Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 04

Yuri Necromancer

Since it’s written as 勇者 (Yuusha), from now on, I change hero to brave. Because 英雄 (eiyuu: hero) also used here.

The Village of Ruin


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
Raw link:
Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver


Conclusion. The village wasn’t destroyed.

All of the villagers were still alive. Neither a monster’s appearance nor the shadow of one could be seen. The cows were mooing and the sheep were eating grass. The villagers were either working on the field, doing laundry in the river, or chopping firewood. It was very peaceful.

“No way… even though it was completely ruined…”

My jaw dropped. In my first playthrough this village was annihilated. The houses were on the fire, the square had become a sea of blood, and so on. When they saw the village’s condition, the brave and his friends had gone around to examine the village. The brave, warrior, and priestess were like, “Is there anything precious?” “There is a chest that seems like it can be used by the priestess.”
“Fufufu, they really know fashion sense even though it’s rural area. Is it night equipment?” while exploring the village.

“Ruined? What do you mean Nene-sama?”

“…No, it’s nothing.”

I shook my head to answer Flan’s pondering expression.

I see, it’s ‘not yet’ destroyed. I only know about the monsters annihilating a subjugation party and a village, but I didn’t know about the attack order. We arrived here on time.

“Ooi Flan! You’re safe!”

An auntie with a good body came with a lot of bread in a big basket.

“Aunt Rashi!”

Flan ran to the auntie named Rashi with sparkling eyes.

“Welcome home. Are you hurt somewhere?”

“I’m fine. I got some wounds but Nene-sama here helped me.”

“Oh my goodness. Are you a healer-san?”

Flan looked at me.

“Err… well, something like that.”

I avoid the words. I would be troublesome if my identity as necromancer was known. For me and also for Flan who became undead.

“Thank you, thank you. This child is always doing absurd things. I was very worried when I heard she joined the subjugation party. If you like, here eat this.”

Rashi gave us bread she took from the basket. The bread was too huge! I almost can’t hold it with my two arms. Did I have to walk like this?

Ah… but the bread smelled so good. Come to think of it, last night I fell asleep without receiving food from the braves.

“Is this village your birthplace, Flan?”

“No, my birthplace and the place I was raised is further away. I was working as a mercenary around this area, and went to Obuza village on my day off. Everyone is so kind, aunt Rashi is helpful like a mother… This place is something like my second home. I’m glad aunty is safe…”

“…I see.”

I, have seen that person, rolled on the road side, dead. Rather than now, this time in the future is already the past for me.

“But there is no monster, and the village is fine. I’m really sorry to make you come here. I’m relieved now.”

“No… it’s too fast to be relieved…”


There were loud roars getting closer to the village. Blood horses, blazing cows, and double headed wolves. Herds of bloodthirsty monsters rushed with a tremor. Something like that can’t be defeated just by ordinary mercenaries. Each of them is just a C rank monster, but the number was too much.

A screaming village. The villager desperately entering their house. But I know such thing were useless. In my first play through, almost all buildings in the village were destroyed and the contents dragged out.

“…Nene-sama. I’m really sorry. Just a little, but please give me some time.”

Flan took out her sword and strongly grasped its handle.

“Are you going it alone? Even the subjugation party was annihilated you know.”

“Because here is an important place for me.”

“You won’t win.”

“That may be true.”

“I won’t resurrect you again you know?”

“I know.”

Although I said that, she didn’t seem to withdraw. She was a really amazing girl. Even I didn’t want to die twice.

“It can’t be helped. I’ll help you. It’s not for this village you know. I just don’t want to lose a convenient underling!”


“Instead, you have to properly act as vanguard. If you can hold them for 10 minutes, I will crush them all.”


The herd of monsters were roaring and getting closer.

Mowing down her sword, Flan slashed two headed wolves one by one. There was no problem in her reaction and destructive power. The resurrection magic is success.

I summon vengeful spirits and sent them to the monsters. Receiving the curse, a certain pattern appeared on the monsters’ bodies that made them suffer and die.

From the opposite side of where Flan currently acted as my vanguard, a two-headed wolf rushed towards me. I tried to use my vengeful spirit’s curse, but that wouldn’t make in time.

At that time, Flan jumped to me with lightning speed, stood between me and the two-headed wolf. A splendid sound roared when she guarded with her sword. She looked at the two-headed wolf gnawing on her sword with her cold eyes.

“…Don’t dare you touch Nene-sama!”

With a single slash, she cut off the wolf’s fangs and chin.

What was this? It’s too easy to fight! Unlike the braves, Flan properly guards me so I can concentrate to chant the spell, and she even used her body as sacrifice.

One by one, monster corpses increased and I also finished my preparations. Let’s start!

I took a cylinder container from my pocket. The content was the blood of man-eating bats. Scatter the blood on the battlefield, and start to chant the spell.

