Easy Going Adventurer and +999 Bronze Sword V1 +001

Easy Going Adventure and +999 Bronze Sword

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+001 Shuna, Leaves The Town

Watashi, Kirakuna Boukensha de Itainoni! ~Dou no tsurugi +999 no mae ni wa Densetsu no Ken mo Kanaimasen~
Author: △iX
Illistration: Asahikawa Hyori
Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

Returning to the present.

“Hey hey, everyone, gather here please~”

There were a lot people gathered around the orphanage rubbernecking at the decisive battle between me and the great priest’s Himmers Ritter. However, my peaceful and uneventful daily life will be jeopardized if it was known that I defeated such a monster with a single attack…

I just want to protect the children of the orphanage and the sisters from the priest who wanted to sell them to the aristocrat. The sisters kindly gave me cookies when I just came to this town and collapsed because of hunger. After that I always came to this orphanage whenever I felt lonely.

“Yeah, yeah! Everyone is surely curious about the sword which defeated the Himmer Ritter right? Curious right? And you know what, I will give this sword to one of you! Attention everyone, attention everyone!”

I was standing on a high place and shouted so everyone could hear my voice.


“For real!?”

“If I have that sword!”

“Give it to meee!!”

Everyone said such a thing while looking at my sword. And between the gap of their voice,

Cling, the sword shine.

“Eh, ah? What were we doing?”

“If I’m not wrong, didn’t the priest come to show his rare summon or something?”

“Aah, right, certainly the summon is amazing. I got goosebumps.”

“We don’t need to worry about our security if we are protected by such tremendous power.”

“I wonder if the priest is fine. Large numbers of magic stones are needed in order to call such a powerful summon right? He summoned it just to show it to us, I wonder if his pockets are alright…”

Everyone in there completely forgot about me and my sword. That’s because I used one of the powers of this +999 bronze sword, “Memory Manipulation”.

“But now I can’t stay in this town any longer… it seems the impression of me being someone incredible still remains.”

I stroke my sword while letting out a sigh.

“Well, at any rate, this will be the last time I  return the favor to those who always took care of me. I’ve also been steadily saving  money, so should I start a journey?”

I muttered by myself while looking at the crowd who was still noisy.


Next morning, I leave the town by riding a convenient carriage which arrived at a fixed time. Usually it was full of people but today, unexpectedly, there was only me alone.

“With this, it’s a complete farewell to  Scomp Town…”

Somehow it’s very emotional.

Well, that’s because it’s the first town I’ve been indebted to since I left Padina village. Besides, leaving Scomp Town also means I left the village where I was born. Well, both of my parents were already dead even before I left the village, so at this point I no longer have any bonds to anyone. I just felt a bit sad and melancholic.

And then the coachman uncle came over to me.

“Ooii, sorry but, there is another person who wants to ride, so you have to share your seat.  Do you mind?”

“Eeh, no problem.”

I accept it with a smile. Originally it would be weird if I was the only passenger right?

“Ah, huh? You…”

The one who came while carrying luggage is a girl with long black hair  wearing glasses. My body is considerably thin but, this girl is thinner. Obviously this girl is just about ten years old.

Or rather, I’ve seen this girl. This girl is…

“Well then, let’s depart! Nothing was forgotten right?”

“Ye, yeah, it’s fine.”

After the coachman uncle shouted, the carriage started to move slowly.

“Umm, you…”

“Hello Kurishuna-san. I decided to go together with you.”

The girl said something strange.

“Eh, eh? You, you’re the child from the orphanage right? The one who always read a precious book in the corner. Books and glasses are luxurious things so I remember  you. If I’m not mistaken your name is…”


“Yea, yeah, Aisha-chan, the sisters will be worried about you, you know!? What do you mean by  going together with me? Hurry up and go home…”

“It’s fine, I already wrote a letter to the sisters. I told them I’ve found a relative who will take care of me, and handed them the letter one week ago. Just now they sent me off with a great farewell at the gate.”

“Wha, what do you mean?

“There is something that’s always in my mind. It’s about you. There is something about you. At one point, everything turned around. You suddenly became prosperous and bought cookies for us almost everyday. Furthermore you really resemble the female knight in the book which I got from my father.”

