The Adventure of Claire 01 – Prologue

The Adventure of Claire

Chapter 1

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Ah, with this, my life is also comes to end.”

Overlooking the night view of city center spreading under the eyes, one girl muttered. Near her foot there were clean shoes and one sheet of paper. Then she leapt her body to the night view which spreaded under her eyes,

Houfuku Claire was brought up as daughter by Houfuku family. For generations, Houfuku family were directing many of private schools, managing several restaurant and clothing store. But one day, the administration collapsed. Houfuku family’s reputation fell to the ground. However, just something like that shouldn’t make her to face the wall. The tragedy was after that. The debt collector came almost everyday. Not only that, the employees also came in rush.

“How will we do with our life?”

“Are you saying that we should stay jobless like this and die?”

What a selfish speech. In first place, the reason of bankruptcy was because the scandal of the employees. The thing, there was picture of employee from one of restaurant that Houfuku family managed, climbed the kitchen’s table spreaded through SNS. Because of that, the operation was stopped. After that, the news that in the clothing store which managed by Houfuku family, one of female customer was taken to dressing room and got raped gave final blow. With those two news, the responsibility of Houfuku family to directing schools was questioned, all of the directors were fired.

With debt collectors and former employees came everyday, the family’s mental health was tattered. Even so, Claire still went to school. Because she didn’t want to make her family worried. However, even in school, she could heard condemning voice. She was verbally abused by the employee’s kid, and since she had nice appearance, she was raped by the boys behind the school. The teachers just pretended to not see. Continued to live like that, her spirit finally broken.

One day, she was called by her classmate. Perhaps it’s like usual, she guessed she will got abused and then raped by the boys. So, she hid small knife and came to the place where she was called. then , after she got verbally abused, she cut the neck of the boys who came closer to rape her one by one, she kill them. Since the girls who verbally abused her were unable to stand because of fear, she kill them too.

After killed everyone, she didn’t felt satisfied or felt like accomplish anything. She also didn’t felt guilty of murder. Claire directly went home at once like that. In front of the house there were debt collectors employees like usual. May be because it was already night, there were not many people but, she kill them all.

But there, she recovered herself. She realized how heavy the thing that she was done, and she couldn’t bear that weight.

Then, she came to the rooftop of the building which Houfuku managed clothing store was located.

“Ah, with this, my life also come to end. Father, Mother. Please forgive your daughter who leave earlier.”

A trickle of tears flowed on her cheek. While wiping that tears, she leapt her body to night view which spreaded under her eyes.

That day, beautiful red flower full bloomed on the sidewalk of the city center.

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The Adventure of Claire

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    1. I’ll stop Nagi for a while and focus on Claire and Miko since they are short (Claire only have 18 chapters so far). and hentai maid was deleted from narou, so I pick another series.

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