The Adventure of Miko 55

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 55
The First Layer, Again Part 1

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In the next morning, Miko was the one who woke up first. The other three beautiful girl were still peacefully sleeping side by side. She carefully get down from the bed so she won’t wake them up and do her preparation quietly.

“…Un, na…”

When Miko doing her preparation, on the top of the bed, Yuuna started to squirming and opened her eyes. However since she still half asleep, her sight hasn’t focus yet.

“Good morning Yuuna-chan, did I wake you up?”

“Hn… hooaaammm. Good morning master.”

It seems Yuuna was woken up by Miko’s talk. And may be because their voice, Alisa and Shulyn also woke up.

“Fuah… fooh morning…”

“Ah~ I slept like rock.”

“Yosh! Everyone awake. Let’s get prepared and go to the tower!”

After finished their preparation, they went to the Clan branch before headed to the tower. Like always, when four of them arrived at clan branch, Aria always take care of them.

“Good morning everyone, today you will go to Uther Major again right?”

“Yes, we are planning to capture the tower today. Aria-san, about the first layer’s lord, what kind of monster is it?”

“Yeah, the first layer lord, it’s either kobold, clucker or frenzy cow. The lord is one unique monster and accompanied by several normal monsters. When you reach about 10 meters away from the spiral stair, the lord will appear, and also the barrier in that area.”

“In other words, we can’t interrupt anyone who already fighting the lord, and if we challenge it, we can’t escape, like that?”

Miko asked since Aria explanation not really clear.

“… yeah, that’s right. That’s why please be careful. When you defeat the layer’s lord, that will be recorded in Clan License. After that, you can move from one layer to another.”

After said that Aria gave document that contain information about first layer’s lord and Miko put it in her pocket.

“Now then, we’re going, Aria-san.”

Miko left the clan branch with Yuuna, Alisa, and Shulyn.

“Really, please safely return…”

Aria’s word disappeared into empty counter.

Leaving the clan brach, Miko directly headed to Latia town’s gate.

“All right, gatekeeper-san, we’re going.”

After showed their clan license to the gatekeeper, they walk toward Latianus meadow.

On their way, they met with some monster, all of them were defeated by Miko and Yuuna. Because that was their role as vanguard, there was nothing to do for Alisa and Shulyn. In the end the four of them safely arrived at Uther Major tower.

“Yosh, all right then, everyone, please reaffirm your condition. Today we will raise our capturing speed. Basically, I and Yuuna will act as vanguard and annihilate the enemies, Alisa-chan will give support attack and become Shulyn escort, Shulyn-chan, I leave everyone’s recovery to you. Any question?”

“Master, from the last time pattern, the monsters didn’t act collectively. Also if possible please consider about strengthening Alisa-san dagger skill.” Yuuna replied Miko’s confirmation.

“That’s right. Certainly I’m still not good to fight in close range, it will be dangerous if a lot of big enemies appear. I don’t want to be a burden in that time. If it possible, please allow me to fight with dagger.”

Miko could only sighed when she heard the two words.

“I understand. But for now just just Yuuna and I who will fight, you just watch and learn. After that you can train slowly.”

When they got Miko’s permission, the smile floating on the slaves’ face.

“Well, it seems everyone is ready, let’s get in the tower!”


The four of them entered the tower.

The Adventure of Miko

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