“The, there is something about me? There ‘s no such thing… haha.”

In that moment, Aisha took out a beautiful pendant from her shirt.

“This, do you know what  this is?”00008

“A pendant right?”

“Right, a ‘magic’ pendant. My family is a family of ruined aristocrats. My father and mother were executed under false allegations and all of our fortune was seized. Only these glasses and this book were left to me.”

“Ma, magic? What kind of magic is it?”

“This pendant has defence magic against memory magic and anything being hidden by magic. So no man could deceive me when I become an adult. That’s why, the time when you defeated the Himmers Ritter, I clearly remember it.”

“Wha, what are you talking about…?”

Cold sweat began flowing onto my temple.

“Really. Please! Please take me with you. Surely I will become useful. I’m good at studying. I also learned about politics and economics from my father. I want to help the female knight I adore so much!”




“If you don’t take me, I will tell everyone about that sword. I wonder what will happen if I do that. Attacked by everyone who wants that sword day after day, unable to rest your mind and always being busy. It would be good if it was only like that. But that sword is a sword that defeated the summon that could decide the result of a war with one strike. Wars will  occur concerning that sword and a lot of innocent people are gonna be killed.”

“A, are you threatening me?”

“Yes, I am. So please, take me with you. If it’s only me and if you use that sword it will be easy right? Of course, if everything calms down, I will find jobs that I can do, and I will absolutely never trouble you! I can no longer return to the orphanage, there is nowhere else I can go except with you!”


I was at a loss for words.

“That’s why, please treat me well!”

Aisha-chan deeply bowed her head.

In the end, I finally gave in. In this way, the two of us started a journey.

Easy Going Adventure and +999 Bronze Sword

12 thoughts on “Easy Going Adventurer and +999 Bronze Sword V1 +001

  1. Kakakaka ! So nice and interesting chapter !!! Couldn’t foresee at all that their encounter would be like that.

    Also for some reason, because of how childish MC acted like in ch1 i thought she was the glasses girl on the cover.

    Also i feel like it’s kinda a plothole of author to not say what happened to the priest because he could try again later to get the orphanage + the ones in it if nothing happened to him. And without MC, they would be easy preys.

    Even though it’s a necessary plot, i feel bad for the loli because of what happened to her parents and her. Also angry against the true perpetrators behind that. And disappointed because it looks like the world will not have a perfect happy atmosphere and there will quite a bunch of annoying (but easily beatable) enemies.

  2. What a pleasant surprise. To be honest, when you said you weren’t planning on continuing the series I was sad enough to translate some of the chapters myself. I read and translated up to where モグ竜 joins the party.

  3. Also isn’t it kinda bullshit that a enemy used a “summon so powerful that it can end a war in one hit” JUST for a orphanage and a bunch of poor people ? I mean it’s said that the summoning used precious items to summon it. It should be logical that the items used for the summoning of a “summon so powerful blablabla yada yada” should be more pricey then the sale of the orphanage and their occupants by minimun x10(0) times. Was he forced or something ?

    Also i’m a little sad to see the greed of the orphans for OP sword despite knowing it’s owned by their savior and benefactor (that is helped the orphanage before) even though my brain knows that it’s the normal reaction of a normal person in front of the possibility of having a (really) good future.

    1. Actually, she said she previously beaten the S ranked goon the priest sent beforehand.
      So the priest was definitely freaking out.

  4. First i want to thank you for translating this series. Thank you.

    Second i think its better just to do with 1 page instead of multiple pages.
    Because its just interrupt the excitement when reading to have to go to 2nd page.

    But still, its up to you. But i’ll still read regardless your decision. Thank you.

  5. I’ve been going through my translation notes on this chapter, but there only seems to be some minute changes from the WN. The only thing I noticed that was missing, was the short exchange where Aisha assures Shuna that her pendant is unique and she’s probably the only one who remembers. It goes something like this:

    “Ah, it’s okay. In this city, the only people with access to kind of magical tool would be influential nobles, like my family before it fell into ruin. Out of the entire crowd, the only one who wasn’t affect by Krishna-san’s memory manipulation was me, I think. ”

    “A-are you sure?”

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