The Adventure of Claire 02 – Transitional Space

The Adventure of Claire

Chapter 2
Transitional Space

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The place where Claire woke up was a pure white world.

“Where is this? I should have died right?”

Clair aimlessly walk in that world for a while. However, no change happened.

“Jeez, what is this place? Is anyone there—-!!”

When Claire desperately tried to shout out loud, glowing thing approach her from the front. It gradually become the shape of person, and when it getting closer, it became a figure of woman.

“Thank you for waiting. I’m Uria, the administrator god of this transitional space. In an unfortunate life, you have decided to take your own life. I think that was a difficult decision.”

“Say, suddenly appear and criticism person’s life, can you stop do that? Even if you said like that, I can’t return no matter what.”

The words of administrator god who suddenly appeared irritate Claire. Certainly there was a cruel life, even so, being pitied by stranger make her feel angry. Because that accident made her unable to tastle normal life.

“I’m sorry. But, what do you think about now? Return to life and death circle like this, or walk through a new life?”

“What do you mean?”

“Right now, you have several choices. The first is return to life and death cycle as is and head to your next life. The second is your soul to be cleaned and live as conceptual being. The third is transfer to another world. Those three is the choices you have.”

Uria gave simple explanation. And Claire who heard that was,

“I can understand about return to life and death cycle, but become conceptual being or to transfer, can you talk more about it?”

Clair demand more information from Uria.

“Yes, first, conceptual being is a being no one can realized. They are just being there. Their existence is just like that. They don’t have any role, just exist. They are such being.”

“No, that’s just just being not exist anymore, isn’t it!? What’s the definition of existence in first place!!?”

Claire spontaneously gave retort to Uria’s blunt explanation. But the explanation didn’t finished yet.

“With no one realize them, their senses are eventually broken and naturally disappear. Since their emotion is just like human.”

“Who will choose such choice!! Don’t explain thing in devising way!”

Claire retorted in grand scale. Who will choose such choice huh.

“Another choice is to transfer to another world but, please let me explain about the transfer destination. The world where you will be transferred is called “Gramnotes”. In that world monster is rampaging and continued to have conflict against human.”

“What was that? Are you joking around?”

“No, it was serious. If you choose to transfer to Gramnotes, you will be transferred with your current body, memory, and knowledge, you also will get new power. If not, you will die immediately.

“What was that! Scary! Why I will immediately die?”

“Japanese, moreover a helpless student, facing monsters which have bigger appearance than human with your current self, you will understand right?”

Claire somehow understand Uria’s words. Certainly, she won’t win if she happened to meet a group of mysterious person.

“There, when you transferred to Gramnotes, I will give you ability to use sword and magic. How about it?”

“Even if you said like that, after I transfered to that world, what should I do there?”

“Nothing. It’s fine for you to enjoy your life as you like there.”

“Well, even if you said to enjoy as I like, I know nothing of that world. At least tell me what the inhabitant usually do or something like that.”

Clair still couldn’t grasp Uria’s words.

“You’re right. Generally they are member of Clan in each town. In Clan there are 4 categories which are explorer, knight, merchant, and manufacturer. The easiest thing is explorer. You only need your body and certain value of statuses to become one.”

“Heeh, what kind of work is that explorer do?”

“Their job is, it can be said, everything. Depended on their status, the can do material gathering or monster subjugation. Guarding merchant or noble family, they work in various things.”

Claire received Uria’s explanation but,

“Certainly that would be easy to do, but I don’t have power like that. I don’t have much stamina, I never have any fight.”

Heard what Claire said, Uria puffed her chest.

“Do not worry. I will give you status and skill to make you be able to live in that world from now on. Basically the value will be multiple times of ordinary person. That’s event that absolutely happened when transfer between worlds. With that I think you can live relatively easier after you come to that world.”

“The last, how about language and money? I bring nothing with me.”

“…You are unexpectedly detail on small thing huh. No need to worry. I’ll give you status about language related, the level of language understanding skill will be maxed. With that, you will be fluent in every language, in other word, they will be translated to japanese, when speaking, it will be translated so the other party will have the best understanding. Again, there won’t be problem about read and write.”

“What is that? Amazing.”

Claire bit Uria’s explanation with sparkling eyes. If she had that skill, became bilingual was a trivial thing. Clair thought that she wanted that skill. Since she will get perfect score in English class.

“Haa, most people react like that when I explain this skill. You won’t get this skill unless you transferred to another world you know.”

“But that world seems fun. I understand, That world, Gramnotes, I will go there. What should I do?”

“Thank you very much. First, your spirit and karma will be optimized. If this isn’t done, you will be tormented by regret feeling when you kill animal. Also because karma is connected to this world, there is possibility that you will call misfortune.”

“By optimization, is there any effect to my body?”

Claire tried to ask since she heard some disturbing words.

“No, there is no demerit for your body. If I must say, the sense of value and ethics from your former world will be replaced with sense of value and ethics of Gramnotes. Since it’s in you unconscious, you don’t need to worry about it.”

After Uria said that, there was magic circle formed under Claire’s foot. The created light barrier was moved up and down like scanning her body. After five times, the magic circle disappeared.

“With this, the optimization is finished. With this optimization, your status also attached. The value is set by your karma and experience from your former world. Please try to confirm it.”

“Well, even if you say to confirm it, how I do that?”

“Ah, right. Please try with thinking that you want to see status while chanting status.”

As Uria said, Claire tried chant status in shy. Thereupon, in front of her chest semi transparent plate appeared.

“That’s your status. Which displays your power in numerical value.”

Claire looked at what displayed on the plate.

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The Adventure of Claire

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