How to Walk at The Ending Different World

Different World Ending


How to Walk  at The Ending Different World
– Former Superpower Girl OL (26) Burn The World Tree in Different World with Saint of Ruin (13) –

Author: 蛙田あめこ
Narou :
Translator: AYA


Haimura Yuragi stood there.


She stood at the cliff called the end of the world.


The robe covering her body fluttered as the wind blow.

Her waist-long black hair played by the wind, stretched out from her  slender and well-proportioned body. Reflecting beyond her reddish brown eyes, there was a heaven stabbing giant tree — The World Tree Yggdrasil.

The sacred power called mana that The World Tree released to the world and its branches that pierce the silver cloud are said to support the world.



That just story of the past.


This World Tree is just a wooden figure.

This World Tree is just empty shell.

This World Tree is withering.


The World Tree Yggdrasil is withering.

That information came out about ten years ago at the moment when a girl, the next generation of the Princess Maiden of World Tree was born.


“— Yuragi”



A very young girl was standing beside Yuragi.

Her luxury dress didn’t fit with her thin limbs. A long cane decorated with jewels in her hand, and —a crown of roses.

She was the Princess Maiden of World Tree — A girl called [The Saint of Ruin] as evil omen symbol of withering World Tree. Lemia, the girl with braided silver hair, her appearance was much more adult — or more mature — than her age.


“Yuragi, that’s… won’t you reconsider it one more time?”

“Consider what?”



Yuragi showed fearless wide smile on her face.

The goal of their journey was the base of The World Tree Yggdrasil.


“… reviving Yggdrasil. No matter how many time. Yeah, it remains in the legend. That’s my role, the one who chosen as [The Saint of Ruin].”


Lemia said it in single breath.

[The Saint of Ruin]. Its existence has been told since ancient time. And then, when they pray on the base of withering World Tree, The World Tree will once again spread its mysterious power through the world… and so on.


“Role, huh.”


Yuragi was summoned from different world as [Guardian]the one who protect to guard Lemia in her [Prayer Pilgrimage] to revive the World Tree.

The mission given to [Guardian] is to escort The Maiden of World Tree and also [The Saint of Ruin] who was Lemia to the base of The World Tree.


It was long, long journey.

Climbing mountains, crossing rivers, while listening to the world’s destruction they keep walking toward their goal, the base of The World Three which is far far away.

And that journey, will end soon.


The World Tree that can be seen beyond the wilderness can be reached within two days of walking.


Yuragi didn’t have any will to move her feet even one step.


“— it’s fine right? That thing. Just burn it.”


Lemia could only made small sigh when she heard that words.


*    *    *


Superpower being.

People with super power ability suddenly appear in modern Japan between 90’s and 00’s and lionised as the star of the era.

Haimura Yuragi also became one of the superpower being. It was on the morning when she turn 13 years old.

Her superpower ability to manipulate flame had outstanding power among the other superpower being in Tokyo. Her manipulated flame will burn everything into nothing and there was no one who didn’t know her [Yuragi of Miracle Ash] title. Yuragi was certainly genius. The chosen one. If there were Gods in the heaven, then the girl named Haimura Yuragi must be their favourite… no one doubt it and believe so. — even Haimura Yuragi herself.



The flow of time and disorderly crowdsilent majority are cruel.


When the bill for Superpower Being Special Protection Act passed, people with superpower became subject of probation in a blink of an eye.

Even though they can manipulate great power, they just person, they just boys and girls.


They forced to take medicine to suppress their superpower. And when their flame, water, thunder, telekinesis, and instant movement were sealed away, the only thing waiting for them is reality.


Reality means, exams, future course, living, getting job, marriage, child rearing, and above all, discrimination.


As one of superpower being all of them affecting every aspect of Yuragi’s live event. Working for black company. No saving, no breaks, no hope.




When a former genius girl Yuragi (26) who was fell because over work and overwhelmed by reality open her eyes, — she was in different world.


The one who summon Yuragi was the girl named Lemia.

As Princess Maiden of The World Tree, she was shelfishly worshipped.

As The Saint of Ruin, she was selfishly became object of hatred.


Even so, she was a girl who will stand up no matter how pathetic it is to do what she need to do.

What Lemia need to do is a harsh journey.


‘You are my [Guardian] right? You very… beautiful womanperson, that’s surprised me.’


The girl who looked at her with icy expression said that monotonously. And to those straight, beautiful eyes — Yuragi fell in love.


*    *    *


As soon as the effect of government-supplied inhibitors were exhausted, her Miracle Ash superpower immediately return.

She was invincible. Mana that fill the world… the driving force of this world’s magic is being lost. The activation of Yuragi’s superpower have completely different principle with this world’s magic that use mana, that made her had unbeatable power.


