Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 17

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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Chapter 17
Ruina’s Real Intention

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Heeh, Nagi-chan and Linde-chan joined student council huh.”

The night after we joined student council, we told that matter to Ruina in “House of Cat Ears”.

“Student council huh~ it’s so nostalgic. The works is hard, but give your best.”

“Ruina also joined student council?”

“Yup, it’s unforgettable good memory in my life.  It was busy everyday but so fun.”

Ruina muttered the truth.

“By the way, what position?”

Since Ruina skipped class and graduated in 1 year, maybe secretary.

“I was the president.”


“Nagi-chan, are you fine?”

Dangerous, I strongly choked.

It’s amazing to enrolled at first class magic school at age 12 and graduated in only 1 year, furthermore, she also became student council president.

Again, I remembered how amazing Ruina is.

“Well, it’s not unreasonable for Nagi-chan to be surprised.  Even I never imagined that I became student council president when I enrolled.”

“Cough, cough… but when I thought about it, it still weird. Ruina graduated in one year right?”

When Ruina enrolled, the student council should be already had president.

“About that, at first, I was invited by that time student council president to joined as secretary, but then, I became student council without realized it. Former president said ‘Compared to me, Ruina is more suitable as president right?’ to me and became vice president.”

I think I’ve heard such words, perhaps…

“As you expected, she is Myurei. It seemed she was very popular among the girls, so she was elected as president, but she was weak when used her head for works. I’m not suited as president, I often heard she grumbled like that.”

I can easily imagined that Myurei-sensei was popular among the girls.

Even so, to think Myurei-sensei is Ruina’s senior and also member of the same student council is…

When I impressed by how small this world is, Ruina open her mouth again.

“Hei, Nagi-chan. I’m curious about how student council condition now, next time, is okay to come and play there?”

Well, Ruina is this school alumna and admired by students. And she also temporary teacher now. It shouldn’t be a problem.

I willingly accept Ruina.




ーSide Ruinaー

I was very surprised when I heard Nagi-chan and Linde-chan joined student council.

Aside from Linde-chan. I thought Nagi-chan didn’t want to do such troublesome works.

I remembered Linde-chan and Nagi-chan’s conversation on the first day of my temporary teacher.

Linde-chan was down because she still know nothing about me, but I also like that.

I also still know nothing about Nagi-chan.

We were just met.

Because of that, we only need to know one each other little by little from now on.

…should be like that but, still, it didn’t work.

As time goes by, desire to know more and more about Nagi-chan was overflowing.

It was true that I can’t just leisurely waiting.

Furthermore… recently, my time with Nagi-chan was decreased.

During the day, Nagi-chan had her lesson and I had my job as temporary teacher so we can’t meet.

Even though that part is gained at night, but there is dissatisfaction remained.

It was a good thing that Nagi-chan and Linde-chan were getting along…

But what is this?

This hazy feeling.

Moreover, if Nagi-chan joined student council, from now on my time with her will be reduced furthermore.

I don’t want that.

So, I gave pretext to observing this time student council’s state in order to regain my time with Nagi-chan.

Well, of course I also want to check Linde’s condition.

Fufu, I’m looking forward for it from tomorrow~~~.

This is bad, just imagining my time with Nagi-chan will increase is turned me on.

Nagi-chan, I won’t let you sleep tonight!


-About Former Vice President-

Na : “I wondering about something, when Ruina took over student council president seat and Myurei-sensei became vice president, what happened with former vice president?”

Ru : “I fired her from student council…”

Na : (Somehow I heard something bad)

Ru : “She was like Nagi-chan, always cuddling cute girls and smelling them.”

Na : “What was that dangerous person? Don’t compare her to me.”

Ru : “…….(intense glare)”


By any chance, after this, will former student council vice president when Ruina was student come…?

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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