of tension snap, Fuuka immediately sleep like a baby.


*    *    *


“Really, what a far away place we have come, Atika region here is.”

“Yeah. It really far away.”

“What are you planning to do here?”



From the windows of the carriage, the thing that could be seen last night were only fields, mountain, forest and river. To bring someone this far, what was Miyako aim?

She can’t think anything useful.



“… what did you say!?”

“I said, here I will “doing nothing” with Fuuka-chan.”


Doing… nothing?


“What do you mean?”


This time it was Fuuka turn to tilt her head sideways.


“That was literally what I mean. It was second hand from yellow bear who like honey though.”


“Ah, nothing. Other than that, let’s have our lunch.”


Lunch, when Fuuka heard that word she remember her empty stomach. Unexpectedly her nose twitching when she smelled something warm. Her cheeks reddened when her stomach made a cute “Gyuu~” voice.


“Hn, lunch? Are you not mistaken with breakfast?”

“Hn? It’s lunch time already.”

“…What did you say?”


Surprised, she immediately wake up and look outside the window. Beyond the garden, the only scene could be seen is widely spread field. And on the sky the sun was, right above the head. It was nice and warm noon scene.




Fuuka greatly trembled.


“How, how come someone like me could oversleep like this? What should I do, morning reading!? Calisthenics!? I have to greet father at eight, and then study economics at nine!!!”


“It’s not something to laugh off!”


What should I do?
She always wake at five in the morning and made timely schedule until she sleep at midnight. That’s her daily routine. If she didn’t do her daily effort then…


“Fuuka-chan, your expression is very nice.”


“Here, mirror.”


When she looked at the mirror, an “ah” leaked from her mouth. The bags under her eyes which usually she hid with make ups were no longer could be seen. Only smooth face and reddened cheeks. Shoulder stiff that always bothering her also greatly lessened.

Does it mean that my physical condition improved because my chronic sleep deprivation reduced?


“See? Fuuka who doing her best is amazing, but I also like this morning Fuuka-chan.”

“…May be resting is also an effort.”


Certainly, I wonder when was the last time I could get full sleep like this time? It feels like it was a long time ago, to the point where I couldn’t remember anymore.


“In here we will wake up in the morning, cooking, taking a walk, and carefreely doing a lot of things. Occasionally idly seeing the sky or playing in the river is also nice things to do I think. Picnic too!”


It seems what Miyako said was different from social world expedition version which the purpose is to whirl and show rivalry between noble house.

That’s may be… seems fun.


“And that is “doing nothing”?”


Fuuka completely dumbfounded by Miyako who said such things with a big smile floating on her face.


“Let’s eat breakfast! I have confidence in my cooking skill.”

“You made it? Not servant?”

“Ah, there is no servant here. And the coachman already returned to the capital. Let’s live and do a lot of things just by two of us.”


“Ah, may be Fuuka-chan can’t do housework?”

“The, there is no such thing that you can do but I can’t.”


Miyako pleasantly smiling while Fuuka seriously shouted like that.


“Fuuka-chan, let’s be happy together.”

“I feel there is no reason for me to be happy in such lazy and shabby life like this.”

“Ehehehe. The time limit is two weeks… 14 days. I will do my best!”

“Hn, that’s a promise I made. I will keep my promise, by the name of Hamilton family.”


In two weeks, if Fuuka said “I’m happy”, then it’s a win for Miyako.
If not, then it’s Fuuka’s victory.


Such strange slow life was the morning of the first day.

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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