—that’s why.

That’s why she can.


She can burn The World Tree that soaring on the horizon into ash.





Yuragi knew.

As [Priest of Ruin], Lemia was dedicated prayer for World Tree. She was said to pray to revive World Tree, in exchange of her life.


Thirteen years since Lemia born as Princess Maiden of World Tree.

It was 13 years for die, for the world’s sake, for the world tree’s sake. She was prepared to die better for 13 years.


“Lemia-chan, I love you.”


Even so, Lemia can’t give any answer.


“Yuragi… well, I, about you…”


Lemia thin finger grasped Yuragi’s hand which was hidden inside her robe. That hand was discolored into reddish black.


Lemia who should had more unreasonable circumstance than anyone else, trusted Yuragi who was wore out of reality and completely rebellious since the first day they met.

She believed in Yuragi’s superpower.

Because her powerful power, her skin discolored and she was crying, said she loved her skin.

At a certain night, Yuragi speak about her life, her regret and her grudge against the world, and when Lemia accept all of them, she got hugged.


Yuragi thought protecting a girl who was much younger than herself was something purer than anything in the world.


That’s why.

That’s why Yuragi decided.


To destroy this world.

To turn everything in this word into enemies.

With her Miracle Ash superpower — she will absolutely burn The World Tree.


Lemia slowly closed her eyes.

It was Lemia responsibility to throw away her body to revive World Tree as [Saint of Ruin]. Even if that role is not something she chose by her will.


Because it was a matter of course.

You can’t love anything. You can’t be loved by anything. Because love is impurity for prayer, it will hindrance revival of World Tree — that was the first thing Lemia ever learn.


The flower she paid attention was pulled out.

The puppy she picked up was crushed.

The only caretaker who smiled to her… may be, she was killed.


That’s why she had to live without caring anything.

But even so… she can’t take off her eyes from exhausted woman who came out from the summoning magic circle. That woman, even though she was filled with grief and resignation, deep in her eyes, something still keep burning. And to those eyes… to Yuragi, Lemia fell in love.


For her [Prayer Pilgrimage], Lemia gave up everything one by one, because it was journey to the death.

However, there was Yuragi, someone who protect beside her.

Even though Lemia abandoning everything, she can’t abandon her.

She who went to [Prayer Pilgrimage], she who can’t love anything, she who can’t be loved by anything, she was smiling to herself.


She thought that she want to live.


“Yuragi. I… love you”


Lemia’s violet eyes were shaking.

It shouldn’t be like this.

She never thought it would be like this.


“— finally you say it.”


Yuragi smiled.


On the horizon far away, The World Tree became blurred.


Lemia grasp Yuragi’s hand.

And Yuragi’s hand grasped back Lemia’s hand.


It’s warm, Lemia thought so.


“… come conflagration.”


Yuragi murmured while pointing toward The World Tree.


As if responding to the words.

Yuragi’s hair fired up.

Her reddish brown eyes dyed with scarlet flame color.


Lemia tightly hug Yuragi’s body.

Even though her body was thin and unreliable, she still want to support Yuragi.


During the journey, she heard Yuragi’s [Invocation Phrase]Trigger multiple times.

Small but clear, she recite it with Yurgai.

““—burn to nothing.””


With that word.

The World Tree in far far away.

The principle that support the word which waiting for the arrival of sacrificed girl — burn up.


*    *    *


While looking at the burning World Tree as if it was shining through the world, [The Saint of Ruin] and her [Guardian] keep standing on the cliff in the wilderness.


“It’s burning.”


[The Saint of Ruin] who didn’t completely fulfil her role muttered softly.

And the [Guardian] with superpower hugged The Saint’s shoulder.



“What is it, Yuragi?”


The two of leem looking for words as they whispering to each other.


“…It’s pretty right?”


Yuragi said that while the giant tre’s scorching fire shone to the heaven.


“You right.”


Lemia give an answer.


Let’s run away as far as possible.

Lemia give a small nod to Yunagi’s words.


Most likely there was big uproar in the world right now.

Because the world tree that supposed to be revived with the pray of maiden was burning

— when she thought like that, it was a little amusing.




A girl who was no longer saint of ruin put her lips over the lips of the woman who was no longer guardian.


“!! Lemia-cha…?!!”

Feeling a soft touch, the woman gasp.

Finger and finger entangled.

The shadow created by the burning World Tree, the breath, and the body overlapped and become one.


— If they use this flame to illuminate their way, they would be able to conquer to the end of the world, that was what the two of them thought.


—- How to walk at the ending different world —-



Different World Ending

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