The Adventure of Miko 09 – Explanation About Explorer

The Adventure of Miko

You know, actually, there are four series of “The Story of Drifted Girls in Different world”
The adventure of Miko (100+ chapter) which I translated.
The adventure of Claire (12 chapters) it’s yuri, and I have interest in it.
The adventure of Ayumu (6 chapters) yuri but I have no interest.
The adventure of Miwa (7 chapters) not yuri, unless the dragon transformed into girl.

Chapter 9
Explanation About Explorer

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Then about explorer, basically it can be said they are doing various things. Request that explorer do is called mission, the contents are various things, starting from cleaning house to monster subjugation. Explorer divided by its rank, Starting from H-rank to A-rank, there are also S, WSDouble S, and TSTriple S-rank. Also each rank have different color,

H → blue
G → purple
F → green
E → yellow green
D → light blue
C → pink
B → red
A → black
S → copper
WS → silver
TS → gold

At first, everyone who registered as explorer will start with H-rank. Also, explorer with rank under A-rank, if not active or unable to subjugate monster with the same rank within half year will their rank be demoted and/or their Clan licence will be taken. So far, is there any question?”

“Before this, about noble when you explained about knight, what should I do if I involved with clan member in brute force?”

“There is no problem as long as nobody is dead. Clan is big organization spreaded in every country and authorized by royalty. In case there is noble who use brute force against Clan member, we could appeal to the palace. Depending on the degree, the noble could be crushed, so most of the noble do not do such thing.”

When she heard about that explanation, Miko was relieved. Since this world looked like medieval time, she thought there might be some feudal system. However, Clan was authorized by royal family, complaining to Clan was same thing with complaining to royal family. It seemed there was no noble who foolish enough to do that.

“I understand, thank you very much.”

“Then, if you want to become explorer, here are some points that need to be cautioned about,

・As I said before, your rank will be demoted and/or your Clann licence will be taken if you have no recognized activity within half year.

・The success or failure of a mission depends on negotiation with client. All requirements are determined by client. But if explorer unable to accept the requirements, they can refuse, in this case, there is no cancellation fee.

・If mission requirements were explained in detail by client but in the end mission is failed, there is penalty fee, half of penalty fee is given to client, and the other half is given to Clan.”

・Explorer no need to pay tax except when buying something, since the required amount is deducted from remuneration each completed mission. If the required amount for one person is reached, mission remuneration will be paid fully without deduction.

・If you commit crime, depending on the degree, in the worst case, you will become slave.

・There is no compensation from Clan if explorer dies because of mission or something else.

Well, those are the major things. Is there anything else you want to hear?”

“Ah no, it’s fine. Thank you very much. Please continue my registration as explorer.”

Miko decided to become explorer.

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The Adventure of Miko

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