The Adventure of Claire 04 – First Battle

The Adventure of Claire

Something trivial but, the name Claire, is written in kanji 九麗亜 wich readed as [kurea]. Claire is usually written as クレア [kurea] in Japanese. It’s my first time to see non japanese name written with kanji.

Chapter 4
First Battle

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Here is? Did I already arrived at Granmotes?”

Looked around, she was inside a dense forest with only sunlight filtering through trees as light source. Under her feet there were mosses growth and she likely to be slipped when she lose her concentration. The appearance of Claire was just like when she in transitional space.

“Here is another world, so I’ll live in here from now on huh…”

Claire leisurely walk through the forest. Sometimes, she use her appraisal skill to ripen fruit at the tree.


Shii fruit
Fruit with faint sweetness. There is danger of stomach ache when eat too much.


“Uwah, just look like acorn, shii fruit huh? Is there any relation with former world? Or it’s just coincidence?”

Claire harvested some of shii fruits from its tree and store it, then continued to walk.

“However, what I should do from now on? Even though she said to enjoy as I like, but to think if I continued to live in the forest like this is just… Uria-san, please think better location than this.”

After walking while grumbling in the middle of forest for a while, she heard voices from somewhere.

“There is voice can be heard from there.”

She headed to the source of the voices and pushed her way through the thickets. There was ’something’ and ‘something’ fighting. When she looked closer, several people were fighting against several people. Rather than that, attacked one side might be more correct.

“Geh, to meet bandits in a place like this…”

The one attacked was a beautiful made carriage. However that carriage was already break here and there, the horse also gone, with that condition, it was already unable to be used. Surrounding the carriage, there were several armored knight protecting it from the attack. The ones who attack them of course bad people. From what they wore, it seemed they were men. They wielded big sword or small knife skillfully and attacked the knights.

“Hahaha, to found merchant carriage in this place, I wonder what’s inside.”

When the knights gradually cornered, the men made disgusting smile. It seemed Claire happened to meet them.

“Uwaah, such guys are really exist huh. Somehow I feel irritated. Can I do something if I become that knights ally?”

Claire confirmed her equipment for once and headed to knights who protect the carriage. She went around behind the knight and,

“Healing light, Heal!”

She head to one of the knight and activate basic magic of restoration magic, “Heal”. The knight who get heal surprised for an instant, but since his power was returned he forced back the bandits.


After all of the knights were recovered thanks to Claire’s heal, one of the knight asked.

“I’m just passing traveler. I help with my own will.”

Claire answer right away. The knight who received the answer seemed not to have much leeway.

“I’m indebted, thank you.”

He gave short return and counterattack the bandits. Even though the knights got attacked again, Claire kept heal them. Compared before the nights were more offensive, but the bandits kept attacking.

“What a persistent bunch. Then, steal their power,「Low Strength」.”

She activated one of support magic 「Low Strength」 which reduce enemy power and sent it to the bandits. Since this magic reduced enemies’ power, the bandits attack power were quickly fell.

“Geh. This is no good. You are cunning!”

With instruction by the leader, the bandits withdrawn. After confirming there was no longer danger in their surrounding, the knights headed to Claire.

“Traveler, you have my thanks for giving assistant. However, what a splendid recovery magic skill you have.”

“Ah, no, I just get very angry when see some selfish people. Ah, sorry for late introduction, my name is Houfuku Claire. You can call me Claire.”

The knights were surprised by Claire who bowed and introduce herself.

“There, as a person who was saved, I’m sorry. My name is Qual Derance. Guard of this merchant. Sabara-dono. This one, Claire-dono, she was the one who give us support in pinch.”

When the knight gave signal, a middle aged man with good build came out.

“Ooh, traveler, thank you very much for helping us. I am Saraba Salain. I’m running slave dealer in next town. Please make me your acquaintance.”

To represent his gratitude to Claire, Sabara deeply bowed. But Claire was drawn back by Sabara’s words.

“Slave dealer? The one who buy and sell slave?”

“? yeah, that’s right. In this country such thing isn’t something rare. So, how about to give you one of the slave we have as thanks for saving us?”

Clair was confused by Sabara’s word.

(What is this? Is such thing like that is common sense in this world? But compared to that world I don’t have any unpleasant feeling, is this the effect of optimization? But, I receive someone here, may that person could teach me about this world. If I really receive it, there won’t be any problem if I release it. yosh.)

“I understand, I’ll accept your offer. However, it’s not so long since I came to this place, so I would be grateful if it someone who know alot about this place.”

“Ooh, then how about this one? Among the other we got this time, she is the most knowledgeable. Also, she is from elf race and can use dagger. Judging by appearance, Claire-sama is restoration magic user right? Then your offensive should not really high. This slave surely will become useful.”

What Sabara brought after saying that was a single girl. Light emerald hair with a shoulder length, tensed slender body, and the feeling of woman softness. On her face, there were big crisp eyes with dropping corner, long nose bridge, and small lips. A looks that gave feeling of a youth. And the most stand out is her pointed long ears. That appearance was simply beautiful, even the her unfashionable kantoui gave a divine feeling.

“Her name is Mirin. How about it? Are have any interest in her?”

Sabara tried to talk to Claire, but unfortunately, his voice didn’t reach her ears.

(What is this girl. If there is such perfect beauty in this world, then this kid will be mine, no, such thing is…)

It seemed Claire’s head became overheat when she saw the elf girl.

“Err… Claire-sama. Are you fine?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. My head was flying a bit.”

Sabara words made Claire’s sanity come back. But her face was reddened.

“Then, about this elf girl, Mirin, I think will give her as thanks for helping us, is that fine?”

“Yes. I’ll happily accept her. Please leave her to me, I will absolutely make her happy.”

It was wrong! Her sanity still not back. It still chaos.

“Hahaha, make a slave happy huh. To think that such thing were said at this age. As slave trader, that was blessing more than deserved. My best regards. Please make this child happy. We will head to the city, how about Claire-sama? Would you to go together?”

“Ah no, I will go with Mirin-san. Since she also just getting attacked, she need to be cared right?”

“Well if that case, when we meet again someday, please treat me well. Well then, Qual-dono, lets head to city.”

Sabara took out other slaves from carriage, with Qual and the other knights, they headed to city on foot. Claire and Mirin saw them off.

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The Adventure of Claire

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