The Adventure of Claire 03 – Claire’s Status

The Adventure of Claire

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Explanation about Claire’s status, it’s boring…

Chapter 3
Claire’s Status

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The status that Claire saw was,


Claire Houfuku
Lv         10
AT        120
DF        110
MA        150
MD        130
SP        90
IN        80
HP        150/150
MP        180/180

Restoration Magic (MAX)
Language Understanding (MAX)
Support Magic (8/15)
Storage (0/1000)
Staff technique (2/20)
Dagger technique (3/30)
Appraisal (MAX)


Like that.

“Uwaa, just like game.”

“You are right, it’s fine to think like that. The meaning about the statutes are,

AT is your offense ability or physical strength. The bigger value, the more offensive ability you have, and you could carry heavy things.

DF is your defense ability. If the value is high, the damage you receive will be lowered.

MA is magical offensive.if the value is high, the magic efficiency also high. For example, if you use fireball, the ball will be bigger and the number also increase. If you use restoration magic’s heal, the healing will be faster.

SP is speed. You can move fast according to the value of this status.

IN is impact.if the value is high, the enemy will bloed off if you hit them.

HP is your stamina. You will die if it become 0.

MP is magical power. It will be consumed when you use your skill.

Well, that’s it.”

Claire listened to Uria’s explanation while nodding.

“Hn, it’s completely game isn’t it? Moreover, death game.”

Claire sighed. The more she heard the explanation, the more she felt that it was inside game.

“However pain is firmly there. At least please understand that it was realty similar to game. Then, I’ll explain about the skill.

Restoration Magic, as the name said, it’s skill to cure wound and illness, with high level skill, it’s possible regenerate missing limb and death resurrection. Basically the one who have this skill is usually priest or someone like that. Since you skill is MAX, you can even do death resurrection. To be precise, you can only do with person who dead less than 10 seconds. Also you can purify water and contaminated soil with that skill.

Language understanding is like what I explain before. Since it’s MAX you can understand and use every language.

Support magic is to raise status of self or ally, and lowering enemy’s status.

Storage, the upper limit is shown in the parentheses. There is no limit of things in single category. In Claire case, you can store 1000 kind of things. Living thing can not be stored. When you thought about storage, there will be black space appeared in front of you. You can put in your hand there and think what thing you want take out. And to take some in, you just need to bring the things closer to the space. If you want to know what things already stored, they will be listed in your mind. If you get to used with it, you can store and take out thing just by think it.

Staff technique is skill that ad correction when attacking with staff. When you have this skill you will feel comfortable when attacking with staff.”

Dagger technique will give corrention when using dagger.

Appraisal give detail of certain object. But if the object have higher level than you, there is possibility of resistant.

It’s like that, how do you think?”

There were some question marks floated above Claire’s head since the middle of explanation.

“Well, about those things, it may be easier to understand once you try it. I will transfer you to a certain forest. From there on please live with all of your heart contents. After this, I will give you necessary things in order to live in this world.”

When Uria held her hand, several things appear in front of Claire.

“That’s present from me. As experiment, how about to use your appraisal skill? Think about to want to see the object data will activate it.”

Claire activate appraisal skill as Uria said. The name and explanation were displayed by appraisal.

・White Oak staff … Long staff made from evergreen oak. Often used by beginner magician. Increase magical attack.
・Iron Dagger … Dagger made from iron. Increase physical attack.
・Pouch … pouch with storage magic applied. Capacity: 100 L
・Gold coin … Gramnotes currency. 1 gold coin is equal to 10.000 luks or 100 silver coins.
・Silver coin … Gramnotes currency. 1 silver coin is equal to 100 luks or 100 copper coins.
・Copper coin … Gramnotes currency. 1 copper coin is equal to 1 luks.
・Silk robe … robe made from silk. Increase magic defense.
・Tunic … general casual cloth.
・Bone bangle … bracelet made from bone. Increase magic defense.
・Silk skirt … skirt made from silk. Increase magic defense.
・Short pants … general casual cloth
・Leather boots … shoes made from leather.
・Underwear … a set of bra, panties, and sock for women.

There was such things, and,

・Gold coin 20 pieces
・Silver coin 20 pieces
・Copper coin 20 pieces
・Tunic 5 sets
・Short pants 5 sets
・Underwear 5 sets

Other than that only one set.

“Heeh, so this is appraisal skill huh. I see. Well, I will change my clothes here. Is that fine?”

“I don’t mind. If your are ready, please call me. I will prepare for the transfer.”

Uria make some distance and started to crate magic circle. Claire took off the cloth that she wore and change into the given cloth and armor. After that she put her former clothes into the pouch.

Her appearance was, 155 cm height with half up light emerald hair. She wore silk robe on top of her ivory-colored tunic, short pants under the silk skirt, and also leather boots. A chest that could be understand even from top of her silk robe and slender legs extend from her silk skirt, no matter how she was seen, she was beautiful girl.

“My preparation is done. Eh, what are you doing Uria-san?”

After changed clothes, Claire called Uria, but Uria was looking at Claire with charmed eyes. Moreover, she didn’t realized that Claire called her.

“Uaa, I’m sorry. I saw something beautiful. Well the, please put everything else in your storage. Ah, it’s fine if you want to bring the weapon in your hand.”

Claire store the coins and leftover clothes in storage pouch. After that she held the white oak staff in her right hand and hang her sheathed iron dagger at the belt on her skirt.

“Preparation is complete right? The, I’ll transfer you to Gramnotes. Please get on this magic circle.”

Claire get on the magic circle and went to the center.

“Well, Claire-san. It was fun even though it was short. From now on, your second live will begin. This time, of you die, you will return to life and death circle. I hope you not die and please enjoy your life.”

When Uria gave her farewell speech, the magic circle activated. The magic circle under her feet started to glow and she began to disappear starting from the feet.

“Uria-san, thank you very much. I’ll go and enjoy my second life.”

With a reply to Uria’s words, Claire departed to different world, Gramnotes.

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The Adventure of Claire

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