Easy Going Adventurer and +999 Bronze Sword V1 +002

Easy Going Adventure and +999 Bronze Sword

+002 Shuna, Camping

Watashi, Kirakuna Boukensha de Itainoni! ~Dou no tsurugi +999 no mae ni wa Densetsu no Ken mo Kanaimasen~
Author: △iX
Illistration: Asahikawa Hyori
Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

“We’re almost to the relay station now. If you wait for the stagecoach then it’ll be farewell. If you want to go to the Pilgled area, instead of using the carriage from here, it would be better to walk  to Clon station since the road is bad. We will depart tomorrow morning, if you want to continue using my carriage.”

“Kurishuna-san, it’s almost time.”


When I opened my eyes and looked  outside the carriage, I could see a small settlement beyond the coachman. Even though I said settlement,  it’s just three or four houses lined up.

“Did I fall asleep?”

“Of course!”

“Uuu, that’s because uncle’s carriage is  most calming and I didn’t have much sleep lately. Sorry Aisha-chan, did you get bored?”

“I’m fine, I have this.”

Aisa shows “the book” that she always had while saying that. It’s the book that she always read in the corner when she was still in the orphanage.

“Kurishuna-san, where will we go after this?”

“The truth is, I’m planning on walking from here to go to the Pilgled area… but if it’s with Aisha-chan then…”

“I’m ok with it. I wear shoes with three layers of leather!”

Aisha raised her legs and showed me her shoe soles.

“I won’t trouble you Kurishuna-san. You can just leave me when it’s needed.”

“Well, I can just carry you on my back if it’s needed. Then Aisha-chan too, let’s do our best. And also, you can call me Shuna. I’m just 16 years old, there is no need for honorifics or stiff language.”

“Nnn… then… Shuna…chan?”

“Yeah, like that. Once again, it’s nice to meet you Aisha-chan. It can’t be helped that I will keep pushing you, but since we’re  going on a journey together, let’s get along.”

“Yeah, thanks… sorry.”

“No problem, no problem. Then, uncle! We’re going! Farewell!”

“Aiyo! Be careful!”

After saying our farewells to  the carriage uncle, we enter a poor hiking  trail.

And then.

“I think we have to camp here. I think we’re moving pretty fast, since we arrived in this open space while the day is still bright. You did great Aisha-chan. I was saved since if we stayed in the relay station, the journey would be postponed for a whole day.”

“Fu… fuu… yeah. And like I  said, I also took some branches that likely could be used as firewood.”

“Ooo~! That’s great. Then, this is what I took. Chahar fruits! When I saw it, I took three of them.”

“Chahar fruit?”

Aisha-chan tilted her head in wonder.

“You don’t know?  Inside its hard shell there is yellow fruit  full of fat with white grains of seeds packed in the middle of it. It seems some animals really like the yellow part, but can’t digest its white part. So the white part comes out mixed with dung for germination in a  new place.”

“…Is that delicious?”

Aisha’s face clouded when she heard about dung.

“Absurdly delicious! Well, there are also some people who eat it as is. If we split the fruit and steam it, the white part will swell a bit, and mixed with the melted yellow fat it’s suuuper delicious!”


Ah, she still didn’t believe it. Well, it’s fine, just wait.

As we finished preparing the campfire, I start to ignite the firewood with “Magic Invocation”


When I chant that command word, small fire appears from the tip of the bronze sword.

Then, I take out some plates and spoons that I’ve  stored inside “Dimension Storage”. Aisha deeply sighed when she saw me put my hand into the black rift which appeared from the tip of the sword.

“Really convenient.”

“Yeah, less things to carry. Aisha too, how about we put that book inside? It looks heavy and you keep hugging it while walking.”

“No, this is… fine. It’s something precious.”

“Oh? OK. Then let’s make something to make it  easier for you to carry it next time.”

If Aisha-chan wants to do so, then I won’t force her.

After waiting for a while, it seem that the Chahar fruit finished steaming. First, cut the fruit with with the bronze sword. After that take out rock salt from “Dimension Storage”, shave it with the bronze sword and pour it on the fruit. Fuwaa~a, nice scent is floating around. Aisha-chan’s eyes which had some doubt before, started shining brightly after she smelled the scent. When I tried to put Aisha-chan’s share onto the plate, she appealed to me with ‘I want to eat it directly’.

