Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 007

Hungry Saint

007 Let’s Start a Good Life

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Thanks to Emilia, accommodation and meals have become free …!”


The owner of the “Flying Frog” dining room and inn alongside the road was overjoyed because the withered amber peach tree was revived by Emmila’s prayer.

As a result, he insisted that Emilia’s meals and tonight’s accommodation were free.


It is one of the double rooms where we stay now.

Take a shower and change into pajamas with the inn’s name embroidered on it.

Emilia jumped on the bed.


“Wow, it’s amazing! It’s fluffy … it’s fluffy!”

“No, it’s just a cheap bed, right?”

“Eh? A bed is a wooden board with an old blanket on it, isn’t it?”

“No, wait! What kind of poor bed have you been sleeping before!?”


Abigail makes her eyes round, while Emilia tilts her head with “eh?”.


“Is that poor?”

“Well… yeah…”

“I didn’t know …!”

“It’s a poor diet, a miserable bed, and an inhuman environment !?”

“In, inhuman…!”


By the way, warm water has never come out of the shower at the Serenade Convent.

The body is cleansed with cold water even in the middle of winter.

Upon hearing that, Abigail sighed big and big.


“Really… treating future ‘Saint’ candidates like that …”

“Everything is cost reduction.”

“… Hey, I’ve been worried about it since a while ago. Why is Emilia so nonchalantly like that?”



Emilia is surprised because Abigail looks a little angry.


“Being forced to live such a terrible life and expelled despite knowing nothing about the outside world… don’t you hate the Teka religion?”

“Well, I never thought about that.”

“… Emilia. You should take good care of yourself a little.”

“Take care of,  yourself”


She involuntarily nodded to Abigail’s serious expression.

The teachings of Tenka religion and the rules of the monastery are the most.

It is natural for “Saint Apprentice” to follow it.

Emilia thought so, though she was confused by Abigail’s words, she was a little happy.


“Well, rest assured. Emilia, you’re now under this great witch Abigail. I definitely will keep you healthy and study your mighty magical power!”

“Ha… hah …”

“What?  Do you want to say something?”

“Ah … if I eat a lot and sleep well, can I be like Abigail?”

“Like me?”

“Abigail, she has a very good style, her breasts are big, her legs are long and she is cool …!”


The slender Abigail, which looks mature, is really cool!

Wondering if she will be able to look like her someday.


“Na!? You won’t get anything by praising me Emilia…!”

“Wow, I’m sorry. It’s my honest opinion!”

“Well, Emilia’s poor growth is almost certainly due to her poor life.”

“Then, if you eat a lot and sleep a lot, I can be as cool as Abigail-san !?”

“Not immediately, but possible”



Emilia decided.

Let’s keep up with this person.

“Now you look too thin and pale but it seems you look good before.”

“You won’t get anything by praising me!”

“By the way, is it the first time to go out of the monastery?”

“Yeah … right … Munya …”

“If so, I will support Emilia until she can live alone while living a healthy life. That’s why it’s a win-win.”


“If you decide to do so, a healthy life starts with a good night’s sleep. Go to bed right away…”

“Suuya… Suuya…”

“…already sleeping”



Emilia was very good at falling asleep.


Or rather, she was always hungry and always sleepy. Even during prayer time, when she closes her eyes she will fall asleep even when standing.

Permanent hunger, perpetual sleep shortage.

If you were full and lay down on the fluffy bed for the first time in your life, it would be strange to not fall asleep immediately.

This situation is caused by Emilia’s “nonstandard magical vessel” as Abigail speculates.

Emilia herself has not yet noticed the actual situation.


Hungry Saint

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