The Adventure of Miko 10 – Explorer Registration

The Adventure of Miko

This chapter is short, but somehow hard to translate…

Chapter 10
Explorer Registration and Goblin Trade


Document that Aria took out looked like registration document. There were some space for wrote here and there.

“Well then, please give this document a drop of blood.”

Miko gave a single drop of blood. After that, on the blank space of paper, Miko’s personal information appeared. Name, age, and level,  were recorded in there.

“Here is, optional status, please enter your skill here. There is no problem to not write any skill that you don’t want anyone to know.”

Miko wrote her skill status honestly. When she wrote her skill one by one, Aria’s face dyed with surprise.

“…yup, I’ve wrote it. Eh, Aria-san? What happen?”

“Nononono, It’s weird, what is this joked statuses?”

Aria was excited when she saw what Miko wrote on the paper. Even the God who manage this world was surprised when she saw Miko’s statuses, Aria reaction was easily to understand.

“Umm, Miko-san, excuse me though, please let me see your status.”

Miko showed her status to Aria, Considering Aria reaction just before, she made it only visible to Aria.

“…Hah, it was true, I understand. Miko-san, I have a question, Is there any other people who have seen your status?”

“No, there is no one.”

“Then it’s good. From now on, please don’t carelessly show your status to other people. It could make riot. Then this is your Clan license for becoming explorer. When you lose it you need to pay 1 silver coin to reissue, please take care of it.”

“I understand. Thank you very much… lastly, how about my status?”

“I see, That won’t be leaked, there is no other person could see it except the holder, even Clan staff unable to do that.”

Aria gave finished Clan license to Miko. It was shining metal plate with blue color.

“With this, I’m an explorer too, right? Then, I want to process goblin corpses that I defeated when I come to this town. What should I do?”

“Hn? Ah, card sealing power right? Then, maybe where no one could see is the best. Please follow me to the other room.”

Aria brought Miko to a slightly bigger room. In that room there were a big knife, clothes that soaked with blood, and some animal trace.

“This place is a room where hunted monsters are dismantled. Please take out here.”

Yoshiko took out 8 corpses of goblin that she defeated form copper card as Aria said.

“…it’s amazing, 8 bodies of goblin huh, they haven’t dismantled yet, what are you going to do with it?”

“Well yeah, is it fine sell as it?”

“It’s fine, how about 50 copper coin with dismantling cost?”

“Even if you said that, I don’t know about the price. I’ll leave it to you.”

“Hah? Even though you have unbelievable status, you lack of common sense. Whether you believe or not is up to you. The price a body of goblin is 10 luks, and the price for dismantling it is 5 luks per body, so we lose a little.”

When Aria take out 50 copper coins, Miko sealed it in her silver card.

“I’m sorry, I just came here recently.”

“Well, if it possible, how about buying some slaves? At least, I think they will have more common sense than you.”

Miko clearly heard what Aria grumbled.

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The Adventure of Miko

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! I’m wondering if Aria is going to be a harem member or not? Though it looks like she just did the intro for the slave harem member. XD

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