Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 20

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

Chapter 20
A Little Unusual

Translated by AYA Translation [aya.sanusi.id]
Unedited Version

“Everyone, this time we will have expedition training! We hope you firmly prepare yourself since we will test what you have learn about magic so far.”

The students became noisy when Lotte-sensei gave announcement at morning homeroom.

“Finally… the time has come.” “Kyaa~! What kind of clothes should I wear?” “Leave the total coordination to me.” “I, in this expedition, will confess my love.”

Everyone agitated.

“Expedition…? What is that? Are we going to war?”

Ferris who just transferred didn’t know the situation, so she asked Alicia with small voice.

“It’s not war. We bring some luggage to forest and catch determined prey.” Alicia answered with smile.

“Are you saying it’s a picnic!?”

Ferris widened her eyes.

“Yeah, maybe something similar.”

“Waai, I always wanted to go picnic since I read it on the books!”

So, the voice of Lotte-sensei could be heard from the podium.

“Hei, there! Don’t say such irresponsible and carefree like that. You need to bring down monsters, and before you can actually do that you need to camping for several days.”

“I’m good at sleeping outdoor desu!”

“Ferris-chan…” “Ferris…”

To Ferris’ innocent words, everyone in class shedding their tears. Only Lotte-sensei made bitter smile.

“At any rate, this expedition training already held before, and it’s good for you when you join army or become adventurer later. Because it’s dangerous training, solo action is prohibited. Until the training day come, talk everything you need with your teammate.”

After distributed expedition training guidebook, Lotte-sensei ended that morning homeroom.

Break time

Ferris rushed to Janet who was putting away her book from table.

“Janet-san! Good morning!”

“Ferris? Wha-wha-wha-what is it? To suddenly call this high noble me is ru-ru-ru-rude you know!?”

Janet voice was trembled.

Her heart pounding since it was the first time for Ferris to greet her. And because she accidentally use badmouth, she immediately regret it.

“Wa-wait, Janet-san!? Why you suddenly hitting your head?”

“Because I am an idiot! Take this! Take this! This mouth too need to be ripped up!!”

“No, your mouth will be torn off. Your blood will come out.”

There were Janet who tried to tear off her own lips and Ferris who desperately tried to stop that.

Janet stood up because she afraid to say more bad things if they stay like this.

“To-today I will let you to do this much! I have something to do after this!”

“Please wait!”

Ferris jump to Janet who tried to leave in hurry and clinging to her waist.

(Kya!? Ferris is! Ferris is! She is so daring!!)

Janet’s heart was frozen. Can not move any more.

“Wha-wha-wha-what-what’s with you…….?”

“Please don’t go! Because we finally become friend, there are a lot of thing I want to talk with you!”


“Um, er… after all, you hate me right…?”

Ferris looked up with teary eyes and trembled like a puppy.

There’s no way Janet could resist such Ferris.

“Of course I like you.”

Janet who spontaneously answered in loud voice finally realized that everyone’s gaze were gathered on her.

“She said like…” “That Rainzurich-san is confessing…” “This is scoop.” “So Rainzurich-san have such character huh…”

Classmate’s murmur made Janet’s face  so red like almost emitting fire.

“I’m so glad…. You really like me right!?”

“Eee… yeah, I like you….”

It was like shame play already.

“Then, will you eat your lunch together with me…?”

“Eh… eh…?”

To Ferris request, Janet couldn’t give answer except nodding with bright red face.

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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