The Adventure of Claire 05 – On the Way with Slave

The Adventure of Claire

Chapter 5
On the Way with Slave

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

When Sabara and the others couldn’t be seen anymore, Claire turned around and faced Mirin.

“Then, Mirin-san. Somehow you become by slave but, please take care of me from now on.” [TN: I always have difficulty to translate yoroshiku…]

“Me too, master.”

Mirin bowed her head.

“Why Mirin-san became slave?”

“Because my village unable pay tax, I become slave, the money that they receive is used to pay this time tax.”

“Do you want to be released from slavery?”

Claire asked more and more, but Mirin didn’t show any disgust even once.

“Of course I want to be freed, but that depends on Master feeling. I will follow my master’s heart.”

“If that case, then please help me for a while. Also, can I appraisal you?”

After got permission from Miri, Clair use her appraisal.


Mirin Slamilas
Lv    7
AT    50
DF    40
MA    75
MD    70
SP    90
IN    70
HP    100/100
MP    110/110

Dagger technique (5/30)
Spirit magic (8/20)
Element (7/30)


Like that.

“Mirin-san, could you tell me about spirit magic and element?”

“Yes. Spirit magic is magic to borrow the power of spirits which exist anywhere in the world and make it as our own power or using it to enhance magic effect. The higher skill, enhance degree also increase.

Element skill is skill to make the user can use four elements magic with level lower than skill level. Elf race acquire this two by heredity since they seems good at magic. By the way, I better at dagger than magic.”

Mirin explained.

“Heeh, elves are amazing aren’t they? Since I’m good at restoration magic, tell me if you wounded. And I want to become explorer when I arrived at town. If it fine with you, can you show me around?”

“Yes, of course, let’s do that.”

With Mirin on the front. They walk through the forest and harvesting some of shii fruits. Walking for a while, sounds like something getting closer from their surrounding could be heard. The real appearance of the sounds were the bandits who scattered before.

“Oh, found you. You did a good thing before. But from now on, don’t think you can escape safely.”

The bandit leader threatened with loud voice. The bandit subordinate also started to took out their weapon.

“You are from before, you still didn’t learn your lesson huh.”

“Master, who is this people?”

“They are the ones who attacked the carriage before. Mirin-san, I’ll lend you this dagger so will you fight?”

“Please leave it to me.”

Claire brought out her white oak long staff and Mirin getting ready with iron dagger she got from Claire. The men also slowly getting closer.

“Then, Mirin-san, please. The power of that one, raise, 「Strength」, 「Speed」.”

Claire used support magic to increase Mirin’s strength and speed. And Mirin will use dagger to assault the bandits.

“Hn, just with one person alone, what could you do?”

“When was I said one person?”

When one of the bandits lose focus, Claire hit him with her white oak long staff. That man fainted with only one hit. Mirin also safely defeat them one by one. Every time they received attack, Claire use her restoration magic to restore their power. With that their attack can continued.

“Tcih! This guys are strong. You all, surround them. Well gang them up!!”

The bandits took their position.

“Good grief. Even though they’re men, their fight is coward. Mirin-san, could your Element skill be use for wide ranged attack?”

“It will take some times but, when activated it can defeat most of them.”

“Thank you. Then, I’ll protect you, so use the magic.”

Claire stood to protect Mirin and handle attack from the bandits.

“Oi, stop that elf girl! She will fire  big magic!”

The men rushed to attack and stop Mirin’s magic chant but all of their attacks were stopped by Claire.

“Oh, spirit who scattered in the world. Strengthen my magic. Oh wind and fire spirit, show the power that you managed. 「Firestorm」.”

When Mirin activate her magic, the wind burst and its temperature increased.

“Uaa, it’s hot it’s hot. What the hell is this!!?”

The wind swallowed the bandits and burned then in flame tornado. When the men weakened to the point where they unable to move, Mirin stop her magic. When the magic is stopped, the men fallen with light burn. Since they were still breathing, they should be still alive.

“Hei, Mirin-san. What should we do after defeating them?”

“Right. Basically we have to hand them over to town guard. When doing that, the bandits belonging will be given to the one who subjugate them. So, there won’t be problem if we take what this bandits have. Also, about handing over them to the guard, when there is no way to carry them, restraint them at the place where they can’t escape or being attacked by monster, and tell location to the guard. After confirmed, reward will be given.”

When Mirin explained like that, it was look like there was no human rights for bandits.

“I understand, let’s take something that we need. Money, weapon, is there anything else?”

“Yeah, if there is something like dog tag around the neck, we can use that as identity. If there is something like that, it will increase the credibility when we talk about subjugation. Also, there is swallow cave over there.”

Claire looked at the direction which pointed by Mirin.

“Even know such thing, Mirin-san amazing.”

“Yeah because byproduct of spirit magic, I also can hear the words of spirits. The spirits told me. It seems monster won’t reach that place easily and the spirits are also keep the monster away so the bandits will be safe.”

They brought the man to the cave which Mirin told. To make sure the men won’t act violently when they were transported, their clothes were teared and used to tied their hand and legs. The location was about 20 meters from their fight location. In about 20 minutes, they finished brought all of them.

“It’s good with this right? Then, it will be some detour though, let’s head to the town. Since we have some money and weapons from this bandits, I wonder if it will hold until we arrived to the town?”

From the bandits, Claire got 10 pieces gold coin and 20 pieces silver coin. For weapon, she got iron dagger and iron sword, both of them were equipped by Mirin.

“Thank you very much. Then, the town is this way. Let’s go.”

After battle, Mirim became road guide for Claire. Along the way the took some fruits or medical plants.

“Master, you have amazing skill. You also have a lot of high priced items. It’s amazing.”

“No, well. There is some reason for this. I think I will talk to you about it when we arrived at the town and get an inn. But, once I tell you the reason, you absolutely must stay with me forever, later, can you decide that?”

“? I understand. But even if you said that, we can already see the town. Over there is 「Solar Town」. Because it was somehow big town, Master’s goal, to register at Clan as explorer can be done there.”

When look at the place where Mirin was shown, splendid gate could be seen. After transferred to this world Claire arrived to her first town.

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The Adventure of Claire

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