Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 006

Hungry Saint

006 Nourishing

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Th-This is……!”

“Wow, I broke it, I’m sorry!”

“No, you don’t have to worry about that, but this is still…”


Abigail is thinking about something with a difficult face.


This is the worst.

To destroy Abigail’s tool after being treated with such a delicious meal, maybe she will sell me as a slave after this…? Her face is scary.



“Hey, Emilia”

“Huh, hey!”

“You may be a talented person”

“Talented !?”

“Oh, there is no doubt that you have strong magical power. If the magical power measuring tool I made runs out of capacity, a full-scale inspection is required.”

“I, inspection?”

“Emilia, are you in a hurry?”

“Hurry… not really.”


If anything, there was no destination.

For the time being,  she just aimed for a nearby town because she was kicked out from the monastery.


“I see”


Abigail nodded.


I wonder what will happen from now on.


“I have a hypothesis. One of my research themes is the relationship between physical growth and magical power.”

“Research huh… it sounds amazing”

“Not really. Simply put, the theory is that ‘nutrition and rest increase magical power’.”



What Abigail said was something like this.

Perhaps Emilia has a huge amount of magical vessels. The size of the magical vessel varies from person to person. It is said that a healthy body is necessary for the magical vessel to work normally.


It seems that Emilia’s magical vessel is too big, and there is a possibility that she needs much more nutrition and sleep than humans to satisfy it.


“In fact, your nutrition and health are too bad! Your silver hair is dry and the complexion is bad.”

“Is that so …?”

“In other words, there are two reasons why your growth seems to be bad: a poor living environment and a huge magical vessel.”

“Po, poor…!”


Emilia, who knows nothing but the life of a monastery, is surprised by the word “poor.”

Perhaps it was “poor” because it was decided to eat only dried bread, sleep up to 4 hours, and everything had to be done quickly?


“–Anyway, Emilia. I want to ask you for cooperation.”

“Co, cooperation”

“Oh, let me improve your life!”


Abigail says that by doing so, he wants to be able to measure Emilia’s original magical power.


“I would like to use it as a reference for my research. I will be staying at my house for a while.”

“Well, if it helps!”

“Thank you. Let’s stay at this inn today. Is it okay to share a room?”

“Yes, it’s fine”


It seems the inn part of the “Flying Frog” inn is located in a different building from the dining room.

When they went outside, Emilia found a tree.

It’s a fine tree to look up at, but it doesn’t even have one leaf. Apparently, it has withered.


“Well, it hasn’t died suddenly recently. It was a good amber peach tree.”

“It was a peach tree…”

“If there is a saint of Tenka religion, I’d like you to revive this tree.”

“Well, Owner. It’s a tree that has died so far. It will be difficult to revive it.”

“That’s right. Maybe it’s impossible like what Abigail said so …”

“Umm, maybe I can’t do it, but can I try it… ei!”


Emilia touches the trunk of the tree with a prayer for resuscitation.

At that moment, the trunk returned to freshness, the leaves were lush, and the peach fruits were sprouting. There is a sweet scent around.


“This is amazing!”

“A tree that was so completely dead so far, become like this in an instant !?”

“Wow … I’ve never had a successful resuscitation prayer!”


Emilia feels a little proud to see the happy and surprised faces of the shopkeeper and Abigail.

It went well and she was glad that you were pleased.


“This is… after all, a nutritious diet is effective in increasing magical power…!”


Emilia also agreed with Abigail’s words.


No matter how you think about it, it’s because of the rice that she just ate.

She’s full, happy, and feels like full of power.


Hungry Saint

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