The Adventure of Miko 37 – New Slave Contract

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 37.
New Slave Contract

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Karua returned to the room after guessing that the talks already finished.

“Now then, it seems the talks already finished, how about it Miko-sama?”

“I made my choice. I’ll buy two of them. You show them to me with that intention right?”

“Oh, you know that? You’re really.”

““An enigma person.””

The two of them make small smile with their overlapped words.

“Then, I’ll hand over the contract. You, servant who abided to me, from now on, this one is your new master, I order you to support this one with your life… okay, finished. With this Shulyn and Alisa has become Miko-sama’s slave. Please take care of them.”

After said that, Karua left the room.

“Ok then, my best regards from now on. Once again, I’m Shitagai Miko. Rank F explorer, aiming to capture towers.”

“I’m Yuuna. Half dhampir and succubus, the race is dhampir. Like master, I also rank F explorer.”

“I’, Alisa of white wolf clan. Thank you for purchasing me this time. I’m looking forward to climb the towers.”

“I’m half elf Shulyn. You have my thanks for buying me. Please treat me kindly from now on.”

“Oh right, you two, show me your status. I’ll use that for reference since we will buy armor and weapon after this.”

Two of them showed their status after Miko said that.


NAME: Alisa
LV: 13
AT: 67
DF: 58
MA: 45
MD: 44
SP: 78
IN: 69
HP: 180/180
MP: 120/120


Longbow 8/15
Dagger 4/15
Cooking 2/20
Woodcraft 10/30


NAME: Shulyn
LV: 12
AT: 59
DF: 44
MA: 88
MD: 79

SP: 66
IN: 39
HP: 135/135
MP: 169/169


Restoration Magic 9/15
Spirit Magic 2/30
Cooking 4/20
Element 2/50


“Hee~ you have splendid statues there. If like this, then it wouldn’t be problem in I take you to the tower. How do you think, Yuuna-chan?”

“You right. I think they are ready as fighting force. However, we already spend most of yesterday’s fund. And we don’t have any saving.”

“Then, let’s get going. I also feel bad for Karua-san if we take too long here.”

Miko left “Slave” with Yuuna, Alisa, and Shulyn and return to inn for once.

“Sokra-san. Is there any quadruple room available? If can, I’d like to be in the same room with everyone.”

“Yeah, there’s room available. The price is 500 luks. How long you are going to stay?”

“Then, for 10 days please.”

After giving Sokra 50 silver coins, Miko receive key with number 38 on it. When she entered the room, there were two double bed, and the room itself was twice as large as previous room.

“It’s quite large. We could use this for a lot of things. Well, everyone, let’s go for shopping. Get everything ready.”

After prepared everything that they need for shopping, four of them left the inn.

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The Adventure of Miko

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