The Adventure of Miko 36 – Miko’s Purpose

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 36
Miko’s Purpose

Translated by Yuriko Aya

When Yuuna made her preface, Alisa and Shulyn made a serious face.

“First, it seems master’s purpose is to live in this world safely.  And so she became explorer in this town. However, master wants to capture the towers. If the towers were left alone, that will create calamity in this world. Honestly, I still half doubt it. But if that is master’s purpose who had saved me, I will support her. How about you two?”

“You right, if I will be bought, then I won’t hesitate to follow but, why you so trust her?”

Asked by Alisa, Yuuna showed her eyes and status.

“I was sold by this [Slave] with only 50 silver coins. The reason is my race and skill. I’m half dhampir and succubus, the race is dhampir but, there is Life Sucking skill on me. And yet,, master didn’t disgust me, she even let me suck her blood and let me take bath together with her. She is the one who give me happiness.”

Yuuna talked with delighted expression. In this world common sense, Miko’s behavior towards Yuuna was considered as strange thing.

“Hee~, Master who let dhampir to suck her blood huh? That surely eccentric. But for me, that’s a good master. But if I suddenly being told that if the towers were left alone then it will create calamity is somehow hard to believe.”

“Right, I also treated as unwanted child even in white wolf race. That’s why, if there is such master, then I think I will gladly devote my body. But, to capture the towers, what an astounding purpose…”

“Well, you’re right. I think that’s right reaction. The, master, how long you will be like that? You already fine right? Master alo explain please.”

Miko slowly stand up and approached the three after Yuuna turned around and talk to Miko.

“Good grief, you really can’t treat your master well. Well’ that’s fine. What Yuuna-chan said isn’t wrong. My purpose is to stop towers growth and capture them. If the tower is left alone, their layer will increase and the monsters which appear at new layer are random. Furthermore, the monster will overflowed from tower to its surrounding. For example if dragon class monsters are appeared, then dragon class monster will overflow to its surrounding. That’s why I will capture the towers to stop such phenomenon. I also don’t understand how can we stop the towers’ growth. However, I can’t do nothing. That’s my purpose. How is it, will you come with me?”

Miko shrugged her shoulder. She herself understand what she had said is something crazy. But she glad that Yuuna will come with her.

“I see, so like that huh. certainly, that’s incredible thing however, if that true, I don’t know I I could keep up with that feat, however, I think I will support you. If you want to capture every towers, then it means we must go around the world,  that seems fun.”

“I also thinking about giving support. It was unbelievable but, if the power of me who avoided by this world resident could support you, that would be the happiest thing for me.”

“Then, I will buy you two. Thanks, and please help me from now on.”

Miko stretched out her hand to Alisa and Shulyn and the two of them take it with smile.

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The Adventure of Miko

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