The Adventure of Miko 46 – 4 People Bath 2

The Adventure of Miko

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Chapter 46
4 People Bath 2

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Heard Miko’s remark, the three of tem stiffened. And after a while, Yuuna was,

“…. Master, did you learn anything from yesterday?”

“That, you know Yuuna-chan. About yesterday, it’s not I didn’t like it. Such thing is somehow it was fun.”

Yuuna could only hold her head with her hand hearing Miko’s reply.

(This master, something must be done quickly.)

“And so, this time let’s start with Shulyn. Sit here and bring your hand to front.”

Shulyn brought her hand front as she was told to. Miko took new soap and started to wash Shulyn with her bare hand. Starting from hands, arms, shoulder and nape. Miko wash them carefully. And when she finished washing Shulyn under-arm,

“Thank you very much, Master. I will wash it myself for the rest.”

“What are you saying!? The fun is from now on. I’m really looking forward to wash your breast you know!”

With new soap in her hand, Miko started to wash Shulyn breast.

“Wha, Master. That place is no good.”

Although Shulyn resist, power different between her and Miko was too huge so she can’t win and can’t escape.

“Ah~ so soft. And also amazing elasticity. It’s going to be a habit..”

Miko while her hands covered with foam keep rubbing Shulyn’s breast. Furthermore, one of her hand starting stretch toward to lower half of Shulyn’s body.

“Ah, please, master, please forgive me.”

Finally, Shulyn was not in the place where she could hold on any longer.

“Then, Master? It seems you really having fun, but isn’t now the time you should stop?”

Miko turned her head, there was Yuuna and Alisa in daunting pose with soap in their hands.

“…Er…, Yuuna-chan, Alisa-chan, what’s wrong? What you’re gonna do with that soaps?”

“Ehe, of course it something obvious right? From now, we will wash Master’s body. It seems Master finished washing Shulyn body, so it’s fine right? Alisa-chan, let’s go. ”

Without waiting for reply, Yuuna and Alisa start to wash Miko’s body. Hands, nape, breast, hips, shoulder. Butt, feet,  and every corner of the body. Shulyn who recovered in the middle also joined. Miko was washed by three people.

~ 30 minutes later ~

There was figure of Miko with shiny body and had a firm smile on her face. Yuuna, Alisa and Shulyn who were surprised also have  smile on them.

“Hah, Master, my choice of you won’t change but please restrain yourself.”

“Ah, ha, ha, yeah. I guess it might be impossible…”

The three people could only made sigh when they heard Miko’s out of breath answer.

When they returned to their room, Miko immediately lied on the bed.

“Master, are you sleeping now?”

“Hnn~ yeah. Let’s sleep.”

After said that, Miko get up, move the room’s bed and combined into one.

“Like this we all can sleep together.”

And the she lied herself on the bed again. Seeing Miko like that, the three of them joined.

“Well then everyone, starting tomorrow we will try to capture the tower, let’s do our best and return safely.”

“““Yes, Master”””

“Yosh! To prepare for tomorrow, have a nice dream!”

“““Have a nice dream.”””

And so, the 4 people were sleeping soundly.

The Adventure of Miko

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