The Adventure of Miko 07 – Town Strolling

The Adventure of Miko

Yuri road is long and hard, prepare yourself!

Chapter 7
Town Strolling


While walking inside the town, Miko observed every building there. Because Miko looked like this world resident, even when looked from short distance, no passerby concerned about her. For first, Miko tried to look at clothes. As she thought, there were a lot of of plain clothes lack of culture.

“As I thought, even though plain, there still some taste. Well, I won’t buy it today.”

She left store without buy anything. The shopkeeper who saw her only gave a bitter face.

“It’s bad for shopkeeper but, buying clothes from male shopkeeper, that hurdle is still too high for me.”

There was no one who heard Miko’s murmur.

After leaving cloth shop, Miko cam to general store. It seemed in this world, general store not only selling everyday necessaries but also something called potion which used for treating wounds. Since the shopkeeper of general store was a woman, Miko decided to looked inside the store.

“What are you looking for, Miss?”

Maybe because Miko too long wandering inside the store and became suspicious, the shopkeeper started to talk to her.

“Ah, no. this was my first time entering this kind of store. I want to become a explorer in this town, is there any good thing that can I buy?”

“Ah, so. From what I see, you don’t have many luggage on your hand, if you want to become explorer, then you need some small knife, I think you should have some potion even though cheap one. Also you need sleeping bag and monster repellent, this store doesn’t have that though.”

Seeing at price tag, one piece of knife was 50 luks, and rank 1 potion 30 luks.

“Excuse me, 1 luks is 1 copper coin right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Shopkeeper answered with strange look. Well, maybe it was a strange thing for someone to didn’t know currency.

“Then, please give me 5 knives and 10 ranking 1 potions.”

Said that, she took out a card which contain silver coin. Using her skill she took out six silver coins. Shopkeeper was surprised when saw that.

“You have amazing skill. Is that skill to put something inside card?”

“Yeah, please don’t tell other people. This is the payment.”

Miko gave the silver coins. When shopkeeper about to gave the changes,

“I don’t need the changes. That’s my thanks for giving me advice.”

“… is that fine?”

“Yes. Shopkeeper-san is really kind, and this store is really pleasant. I’ll come again, next time please give me some discount.”

She left the store while said that.

From general store, Miko went to Clan branch. After walking about 30 minutes, big white stone building came to sight.

“That is, Clan’s building huh? So big~.”

When MIko got closer to Clan branch there were a lot of people equipped with armor. Again, there were a line of merchant-like or knight-like people faced different entrance.

“Is the entrance is different depends on job?”

Miko tried to talk with women who look like a merchant.

No, the shopkeeper won’t be Miko’s harem!

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The Adventure of Miko

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  1. One piece of knife was 50 luks? Then how much is a whole knife?!

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