“It’s hot, be careful.”

“Ye, yeah… ah, it’s hot!”

“It may be bad manners but, try to put it on your lap instead of on your hand.”

“I, I understand, fuu, fuu, fuu, aum.”

After blowing it multiple times to cool it down, she stuffed it into her small mouth and happily chewed.

“Houf, houf, uhn… hehihious…”


I did it. Unconsciously, I pat Aisha-chan’s head. But Aisha-chan ignores it and keeps moving her spoon.


After midnight. We laid down while listening to the crackling sound of the campfire.

“Hey Aisha-chan, is it fine for me to ask? Why did you decide to follow me?”

I was wondering about that since we departed from Scomp Town; why she really wanted to go with me that much? I’m just a village girl who has nothing special.

“Shuna-chan, you really indifferent to your own power. There are no warriors that can defeat that Himmers Ritter with a single blow. You won’t find anyone who could do that in the entire world. It wouldn’t be strange for a person to take advantage of you once they become close to you.”

“Eh… Is that so…? But Aisha-chan isn’t someone like that right?”

When I asked that while watching the stars in the sky, Aisha-chan answered me with a serious tone.

“…Shuna-chan, when you brought cookies to the orphanage, you always made sure that I would also get some right? Even if I was in the back, you searched for me.”

“Well, that’s, I think it’s not good if I didn’t give some to everyone.”

“Maybe it was nothing for Shuna-chan, but I was very happy with such fairness. Because I didn’t even have one ally in that orphanage. Furthermore…”


“The priest who wanted to take over the orphanage, he was paid by a nobleman who had hostility against my father. If the orphanage was taken over like that, I wonder what would have happened to me. So, it was thanks to Shuna-chan that I’m still safe now.”

“Aah, I see! So that’s the reason huh. Just to get the orphanage in his hands he brought a former S-rank and that “heavenly force”. I was thinking it was weird.”

I see~ Then right now that priest must be undergoing torture. Sorry that I’ve closed your way to success in life.

“Ano, umm, Suuna-chan.”

“Hnn… what?”


“What’s wrong Aisha-chan?”

I could hear Aisha-chan gulp air.



Her tone was serious, I understood that she wanted to say something important so I also held my breath.

And then…

“I’m gonna leak… ”

“Eh, eh, eeeehhh!?”

“Toilet~ Accompany me, I can’t go alone.”

Aisha-chan appealed with teary eyes.

“Wa wa wa wa, wait wait wait!”

“Aaa… I can’t hold it anymore…”

Her current voice that was likely to disappear showed how urgent the situation was.

“Wha, wha, wait! Wait a minute! Hold it! I’m gonna go with you. I’m gonna carry you!? So don’t be surprised and leak out… eei!”

Fortunately, there was the “Unlimited Sense Expansion” power in the Bronze Sword +999, so my field of vision was good.

While carrying Aisha in my hands, I ran into the night forest.

Easy Going Adventure and +999 Bronze Sword

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  1. “Uuu, that’s because uncle’s carriage is most calming and I didn’t have much sleep lately. Sorry Aisha-chan, did you get bored?”

    I’m pretty sure the actual translation is more along the lines of this, at least, in the WN.

    “Err.., Oji-san’s coach was the cheapest one, so I had to get up earlier than usual. I’m sorry, Aisha-chan, you were bored right?”


    Other than that, great translation! I really enjoy the minor world building that the author inserts into each chapter.

  2. Looks like author trully made a reason for why the priest tried to get the orphanage with a so powerful force. And looks like the kids there were not quite kind just like i thought.

    If FL could defend against the memory change of the +999 sword with just a minor trinket, does that mean in the future we will also get more people like her, not influenced by the sword ???

    1. You won’t find out the reason why the enemy is trying to capture Aisha-chan until a dozen chapters or so later. Until then, we’ll be going through more slice of life adventures, more delicious food being eaten, and meeting new people.

      You’ll found out next chapter. If you want to read my translation of the next chapter, you can go to Aya’s discord channel.

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