Easy Going Adventurer and +999 Bronze Sword Intro

Easy Going Adventure and +999 Bronze Sword

Even Though I Just Want to be A Easy Going Adventurer! ~The Legendary Sword is No Match For Bronze Sword+999 in Front of Me~


Kirakuna Boukensha de Itainoni! ~Dou no tsurugi +999 no mae ni wa Densetsu no Ken mo Kanaimasen~

Author : △iX



One day, after defeating a skeleton, the newbie female adventurer Kurishuna got a bronze sword as a drop item. When she used her “appraisal” skill to check the sword, the sword absorbed magical power from the surroundings and became a Bronze Sword +999, which was clearly much stronger than a legendary weapon.

She wanted to continue being a easy going adventure after getting the SSS-rank bronze sword, but her surroundings would not allow her. And somehow an orphaned (little) girl from a fallen noble family who was coming along with her tried to convince  her to become a hero.

Wherever they go, the two of them will create an uproar!

Easy Going Adventure and +999 Bronze Sword

13 thoughts on “Easy Going Adventurer and +999 Bronze Sword Intro

  1. Kurishuna is probably more accurately translated as Krishna.

    Great start so far, writing is decent, and Krishna’s personality as a carefree newbie adventurer is quite refreshing to read. I wonder how shoujo-ai this series is.

    It would be great is someone would pick up this series to translate.

      1. Ah, so it’s a romanization issue. Honestly, it’s a trivial issue and just up to the translator how they want to handle it. I don’t mind if they kept both Krishna and Shuna or whatever, but I’m flexible and used to it already.

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