The Adventure of Miko 19 – Yuuna’s Clan registration

The Adventure of Miko

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Chapter 19
Yuuna’s Clan Registration

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Uuu, my cheek still numbing.”

“It’s because you’re bad, calling me weird.”

Yuuna walked behind Miko while rubbing her both cheek. Miko was smiling when she saw that with sidelong glance. In meantime, they arrived at Clan branch. Aria who saw Miko entering Clan branch, waving her hand and led Miko to private reception desk.

“Welcome, Miko-san. It seems you immediately buy slave huh. Congratulation. This time, what kind of business would you do?”

“Yeah. I want to register this Yuuna as explorer. Is that possible?”

“That’s fine. Well then, err, Yuuna-san. Please give this paper a drop of blood.”

As said to, when yuna give drop of blood to the presented paper, her name, age, and level emerged on the paper.

“Yes, please write status and skill in the blank space. It’s fine to not write something you don’t want to write.”

As Aria said, Yuuna write her status and skill. She write darkness skill but didn’t write about Blood Sucking and Life Sucking.

“Yeah, this is fine. Then, here is your Clan license. Please be careful to not lose it.”

Aria gave blue metal card to Yuuna.

“Yes, thank you very much. Master too, thank you very much for granting my wish.”

“There is no problem if just like this. It’s fine even if you said some more selfish things.”

While seeing Yuuna who was happy with smile, Miko could saw Aria beckoning.

“What is it Aria-san?”

“…that child, vampire right? Please be careful.”

“How did you notice?”

“Well, it’s from her eyes. That was their easy-to-understand characteristic. Not many people know about it though. Please be careful. I don’t mind about it though, but since there are some people who mid about it, it would be the best if the church not know about her. The church is exclusively against devil race or demon race.”


“Yeah, to the church demon race or devil race[1] were believed as descendant of the monster which overflowed from the tower. But the truth is they are the same as beast man or elf, they didn’t have any relation with monster.”

“Hah, they are everywhere huh. Such people with funny head.”

Miko sighed. In every world, there was such religious group with funny thought.

“It’s fine. She is mine already. If there were some people who tried to put had on or hur her, I will annihilate them.”

Miko declared while held her anger. But Aria who heard that become pale. apparently, it seemed Aria was swallowed up by Miko’s bloodlust which she unconsciously released. But that just for an instant, when Miko’s expression returned, the bloodlust also disappeared.

“Master, what are we do after this?”

Yuuna who was delighted after obtain her Clan license and didn’t hear conversation of the two finally calmed down and called Miko.

“Yeah, let’s back to inn fon once. Aria-san thank you very much. I’ll take mission from tomorrow on. Then, excuse me.”

“Then see you tomorrow. I’ll be waiting.”

When Miko took Yuuna out from the clan brach, the sun is already inclined. Upon the arrival at the “The Peace of The Wind” inn, yesterday’s girl came out.

“Welcome home Miko-san. Who is this person?”

“I’m home. Umm,”

“Ahh, to think about it, I haven’t give introduction yet. My name is Sokra Quitile. Best regards.

“Me too, Sokra-san. This girl is my party member, Yuuna-chan. Is it fine if we use the same room?”

“Tentatively, that room is for single person use. Since there is no empty double room right now, you can use that room as is.”

“Is that so? Yuuna-chan, there is no empty double room right now, is it fine to stay with me in single room?”

“There is no problem. Rather, I afraid to stay in single room alone, please let me stay with you.”

Seeing Yuuna said it with upturned teary eyes, there was only single choice for Miko.

“We will stay in the same room, Sokra-san. Is the any additional fee?”

“That’s would be save us, so there is no problem with single room price. When you prolong your stay, it’s fine with that price.”

Since Sokra said so, Miko took Yuuna and entered the room she rent.

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The Adventure of Miko

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