Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 021

Hungry Saint

021 “Helping people”

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

After enjoying the tongue stew, leave the dishwashing to the fully automatic dishwasher and go out to the field.

Abigail was planning to do maintenance on the fully automatic watering machine “Sprinkler” in the afternoon. Emilia, who was also free, followed her.

“Yeah, maintenance is okay for a while. It’s going well.”

“It’s amazing … If this is in the monastery, I could have more time to sleep and pray. Abigail-san is amazing!”

“…I was researching these magical tools in the Court Mage Division. My colleagues were all crap, who only thought about destructive weapons and defensive walls.”

“Yeah! This is all amazing inventions! It would be very convenient if these tools spread out.”

“… That’s right.”

Abigail sighs in front of the automatic watering machine “Sprinkler”, watching the small rainbows that hang around.

“It would be nice in a place full of magic and manna like this forest … but there are many things that don’t work well in the city.”


Manna is an energy that overflows in the natural world.
It originates from the world tree that grows at the [end of the world], but it has been decreasing in recent years.
That’s why the “Saints” of Tenka religion, who can share the magical power in their own body with others, are touted.

“The amount of magical power consumed is large. If we proceed with further research, we can reduce the amount of magical power consumed and reduce the size of the tools, but … there is not enough money.”


“Ah. Research requires a huge amount of money. All you need is money. That’s right … For example, if you can expand your fields and herb gardens and do business extensively, the story will change again. The current scale is the limit when it comes to cultivation using my own magical power and magical tools that can be moved with the mana of this land. ”

“… Mu”

“… I’m sorry to tell you a difficult story.”

Abigail really coughed.
The serious story may have been embarrassing.

“Oh no … I’m sorry. I’m a little happy!”

“Are you happy?”

“Yes. I thought Abigail was a little scary, but … like me, I want to help people.”


“There weren’t many people in the ” Flying Frog” which Abigail-san usually visits because the location wasn’t very good, and she made a special tool for the grandmother of a sausage baguette shop… and I asked Nadia. When the city of Merrill’s finances were tilted and it was rumored to sell the orphanage, Abigail-san came out of nowhere and made that big magic measuring device and invited a strong adventurer. ”

“She… said something extra”

“Abigail-san is very kind! It’s very great!”


“I’m looking forward to working in the guild too! I want to help a lot of people!”

“Well, yeah … maybe it’s about time the quest request arrives …”

Abigail turned away from Emilia’s fastball compliment.


The field is lush.


―― Emilia eats and sleeps well and steadily increases her magical power in her body.

Abigail does not know yet that an “incident” is about to occur in her life, or rather in this field thanks to Emilia.

Hungry Saint

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