Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 022

Hungry Saint

022 Great Harvest

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

When Emilia was taking a walk near the field one morning, Abigail was looking at the field with a difficult face.

“Hmm, what does this mean?”
“What happened, Abigail-san?”
“No… the field looks strange …”
“The field?”

Perhaps the pests have ruined the crop?

“Are they dying?”
“The opposite. It’s lush.”

When Emilia looked at the field, it was lush. No, let’s say it accurately.  The vegetables are insanely growing. Furthermore, it was,

“…I don’t know what it is, but the crops are so impossibly huge.”
“Wow !? Tomatoes are the size of a face !?”
“Ah… corn is growing in an impossible amount.”
“Wow, it’s so fresh!”
“What if Emilia’s magical power overflows and affects the fields …?”

Aside from Abigail who twists her neck, Emilia’s eyes shine on the fields that are full of crops. Even at the Serenade monastery, field work was done as one of the “training”. By the way, Emilia was also forced to carry the smelly fertilizer there.

“Freshly picked vegetables are delicious! Like potatoes!”
“…Emilia, do you like potatoes?”
“Ehehe …”

It’s delicious, potatoes.

“…. Let’s plant next.”
“But what should I do with this large amount of vegetables …?”

It was too much for two people to eat.

“Oh, how about selling in the city?”
“I see”
“When I go to the guild in Merrill, I sell it at the bazaar. I often go to the city as a guild adventurer, I’ll bring it at that time!”
“That’s right, will we be able to accept orders for quests other than beginners soon?”

Emilia undertakes several quests for beginner adventurers in Hakuba Badge, and is doing sober quests such as herbal gathering. Soon, the beginner’s period will be over and she will be able to receive quests as a general adventurer.

“Hmm … maybe not bad for funding.”
“Let’s have the sausage baguette grandmother teach us a lot!”
“It’s a good idea. Then, we have to operate the harvester at full capacity. Let’s borrow Emilia’s magical power.”

It turned out that Abigail’s special “magic tool” that moves with magical power is unlimited to use and move thanks to Emilia’s inexhaustible magical power. Harvesting is easy.

“Today is boiled corn!”
“I like corn soup”
“Wow, it’s delicious!”
“…you haven’t eaten it yet right?”

By the way, this vegetable,
Because it was nurtured by Emilia’s pure magical power, it’s very good for the body and ridiculously delicious.

Naturally, it will be a featured product that sells like a fly at the bazaar in Merrill City.

Hungry Saint

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