Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower – 005

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

Day 1 (Night)
Bonfire and Butter Potatoes

Unedited version

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation

“Still, cleaning the garden takes a whole day as expected.”


The cries of insects could be heard from a distance, perfectly blended with the sound of cracking bonfire.
Twilight. Only far away in the west the color of sky still dyed with red.
Without looking up at the sky where the stars star to scatter around, Fuuka sighed.


“…I’m tired. I’m absolutely not happy!”

“Thank you Fuuka-chan, you help me a lot.”


The bonfire was made from dead leaves and branches that they gathered from the garden.
The truth is because Fuuka didn’t want to get her dress dirty, she only timidly gather some branches while Miyako who equipped with work clothes and broom she got from the hut mostly did the job.


“Did your dress get dirty?”

“No, it’s fine.”

“Even though I also brought work clothes for Fuuka-chan too.”

“I, I won’t let someone from Hamilton family wear such shabby clothes!”

“Fufufu, If you want to try it just tell me, ok?”

“There is no need to wear silk though.”


It was tradition of this area where you have to energetically welcome the first night of your move to this area, to repel the beast,  and to notify the others that humans live there.
The dry sound of snapping branch and the sight of flickering flame gave a feeling of peace.


“Ah, it’s done.”


What she took out from the bonfire were potatoes.
There was potato in this world where Miyako reincarnated. There were a lot of flora and fauna she didn’t familiar but potato was there.
That’s why she baked potatoes she got from kitchen inside bonfire like this.


“Here, Fuuka-chan’s part. Be careful, it’s hot~”

“Hei Miyako, potato isn’t bread you know!? To use precious butter on it is…”


— yeah, it’s also possible to make butter potatoes.


“Fufufu, this is you know, it’s butter potatoes.”

“What …?”

“It’s fine, just eat it.”


Miyako absolutely wanted to do this, she even brought some potatoes and butter before left the capital.
Fuuka timidly stuffed her mouth with the butter potatoes.


“…… This is not bad.”

“Hehehehe, I know right?”


In calm sensation, miyako thought something while continuing the bonfire.
She was always like outdoor.
Even though she was addicted to otome game, she still went camp, raising vegetables, and gardening. She really like such leasure.
And when she became an adult, it was work, work, and work.
And before she knows, she kept making round trip between her house and office even though she hates it.

Ah. This is it, together with her first love the villainess and surrounding bonfire under the night sky.


“Aah, I’m super duper happy now~. Mou, I’m gonna shout it. I’M HAAPPYYYY!!!!”

“…I won’t be lured in!!”


Miyako inflated her cheek when Fuuka coldly stared at her with her big eyes.
Her expression when inflated her cheek was exactly the same with her previous life when she was called “omochi fugu” by her surroundings when she was young.


“Muuu~ that’s not what I mean~”

“Fu, weird face.”

“Ah, Fuuka-chan smiling.”

“I’m not.”

“Lie, you do.”


While doing such exchange.
Fuuka eyelids started to fall.
For her who had chronic sleep deprivation,  after make her body move for whole day and then satisfiedly fill her stomach, of course the healing sound of bonfire will induce her to sleep.


“Ah, sleep already?”

“Hn… not yet… I need to do my night study… and calisthenics too…”

“Don’t force yourself, don’t force yourself. We already promise to “do nothing” right?”


“I’m going to sleep too. Let’s take a bath tomorrow.”


Saying so, Miyako took Fuuka’s hand.
MAy be because her sleepiness already on peak, Fuuka obediently follow Miyako, took off her dress and dive into the bed.
It didn’t take a long time until her peaceful sleeping breath could be heard.


“Hnnnn…. As expected I’m tired too.”


After confirmed that, Miyako stretched her body.


“Ah, ah. I wonder if I will have muscle ache tomorrow.”


As expected, it was hard to clean the garden for a whole day.
After undo the tea colored hair which she arranged for works, she slipped into the bed.
Her eyelids getting heavier while she looking at Fuuka who peacefully sleeping on the opposite side of the room.

13 days left, it would be nice to have Fuka say “I’m happy”
She fell asleep while wishing such thing.


“… Fuuka-chan, let’s be happy.”

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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