Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 18

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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Chapter 18.

Translated by Yuriko Aya [aya.sanusi.id]
Edited by FrozenInk

“Everyone be careful.”

Morning homeroom.

Lotte-sensei stood up on platform said that with an unusually serious face.

“Recently the cases of missing magicians or someone equal has increased. Since entering this semester there have been 11 students missing from this school.”

“Is search being done?”

Janet asked.

“Of course. Royal guards and professional magicians are desperately searching for them. But they are unable to find any clues… at any rate, do not walk alone at the night. And do not approach any suspicious person. You understand?”

Everyone in class give huge nod.

And everyone sight gathered on Ferris.

“Be careful Ferris-chan!” “Absolutely don’t get abducted!” “If that happened, I’ll pick you up” “Really be careful Ferris-chan!” “Even if someone gives you candy, don’t follow them!”

“Heee… why is everyone telling  only me!!?”

Ferris’ eyes became black and white.[1]

“Maybe because you are careless and seems easier to abduct…”

Saying that, Alicia hugged Ferris as if she want to abduct her. Ferris was already being treated as a mascot by everyone in class.



Janet walk quickly when she come back to dormity.

She was to adsorbed in magic training and late to realize it was already evening.

But, since the sun hasn’t set yet, the dormitory is just right there, then it’s fine right? Thinking like that, Janet took a shortcut.

Because it was narrow gap between tall building, the visibility is bad, but it reduces the time it take to get there by half. This route is usually used by students who look like they will be late.

Janet walked while pinching her nose, and laughing.

“First of all, the child who was kidnapped was too careless and let their guard down. If you properly guard yourself every time, you can fight back with magic! I would never be kidnapped!”

Right at the moment after she declaring that, she was wrapped in a big bag that fell from the sky. Her field of vision gone after the bag tightened.


The next morning, when Ferris went to the cafeteria while rubbing her sleepy eyes, the dormitory students were strangely noisy.

“What happened I wonder…”

Since Alicia was worried, she tried to look at her surrounding. Because Lotten-sensei said such thing yesterday, she had bad feeling.

Ferris speak to a dormitory student close to her.

“Un, did something happen?”

The dormitory student come closer to Ferris and whispered.

“Last night, a student didn’t return to the dormitory. On the roll-call before light-off, she wasn’t present,  the search couldn’t find her either…”

“Eh!? Who, who is she?”

“That, it seems to be the daughter of the Reinzurich family… the girls named Janet.”

““Janet-san is!?””

The two voices of Alicia and Ferris raised all together.

Ferris felt like her heart was frozen.

Although she was warned about missing incident, she would have never thought that someone close to her would be involved. With the truth of the incident drawing near, an unpleasant heartbeat began to act violently.

Ferris tightly grasped Alicia’s sleeve with frantic.

“Wha, wha wha wha wha what should we do? Alicia-san, what should we do!?”

“Even though you said that, we have no choice except to leave it to professional magician…”

Alicia also turned pale.

“But, but…”

“If things had gone bad, Ferris  could also become a victim and won’t comeback. Let’s believe in the adults who are working hard.”

“Uuu… that’s right but…”

Ferris hung her head.

Alicia understand the truth of Alicia’s words.

However, knowing that Janet who normally has many connection in pinch, Ferris was not adult enough to stay still.

Ferris didn’t hate Janet even though she was likely being avoided by Janet. Rather she wants to be her friend. That’s why she didn’t want to have a farewell like this.

After finished her breakfast, Ferris secretly slipped out from cafeteria without telling Alicia.

Running until courtyard and take rest in place where no one can see her.

Inside a magic book which Ferris studied from library, there is magic to looking for missing thing written. If I used that then maybe… with a ray of hope, she recited the aria.

“Oh light of wisdom, sacred light of vira. Lead me, to the place of the missing thing… resign!”

From Ferris palm of hand something like fur ball which glowing red emerged. If this was perfectly done, this glowing ball should lead her to the place of missing things.

However, that furball was quickly fell, scattered and vanished.

“After all… is it impossible to use magic for search missing thing to be used to search human…?”

Ferris drops her shoulder.

At that time she heard voice out of nowhere.

“My Queen. For You, You don’t need to use fixed aria. Please just give an order to magic source.”

“Huee!? Who-who are you!? Where are you?!”

“I am your servant. I talk to you from a different world which is far far away from your location. You have rejected me, but at least please allow me to give support like this.”

“Re-rejection…? From me…?”

Ferris remember nothing.

However she thought that if she had done anything wrong, she should apologize.

“Ano… I, I’m sorry.”

“No no, there is no need to apologize to a servant. Anyway, My Queen only needs to give a command. Magic source will will do as you wish.”

“Errr, then… 「Magic source-san! Please find Janet-san!」”

Right after she shouted, the red glowing fur ball was reemerged in the air and flew somewhere with terrible power.

“Wa wa!? Wa-wait please…!!”

Ferris hurried to ran after the furball.

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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