The Adventure of Miko 47 – Tower Rush

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 47
Tower Rush

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“Good morning master.”

In the morning, Miko who was woken up by Yuuna started to move. Alisa and Shulyn were already woke up and finished to wear their equipment. They all left the inn when Miko finished her preparation.

“Master, what we will do first?”

“First we will go to Clan to ask Aria-san about how we can go to the tower and then head to tower after that.”

On the way to the Clan, Miko brought 4 portions of  breakfast at street stall and eat while walking. Arriving at Clan Branch, they immediately headed to Aria once they found her.

“Good morning Miko-san, Yuuna-san, Alisa-san and Shulyn-san. Today you will challenge the tower right? This is the data of tower near this town.”

Aria brought out some documents, and on the top of other documents, there was document written with title Uther Major.

“… Aria-san, what is this Uther Major?”

“Ah, that’s the name of the tower. I think there is no special meaning of it. These are the clearance data of the tower up to 5th layer. Currently only 21 layers of the tower are confirmed and there are still some layers above that but not yet explored. At your current rank, you are can only explore up to 5th layer, above that is restricted so please don’t go above that.”

Aria always give an emphasis to her words. Well if you always do something in front of her eyes, of course she will worried.

“I know, this time we only enter for a test, don’t worry about it.”

Aria could only have sigh when seeing Miko’s firm answer.

“Ok. Then about Uther Major tower, from Latianus meadow you only need to head east and walk for about one hour. Please be careful.”

Aria’s sight following them as they headed to Uther Major.

~ One hour later ~

After went through Latianus meadow, four of them arrived in front of the tower. On their way they also defeated some goblins, frenzy cows and cluckers. Miko seal them inside her card. The tower seems not really high, from outside it just like 5 to 7 stories building, to have 22 more layers seems unbelievable.

“This is the child tower huh? The size is totally different from what I thought. At least it seems not having more than 7 layers right?”

“What are you saying miss, is it your first time to come to tower? The tower is crystalline of ancient magic and distorted the space. Inside the tower is much wider than how it’s look like.”

The guard who heard Miko’s question was explaining.

“Hnn, well, yeah, whatever. Everyone, are you ready?”

After giving half-sassed answer to the guard, Miko asked confirmation to the three. She didn’t care about guard who dejected behind her.

“Yes, mater, everything is ready.”

“Me too master. Certainly I’ll be helpful.”

“Here’s perfect. I can go anytime.”

The three of them reaffirm their weapon and pocket. And Miko too reaffirm her own.

“Yosh! Let’s get in the tower!”


4 people’s tower capturing is started.

The Adventure of Miko

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