The Adventure of Miko 56

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 56
The First Layer, Again
Part 2

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Entering the tower, just like before, there were only meadow beyond the door. and at the distance the spiral stair could be seen.

“Now then, let’s go.”

While Miko drawn her ocean ore sword, Yuuna also draw her red copper and black silver dagger. Alisa also took out her crimson dagger and take position to protect Shulyn. like when they take down the giant bee, this time they move with Miko in the middle. On their way they encounter four goblins.

“Yosh, they seems good enough and not too hard for us. I and Yuuna gonna rush towards them and Alisa make sure you shoot one. For Shulyn, make sure you ready for recovery magic in case one of us getting injured. Yuuna-chan too, make sure you’re not forcing yourself, just beat them one by one. Don’t face two of them at once. I’m going to do so. Well then, get ready everyone, 3, 2 , 1, GO!”

With her mark, Miko and Yuuna rushed toward the goblins. On the other hand, Alisa shot her arrow to the nearest goblins. The goblin fell on the place without any chance to raised a scream.

“As expected of Alisa-chan, she didn’t miss even in this confusion.”

Miko praised Alisa with small voice. She thought Alisa didn’t hear it, but because Alisa is white wolf, her ear is sensitive so she heard everything. Miko didn’t realize that her praise made Alisa blushed.

When one of the goblin fell, the other realized that there were enemies coming and prepared to intercept. Yuuna went to the nearest goblin and slash it meanwhile Miko took the furthest goblin. The goblin in the middle got confused when the other goblin on the front and back was defeated. In there, Alisa released her second bow and defeat the last goblin. Yuuna, to make sure the goblin she defeat not rampaging, she cut off it joint limbs and when it can’t move any longer, she cut blood vein on its neck.

“““Uwaa… Yuuna-chan(san) is really nasty.”””

Miko, Alisa and Shulyn murmuring the same words.

Meanwhile Miko herself was, with a single slash, cut off the goblin into two parts, upper and lower half. The two of them return to Alisa and Shulyn after gathering goblin’s material.

“Alisa chan nice attack! And Yuuna too nasty as always.”

“Wha! Master! Please don’t say such thing! You cut the goblin into two with single attack yourself!”

Yuuna retorted to Miko’s word with red face, but Miko only reply her by patting her head while smiling, Yuuna didn’t reject her.

“Well then, Shulyn doesn’t has turn this time, but let’s keep fighting like this. This time we don’t have any problem, but we don’t know whether the other monster will attack. So everyone, firmly watching your surrounding.”

Miko gave warning to everyone after she sealed goblin materials into her magic card. The three of them nodded firmly and prepared their weapon. The four of them made a line with Miko on the front and Yuuna on the back then continued to walk. What Miko sealed into her card is 4 tower goblin’s magic stone and 7 tower goblin’s small horn.

After walk a while, they arrived at big cliff that they confirmed before. About 30 meters from there, they confirming their surrounding. Couldn’t found any materials, Miko moved to the other spot. When she saw a place with some trees growing, she started to walk toward that place.

The Adventure of Miko

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