The Adventure of Miko 08 – Explanation About Clan

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 8
Explanation About Clan


“Excuse me. I want to become explorer, which entrance should I use?”

The merchant-like woman was,

“Hn? You, I haven’t see your face around here. If you explorer, then use the leftmost entrance.”

“I understand, thank you very much.”

Miko headed to entrance which she was told about. There were about 30 people lined. Miko’s turn came after about 50 minutes joined there. Receptionist staff who handle Miko was very beautiful girl with pink hair tied into two.

“Thank you for waiting. Is there anything you need today?”

“Yes, I want to become explorer. Also, before I come to this town, I defeated some goblins, I want to process it.”

“Wow, you defeat goblin even though you have not registered yet? That’s amazing. Then, first I will explain about Clan and explorer. I’m Aria, this time, you’ll be under my care.”

“Please take care of me.”

“First, Clan is a large scale job placement office. There are four occupation categories, explorer, merchant, productivity worker, and knight. For explorer, there is no requirement so its percentage is the biggest. Merchant must have his/her own store and must pay 10% of profit to Clan. Productivity worker also must have his/her own studio, and pay 5% of profit. The one who want to become knight must have contact with the one who will be protected. It can be aristocrat or autonomous region. So far, is there any question?”

“About merchant and productivity worker, what merit they got from joining with Clan? From what I heard, there is only disadvantage.”

“It seems like that, certainly, no matter how big profit is, part of it must be sent to Clan, but if they belong to Clan, although they pay different amount, they pay the same way. It seems there were objection from some who not joined Clan, as result, there are a lot isolation when doing business without joining Clan. Furthermore, if a business joined Clan, there will be on-site inspection regularly, so quality is stable and reliable, so it’s good for customer. On the contrary, business that not joined Clan usually their quality is not very good and a lot of the goods are illegal.”

“I see, thank you.”

“And so, With Clan licence, no matter occupation, background inspection will be simple when entering any town or village in the kingdom. This is one of magic formations that programmed into Clan licence, it can determine whether registrant commit crime or not and what crime is committed. If registrant committed crime, the card will turned red, image when the crime is committed also recorded. The image is recorded from registrant memory and sight, so it can’t be altered. Once triggered, Clan licence is locked, no matter what magic is used, rewriting is impossible. And then, when triggered Clan licence is viewed by third party and the criminal unable to defend him/herself, the criminal will be arrested and expelled forever.”

MIko was shivered when she heard that explanation. And she had thought about how big magic’s degree of freedom was.

“… magic is amazing right. I see, it can be good idea to pass that troublesome inspection if there is feature like that.”

“Then, next, I will explain about explorer.”

Aira-san took out some documents and continued her explanation.

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The Adventure of Miko

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