“The time has come. A time when the dead awake, a banquet of grudge. Answer my invitation, fight, and kill each other. Sald Bes Endecta!!”

The scattered blood became mist and carried the curse to the monster’s dead body, eroding them.

They got up, a group of monster’s dead bodies.

With glittering unmoving pitch-black eyes, they rushed toward their friends from when they were still alive.
The monsters defeated by the dead were twitching and then fell to the ground, but after a while they woke up as undead and attacked the living monsters. An infinite chain of slaughter. Wash blood with blood, a hell with a blood colored space.

“Ahaha! Dance, dance, danceeee!! It’s a banquet of the dead!”

I raised my both arms, fluttering the dress’ sleeves, and dancing with the dead on the battlefield. Offering kagura dance to the realm of the dead’s God Osiris to increase the curse, speed up the mutual destruction.
The dead keep increasing, even the corpses from the village came join together.

I was spinning while standing on my tiptoes. Finishing my performance, I immediately stop and clapped my hands. All of the dead bodies fell at once.

The only ones standing uninjured were Flan and I.

“A… Amazing…”

Flan opened her eyes wide.

“Are you satisfied with this?”

“Ye, Yes!”

Now then, should I immediately run away? Actually, I want to fight a bit more modestly, but the number of enemies was too big, I have no choice to use flashy necromancy magic.

With this, of course my identity as necromancer was exposed, it can’t be helped if the villagers will be afraid of me. I was already getting used to being talked about behind my back. It would be better if I leave before they throw stones at me, that also won’t make me feel any disgust.

The villagers came out from every house one by one, surrounding the area.

“You are amazing, Missy!” “You saved us!” “You are this village’s hero!” “That’s too cool!” “Onee-chan, thank you!!”

The villagers that I couldn’t save in my first playthrough, they are alive, and praising me. Could it be, I could more successfully save the world in my second playthrough? The people that the braves can’t save too, a lot of them.

… What was this? I just want to have my revenge on the braves, so I returned to two years ago but…

“Ah… umm… I’m tired! So, bye!”

Breaking off from the delighted villagers, I escaped from the village. I already got used of being insulted, but not all being appreciated. I don’t know what responses I should give for that.

Beside me, there was Flan who chased me. She looked at me with glittering eyes.

“Really, thank you very much. Nene-sama is really a wonderful person. I… will happily die if it’s for the sake of Nene-sama.”

“No, you already died!”

I must make this girl understand. That I was not a good person. If not, I felt it would be troublesome in the future.

“You know, I’ll tell you what my purpose is. I have a grudge towards the brave’s party. That’s why I went off on a journey in order to take revenge on them. Going ahead of them so I can save the world instead of them, finding success in life, and pushing them down to the lowest place. That’s my plan. And you are just being used in that scheme. OK?”

“In other words… Nene-sama is doing her best to save the world right? I’m respecting you.”

This girl, she only listened to the pure part of my talk! It’s not like that! I was moving because of a more thick and muddier grudge!

“Aah… jeez… I’m tired.”

I made a sigh and sat down on the ground.

I mean, I’m really tired. Sent my soul to two years in the past, made a ritual to revive Flan for a whole night, after that, walked with Flan to Obuza village and used huge necromancy magic. I was dead tired.
And when I whined a little, my familiar made light of me, (You’re doing your best for everyone right!? You are my Goddess! Or something like that.) I won’t say anything though.

“I will carry you then.”

Flan quickly lifted me up. Easily, with princess carry.

“Wha! What are you doing! It’s embarrassing! It’s embarrassing! Put me down!!”

“It’s fine. Because I’m Nene-sama’s horse! Use me as you like!”

Ignoring me who was struggling, Flan happily ran toward main road.

[The Brave Side]

At that time, the brave party was,

“Do you know how much you haven’t paid yet!?” “Return the money!” “I don’t care even if you are The King’s favorite or what! it’s
impossible!” “Get out!”

They ruined themselves because of uncontrolled splurging and got kicked out from the town.

For the brave’s womanizing, the warrior’s big eating, and the priestess’ shopping. With the brave’s authority it should be free though, but when the amount soared to the sky, the citizens grew impatient.

“Damn! Because of the Demon King’s fault and monsters appearing, I thought that the city would be immediately attacked and we could get a lot of easy money!”

They were on their way to Carpet City when the brave complained.

“Ara~ Aren’t you mistaken with ‘thanks to Demon King’? Because we can suck sweet nectar when there are a lot of monsters you know.”

The priestess hugged piled clothes and bags she took from the inn, stubbornly looking at the town.

“To oppose the braves, what an insolent people they are. Should I make them half dead?”

The warrior was ringing his giant arm’s joint.

The braves still didn’t know.

Their glorious destiny right now was starting to loudly crumble.

By the hand of the necromancer girl who crossed time for her revenge.

Yuri Necromancer

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