The Adventure of Miko 06 – The First Town

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 6
The First Town

After struggling for awhile, Miko finally found gap on wall where people gathered. In there there were three line of people waiting inspection for entering town. Miko also join at behind one of the line. Seeing around, there were some people who had pointed long ear and who hand animal ears. Lining for a while, finally her turn came. The reception was a young man.

“Next person. Welcome to Latia town. What is your purpose come to this town?”

“No, there is no particular purpose.I just saw this town by chance, so I came.”

“I understand. Is there any Clan license or something like that?”

Clan license is an identification card issued by organization called Clan which have branch office all over the Stride. In modern time this organization is like job placement organization. But for MIko who just came to that world, she know nothing about it.

“Is that really necessary?”

Miko said that to the man with caution.

“No, that’s fine, please come to room over there for crime record confirmation. After done with record confirmation we will issue a license for stay.  With that you will be able to live in this town for a month. You will be charged for 5 copper coins for it.”

“I understand. I’ll do the confirmation. But I have one request. Because of trauma in the past, I’m not good with man. Could you make the one who do confirmation is woman?”

“Certainly, I’ll call replacement, please wait a moment.”

After said that, the man left. He came back less than a minute brought a female employee.

“Thanks for waiting. This person will handle you.  Then please deal with this person.”

The male staff hand over Miko’s confirmation to female staff.

“I understand. Then traveler, please come here.”

Saying that, the female staff brought Miko to another room. In that room there is single table with two chairs. In that 4 tatamis room, there is crystal ball on the table.

“Now, please sit over there and put your hand on this crystal ball.”

When Miko put her hand as told, the crystal ball is glowing.

“…Yes, it’s fine. Well then, please take this card. If you have this card, for next one month, you can stay in this town. However, from now on if you want to stay in another town or village, please join Clan, it’s recommended to have Clan license.”

After received explanation from female staff, Miko finally can enter the town. The town was look like Mediaeval Europe. On the side of stone road, some people built street stand. Miko looked around the city while being greeted by some people. She tried to bought grilled chicken-like meat in a stand ran by woman.

“It’s delicious! This is my first time eat something like this.”

“Thank you miss. Koke’s meat is not that good meat, but since it’s cheap and its fat is good, I sell it.”

“It’s very delicious. I’ll eat it again later.”

“Miss, why you come to this town?”

“I don’t have any real purpose, but I think I will join Clan and become explorer.”

“Is that so, then you just need to go straight on this road, and you will see a large building made of white stone. On the opposite there is warrior stone statue landmark and crossed sword banner.”

The stand owner told me the way. It seems she was meddlesome person.

“I understand, I’ll go. I’ll come again after registration is done.”

After said thanks to the owner, Miko walk towards direction which stand owner told.

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The Adventure of Miko

5 thoughts on “The Adventure of Miko 06 – The First Town

  1. Even though it’s short, it progresses quite quickly which I’m happy about. Faster progress means yuri will come sooner. I’m expecting it to be a slave.

  2. …so short. I just hope it will get longer later, because cutting it short like that will just kill your mood when reading it.

    Thank you for translating this series~!

  3. Kind of weird for me. She said ” I have trauma with man, so I ‘m not good with them” but she literary spoke with man there (guardman). Kind of stupid is there also. No expression at all, like one dimensional story. not emotion except with the goddess. Also, it different from the synopsis. to great distance that they wrote, ‘she drifted to different world, while trying to found out why she still alive in that different world by finding god in the tower’, right. kind like along way different type of story.

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